WhatsApp Secrets – Knowing the unknown features of WhatsApp

There are over a billion users of Whatsapp all over the world. I guess that’s an amazing figure. Another amazing thing is the flexibility the application provides to its users. Over the years, the developers of Whatsapp have added different updates to their application and this allows the application to remain relevant over the years.

Despite the popularity of Whatsapp, there a number of functions and features of the application not known to a very large number of users of the application worldwide.

Listed below are some of the most important but unknown features of Whatsapp

Enable Shortcuts to Conversations

We all have those friends or group chats who we like to spend most of our free time chatting with. It may, therefore, be a nice idea to create a shortcut for them directly on the home screen, so you don’t have to keep opening and closing your Whatsapp.

How to do it?

Tap and hold on the chat (group or individual) of your choice. After this, a tab will pop up. Select the “Add the Conversation Shortcut” option and the selected chat will appear as the person’s profile photo on your mobile desktop. Unfortunately, this feature exists only for Android Users and not for iOS Users.


The “last seen” feature is a complete giveaway for someone trying to hide his presence online.
You may be online but not be in the capacity to chat with most people and to prevent people from getting annoyed at you ignoring their messages, you can hide your “last seen” from your contacts. A few people have learned to hide their “last seen” from their contacts if they feel they have something or someone to hide from.

How to do it?

Select Settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen > Nobody.

Send messages with voice

Typing may be inconvenient for sending messages when you want to use your hands for other things e.g. cooking, eating, or embroidery. Whatsapp has been updated to be able to cope with this due to its compatibility with Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant.

How to do it?

Simply say “Hey Siri” or “Ok Google” loudly, then the name of the contact and the contents of the message.

Send Public Messages Privately

You may intend to send a particular message to a particular number of your contact list. This may seem strenuous if you decide to send this message to each contact at a time. Whatsapp has developed a feature that allows you to send a private message to many contacts at once with each recipient oblivious of the fact that it is a public message.

How to do it?

At the top right-hand corner beside the search icon, select the three dots. After this select New Broadcast and then select the contacts you want to send the message to. Type your message and send it and it would be sent to the contacts simultaneously.

Mute Group Chats

We all belong to different group chats as they help us to connect with a lot of friends at once. But, we all know that certain people get overzealous in group chats and disturb with a lot of messages. You now have the ability to end this disturbance

How to do it?

Tap on the group chat of your choice, then the name to bring up Group Info where you will find the option to Mute the chat for eight hours to one week or a year.

See when your messages are read

It is now common knowledge that the blue ticks indicate that your messages have been read but you can still know the time the contact read your message

How to do it?

Select any of your WhatsApp chats, tap and hold on any of the messages you’ve sent in that chat, tap the Info option. For iOS users, you can also drag the message towards the left to reveal a window which will show the time your message was delivered and subsequently read.

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