Why you Need a Landlord’s Insurance Cover

When it comes to insurance covers, it is unfortunate that people are only well versed with life and medical insurance. In case you did not know there are other forms of insurance covers, including the landlord insurance covers. Judging from the name, you would like to go for this insurance since it covers homeowners. But why should homeowners opt for a landlord insurance cover?

  1. Protection from Harmful Tenants

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Tenants are good as they make homeowners earn their cash monthly. However, some of the actions they perform may put the landlords at risk. Consider the case of a tenant whose child broke some window, and it ended up harming another child. In most cases, the blame will be on the landlord, and he or she will be asked to cater for the damages. If one had an insurance cover, the homeowner could have easily been protected from such a case. Therefore, protection from harmful tenants is the primary reason why you need a landlord insurance cover.

  1. Need for more Liability

While some injuries may result from the tenants, others may be as a result of the landlord or their property. In such a case, a landlord needs to cater for the injuries. Unfortunately, your personal, limited liability insurance along with your homeowner insurance cover, will not cater for this as they do not cover such risks. Luckily, the landlord insurance cover includes such compensations hence the need to obtain one.

  1. Legal Assistance

Tenants can become a pain in the neck. They may decide to take you to court even when it is obvious the mistake is their fault. Court proceedings are not only expensive but can be quiet challenging. To save yourself the financial cost and court representation by a lawyer, you will need a landlord insurance cover as it signs up for legal assistance if need be.

  1. Protection from Government Regulations

There are several cases where the government has illegally taken the property of landlords citing various governmental policies. Some of these actions are not justified by law, but as a landlord, you will never understand this unless you get a landlord insurance cover. The reason is that it will protect you from some government regulations which put your property at risk.

  1. Denial of Claims

As a landlord, you understand that at times, you may rent your house hence not be a permanent resident of the property. Should any issue arise, the tenant should hence be held responsible. However, the tenants can easily deny this claim, and they will be lucky to walk free if you do not have a landlord insurance cover that can intervene on your behalf.


Various risks come with owning homes, as the ones explained above. Therefore, homeowners need to protect themselves and their houses from any danger by getting a landlord insurance cover. However, they need to obtain the cover from a credible insurance company to avoid any inconveniences as not all insurance companies in the market are trustworthy.

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