Worry about the cooking no more, Moley Robot kitchen does it for you

Why would waste your precious time in the kitchen preparing all the dishes, when you can delegate cooking to a robot? Well, not exactly a robot but a pair of robotic hands. Those hands might be the next standard set in the kitchen. While you are away for whatever reason, Moley Robot kitchen can do everything when it comes to cooking and prepare you a meal when you arrive.

Sounds good? With its iTunes style library of recipes, Robot kitchen has access to numerous recipes. You can download any recipe you desire from a library of 2000+ recipes and robot hands will make the food for you. Not only that. Since there are robotic arms in question, they are intelligent with the capability to learn new movements. The cooking skills of Tim Anderson who was the winner of BBC Master Chef title were recreated by Robot kitchen hands. Every slight movement was recorded and replayed by hands.

Moley Robot kitchen has a multitude of great features

Apparently, having Alain Ducasse, Gordon Ramsay or maybe Jamie Oliver in your kitchen making meals for you can become a reality. It’s only a matter of time when the robot kitchen will have the ability to mimic all of the popular chefs worldwide. The only problem that might occur there is robot’s inability to improvise like human chef often does things. Yes, the robot can emulate chefs, but it’s not able to put its „personal taste“ in the dish. Give it the same ingredients and it will make you an identical meal every time. Do the same with human chefs, and the result will oscillate by a small margin.

So how does this Moley Robot kitchen works? It specifies the number of portions, type of cuisine, dietary restrictions, calorie count, desired ingredients, cooking method, chef, etc. from the recipe library first. Using your smartphone or touchscreen you operate the kitchen and choose the desired recipe. Then you need to put individual prepackaged containers of measured, cut and washed ingredients on designated spots. Robotic arms still can’t do that themselves. After everything is prepared, press start and the cooking magic begins.

New potential platform for a service is emerging

In essence, robotic hands are mounted on the wall inside small kitchen department. This kitchen has all the necessary cabinets, appliances, utensils etc. You don’t even have to clean the kitchen afterward as hands have the ability to do so. Moley and the creators of similar technologies expect that this will lead “share and sell” service. That means that the professional chefs could access and sell their recipes via a dedicated library of recipes database. Basically, that would be a new platform for collective cooking creativity and knowledge. Maybe even a starting point for new professional chefs to emerge.


Even though Robot kitchen requires Wi-Fi connection to access new recipes and other content, it saves everything that is downloaded. So if you lose connection, you can still use the kitchen and all the downloaded recipes. The worst-case scenario: You can switch everything into the manual mode and prepare meals yourself. Just like the old… I mean, just like the present times.

A tech that is yet to be affordable

Does it all sound so good that you would immediately want to install such a kitchen in your apartment? If the answer is yes, there might be one problem. The asking price for the Moley Robot kitchen is $92.000. Right now, the potential buyers are the early technology adopters, facilities like hospitals and senior homes, or people in need of assisted care who may have insurance coverage for much of the cost. Everyone else should wait for it to become cheaper and more accessible, just like the electrical vehicles. Patience is the key. Moley expects to launch the Robot kitchen sometimes in the year 2018.

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