What Should An SEO Consultancy Provide to The Company?

The importance of digital marketing has never been so clear. To differentiate yourself and get ahead of your competitors, your business will need a good affordable SEO strategy. If you want more information about SEO you can check at Glamy SEO Service

As I mentioned in the previous topic, this area is always changing. Due to the constant need for training and knowledge updating, keeping an affordable SEO expert within an affordable SEO company can be costly. Small businesses, especially, will have no budget available for this.

SEO consulting comes in. With a team of highly qualified and specialized professionals, it already has the necessary structure for this service. In addition to the full team, you will also have a specialized company with known facts like what works and what doesn’t work.

Check out what an affordable SEO consultant should provide to your business:

  • Audit of current strategies and problem identification;
  • Market and public analysis ;
  • Expertise in SEO, digital marketing and best practices;
  • Best strategies to reach your business growth goals ;
  • Tools and techniques for maintaining digital marketing plans;
  • Schedule and projected expected results with the implementation of the strategies;
  • Clear methods of monitoring results.

The description of the SEO problem that needs to be optimized

Defining a consultancy is a service that advises and educates. Therefore, when hiring an SEO consultant, the management of your company should be thoroughly informed about each step. This is a learning process.

What Should An SEO Consultancy Provide to The Company?

When identifying problems with SEO strategies during the audit, the consultant should describe the problem. You should expect detailed reports on why the identified factor is a problem and what negative consequences it can have. Mostly, it should be clear to you how the suggested improvement strategy will be applied.

Problems encountered may go beyond a lack of optimization. Many companies still use negative digital marketing practices. This can have an impact on both campaign performance and company image. It is therefore important that these details are also detected.

What is the SEO plan for the solution of the problem presented?

The SEO consultancy will be in your company mainly to find solutions. At this point, problems have already been encountered in the analysis phase. The next step is to develop more efficient strategies than the current ones.

For this, the consultant will use all of his specialized knowledge. Well-done SEO consists of simultaneously applying a wide variety of techniques, so don’t expect a magic formula.

You have to study your business situation and specific industries very carefully to define the best solutions.

Your business management must understand what will be done.

The better the processes are understood, the easier it is to maintain the strategies after consulting is completed.

Of course, there is the option of hiring an ongoing consultancy. However, many businesses, particularly small businesses, end up opting for a more timely process. And in that case, you need to ensure that good practice will continue to apply.

It cannot offer services that hurt Google’s best practices!

speaking of good practice, it’s always good to remember that, as in every marketing sector, there are rules and conventions to follow. This ranges from optimization rules to ethical principles.

For example, let’s review some optimization best practices:

  • Prepares a sitemap to speed up search engine mapping;
  • Use meta tags with descriptions of the content;
  • Ensure that all pages of the site are accessible through visible links;
  • Make use of a robots.txt file to prevent the mapping from following advertising links;
  • Make content available hierarchically, separated by subtitles. The hierarchy must also be present in the organization of the pages.

Now, check out some good ethical practices:

Don’t fool your users into taking advantage of keywords that aren’t related to your content.

  • Do not use automatically generated content;
  • Do not use copied content;
  • Do not use unauthorized redirects and images hosted by third parties.

A serious SEO consultant will always follow these recommendations to the letter! If you’re interested, you can see a complete list of best practices published by Google.

Difference between white hat and black hat

You may have heard of these two terms on the internet: white hat and black hat. The origin of these terms lies in the hacker culture. In it, “white hat” is the term for security professionals who use their expertise to protect systems from attacks. On the other hand, black hat hackers use aggressive techniques, flaws and vulnerabilities to break into systems.

SEO White Hat

The white hat SEO strategy uses a set of best practices to deliver results without exploiting tool holes. The techniques used are always within the parameters set by Google as ideal. This ensures clean growth where the site will never be considered uneven or bad by search engines.

This, however, is often a slower process of organic growth. However, it has the advantage of completely protecting the image of the website and the company.

Here are some examples of white hat SEO techniques:

Creation of original and quality content;

Significant participation in blogs, forums, and communities of the segment;

Dissemination in niche groups.

SEO Black Hat

Black hat SEO is based on bad practices that aim to take advantage of vulnerabilities and working tools to accelerate growth. Most of the time, these strategies are malicious, aimed at circumventing quality guidelines and misleading algorithms.

Here are some examples of black hat SEO practices:

Cloaking (the site presents content to visitors and masked content to search algorithms;

Doorway pages (redirect pages created solely for ranking);

Misleading search robots to take non-relevant pages to the top of the search

Use of popular keywords, but irrelevant in the content;

Spam links in communities, blogs, and forums.

You can use SEO and its strategy to grow your audience. You can also use it to increase traffic on your website. You can use different engine optimizations too that can lead you through the whole process. The key is to understand your competitors and make sure that your target is to achieve success.

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