You can use a Facebook mute button for notifications that you don’t want

For a long time, one of the most annoying features of Facebook was its notifications. However, Facebook improved its option panel and now finally there is a solution that will make it easier for users to solve this annoying issue.

Firstly, the company used its beta app and tested this new feature. After it went successfully,  Facebook released a version that would allow its users to shut off notifications on their profiles. Reports from Matt Navarra stated last year that the social network was testing the time limits for the ”do not disturb option”, and now you can mute the notifications for a set period.

At first, it wasn’t clear if this current feature by the company would be available to users at all. There were rumors that maybe this option won’t be available in every region but just a selected few. However, Facebook never commented on this, but the company released new upgrades after testing them with small groups. When they established that the feature is a 100% certified, they made it available to everyone.

Facebook has been accused of years for aggressive notifications without considering the users. Facebook has been criticized as using this intense notifications strategy to make the users spend more time on the app instead of less. According to Facebook, they emphasized this move to ensure that the time the users spend on the network “is well spent”. After a series of complaints, the social network finally conceded to reducing the number of “you’re now connected on Messenger” notifications you receive after you add a new friend, and all sorts of other notifications.

Facebook Alerts

Some code dug out from the company’s Android app tips that it is in the testing stages for a new feature that would alert you on how much time you have spent on the app. It also allows reminders on when you’ve passed the pre-set time limit. This would help improve productivity and also reduce addiction to the social media network.

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any of those annoying notifications, they would still be waiting to you on the Facebook app, website and if you are not careful even Instagram too.

Keyword snooze

There is also a feature that allows Facebook users to temporarily block posts from people, pages, and groups from showing on your Newsfeed. This is similar to the feature on other apps like Twitter and Instagram through their advanced settings. To use this feature, go into the menu on the News Feed and select the word snooze. This would be added to the latest suite of controls like snooze, hide, unfollow and ways to customize your News Feed experience.

Finally, the process of muting notifications on your Facebook mobile app is: Firstly, you find the Facebook app icon on your phone. When you open the app you will see three stacked horizontal lines in the lower right-hand corner. These lines open a menu of options. You need to scroll down to “Settings & Privacy.” When you find  “Settings & Privacy, additional sub-menu will open. Find notifications that you want to mute and enjoy your customized facebook account.



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