WhatsApp Backup: Switching from iCloud to Google Drive

In today’s technological age, instant messaging is a staple. Gone are the days when we pay a fortune just to communicate with another. Also, our messaging is no longer limited. With WhatsApp, our interconnectivity has indeed reached new heights!

In this article, we have listed down a detailed instruction on how to backup your WhatsApp data from your iCloud storage to Google Drive. Also, we have included extensive information on WhatsApp – its advantages and on why it is important to have your back up. Thus, after reading this, you will be well equipped with all relevant knowledge about WhatsApp and cloud storage.

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WhatsApp Backup Overview

WhatsApp is a very convenient messaging app both for work and personal use. If you are like me, you must have been using WhatsApp more than the usual default SMS of your phone. After all, WhatsApp is free and user-friendly.

Since many users have relied primarily on using this instant messaging app, storing WhatsApp data for cross-device access has become in-demand. The good thing is: WhatsApp allows users to back up all their messaging history. Thus, no matter what happens, all your WhatsApp files will always be accessible – anytime and anywhere.

Backing up your WhatsApp messaging history is both easy and versatile. You can either choose from Google Drive and iCloud to do the work for you, among other cloud storages available out there.

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Nonetheless, Google Drive and iCloud remains to be among the top cloud storage choices for WhatsApp background. If you are here, you probably had backed up your files on iCloud and wishes to transfer them to Google Drive. For whatever reason, this article will help you do so. But before we head on to the meat of this article, let us first know what WhatsApp is and how it became the best instant messaging app today!


What is WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp is a popular messaging app owned by Facebook. It lets users send instant messages, voice calls, recorded voices, video calls, images, among many other files. Due to its versatility, more than 1 billion people all over the world have been using WhatsApp.

What made this messaging so popular and widely used is because: WhatsApp was the first! It was the first messaging app the lets user install it on their smartphones.

Since WhatsApp is free, it released users from the usual shackles of limited word count when sending messages. Finally, with this messaging app, we were again typing the correct spelling when typing!

Also. being owned by Facebook, this messaging app is surely going to stay with us for a very long time.


WhatsApp was the first and currently #1

WhatsApp launched in early 2009.

Although Skype has already been part of the game during this period, it was still exclusive on PC usage. Meanwhile, it was only until later was that Skype became optimized for smartphones. Thus, Skype was late to join the messaging party.

On the other hand, WhatsApp was the pioneer of voice and video calling over smartphones. Instead of being regarded as just a mobile phone alternative to Skype, WhatsApp rather became a primary mode of communication. It defeated Viber, Kik, and even SMS,

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WhatsApp defeated SMS

Do you still remember paying tons and tons of cash just for SMS? It was a dark time. I remember having to limit down my messages just to save a few bucks on SMS fees. Also, I had to send SMS filled with grammatical and spelling errors!

Before WhatsApp, many smartphone users have already been complaining about SMS fees. Not only it was expensive, but its features are also limited. The great thing is: this problem was put to an end by WhatsApp.

This IM app, users can send messages all around the world without being conscious about world count. Also, messaging is no longer limited to the actual text. With WhatsApp, users can even send multimedia content for free!

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Benefits of Using WhatsApp

1.      WhatsApp is 100% free

I have always asked myself before: why does sending messages have to cost so much! I always thought SMS fees were excessive and unfair. WhatsApp is simple the heaven’s answer to my prayers.

Unlike other messaging apps and even SMS, communicating using WhatsApp costs you nothing. Indeed, it is 100% free. Yet, despite such, its features are top-notch!

Further, it does not have any annoying advertisement!

Using WhatsApp as your default messaging app is getting the best of both worlds: free and superb messaging features!


2.      You can send files through WhatsApp

The file transferring features of WhatsApp made it best for both work and personal use.

It can instantly transfer files up to 100 MB. Files may include Word document, Excel files, PDF, Slide shows, among many others.

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3.      WhatsApp allows both voice call and video calling

SMS used to confine us with only text messaging. Good thing: WhatsApp allows us to use voice call and video call!

This made this messaging app even more efficient for work. After all, with simple clicks and call, you can check up on your team’s progress whenever and wherever you are.

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4.      WhatsApp allows you to share your location, status, images, among others to your friends

WhatsApp has it all for your digital socialization needs!

Messaging can be even more fun when you can share more with your friends! With WhatsApp, you share your location to your friends, letting them know where you are right now. Also, you can tell them what you are up to by sending them a picture or video of what you are doing!

Make your message a little more like Instagram!

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Note: Protect your Privacy

Although these sharing features of WhatsApp is amazing, it is important to maintain your security. So, a word of advice: do not share personal and confidential information just to anyone in WhatsApp.

5.      WhatsApp is optimized cross-device

WhatsApp is not only limited to your smartphones! You can use is convenient across all your devices. Thus, whether you are an iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac user, using WhatsApp will never be a problem.

Download WhatsApp here:

Enjoy instant messaging in the fullest using WhatsApp!


Remove WhatsApp Backup from to iCloud

In some cases, you might find that iCloud is not the best cloud storage for your WhatsApp files. This is mostly the case whenever you plan on switching to an Android device from an iPhone smartphone.

Here are the steps on how you can delete your iPhone backup from iCloud.

  1. Tap on your iPhone’s Settings.
  2. Go to your Apple ID.
  3. Scroll down and find iCloud.
  4. Choose Storage, Manage Storage, and then WhatsApp.
  5. On your WhatsApp setting, click the Edit located at the top-right of the screen.
  6. Finally, click Delete All.

After doing these steps, your WhatsApp files are no longer stored in your iCloud. However, make sure you back it up immediately to Google Drive or any other cloud storage you prefer.


Backing Up Your WhatsApp to Google Drive

If you are looking to switch the device from iPhone to Android or vice versa, and looking forward to bring your WhatsApp messages with your new device – you are in the right place, you need to back it up.


Before Backing Up

  1. Before we head on to the process of actually backing up your WhatsApp data, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi.
  2. Next, you need to have a Google account sign-in on your phone. If you haven’t done this, head to this link to sign up for a Google account.
  3. If you are using an Android device, you will need to have your Google Play installed; on the other hand, if you are on your iPhone device, keep your App Store close.
  4. Finally, make sure you have enough free space on your device to store your WhatsApp backup.


Create a Google Drive Backup

  1. Open your WhatsApp app.
  2. Select Menu, go to Settings, Chats, then Chat backup.
  3. Click Back up to Google Drive.
  4. Under the backup frequency, choose Never.
  5. Select the Google account you want the backup to be stored into.
  6. If you do not have the Google account connected yet, tap Add account and enter your credentials.
  7. Finally, click Back up over to backup your WhatsApp data to your Google Drive.

Note: Backing up your data may take some time. After all, if your WhatsApp files are huge, file transfer and back up may take longer than usual.

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The Conclusion

In this article, we have discussed how WhatsApp became the best messaging alternative to expensive SMS.

We have enumerated five benefits of using WhatsApp, as follows:

  1. WhatsApp is 100% free
  2. You can send files through WhatsApp
  3. WhatsApp allows both voice call and video call
  4. WhatsApp allows you to share your location, images, photo, among many other media
  5. WhatsApp is optimized cross-device

We also provided you with a detailed description on how to delete your iCloud up to switch your WhatsApp data back up to Google Drive.

Your Turn

How about you? Do you know any other WhatsApp advantages that we should add to this list? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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