WhatsApp Launches New Features for “Groups”

The WhatsApp groups are undoubtedly the most used features of the platform. Many users use them to communicate with family, friends, classmates, and work. And while they can be very beneficial in some aspects, sometimes they can become a real torture.

To make it easier to use the groups, WhatsApp released a series of new features that will allow users to regulate these group chats a little more catch up on the conversation and search for other users.


New Features by Whatsapp:

The WhatsApp messaging platform looks for ways to solve the conversations that take place in the groups, as well as give new controls to its participants, especially the administrators. Let’s check out new features brought by WhatsApp.

# Admin Can Set “Send Message” Permission:

This new feature is the most recent way Facebook-owned Whatsapp has given rights to administrators for more control over groups. Now only admin can send messages to the group.


This feature is available under “Group Settings” menu > Send Messages > and Choose “Only Admins” – This setting allow you to choose who can send messages to that particular group.

# Get Up To Date (Catch Up):

This is surely a great feature by WhatsApp. In many occasions, it is the case that in the groups (especially in the massive ones and when there are, for example, FIFA Football matches) one receives hundreds of messages during a short space of time. That causes more than one to lose the thread of the conversation. Although it does not solve this problem, the “app” now allows that when you have been a while without opening the group chat you can, by touching the new button “@” in the lower right corner, quickly see the messages in which you mentioned or they responded.

# Group Description:

This is a small improvement by WhatsApp but it implies a better way to organize. And more when you accumulate one group after another over time. From now on, the WhatsApp allows a clearer description. It is a small text in the form of a summary that appears below the group information so that you can write the subject, the rules, or any other important note and information about the group. When a person joins the group, the description will appear at the top of the chat.

# Admin Controls:

Now administrators can restrict who can change the theme, icon and group description. It is also possible to remove the administrator permissions of other group participants. A “bad news”, those who created the groups can no longer leave them, but those who are not administrators and left the groups will now have difficulties to return to them.

# Delete Permissions:

Administrators can now remove permissions from other participants, and the creators of the groups can no longer be removed from the group they started.

# More Permits & More Protection:

The rest of the functions of WhatsApp to improve the groups have to do with the permissions of the administrator and the “rights” of the contacts. First, administrators can now remove permissions from other participants but the creators of the groups cannot be removed from the group they started. On the other hand, more protection has been added so that they cannot repeatedly add to contact groups that have left.

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