6 Ways To Take Advantage of WhatsApp Web For The Company

The arrival of the web version of WhatsApp Web had been a demand of users for a long time. They saw the need to be able to use the popular instant messaging application not only on their mobile devices but also from the computer.

This limitation was a handicap compared to some of its competitors. Especially for corporate use which combined the management of different profiles and greater volumes of interactions required access from the PC as a more efficient environment than the mobile for a professional user.

Following are the 6 ways to take maximum advantage of WhatsApp Web for the communication for your company:

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web Benefits:

# 1 – As a Customer Service Channel:

WhatsApp Web opens a new way that facilitates personalized attention for both companies and users. It is true that a user of this type could already be carried out before the existence of the web version. But the use from the desktop does not depend on the always capricious mobile data connections and facilitates the user to consult additional information.

# 2 – A New Way to Share Content:

Using WhatsApp Web, we have a new way to share content which is quite easy. That is incredible that we can receive files directly on our mobile or desktop while we work. However, we should not stay here.

Let’s think about how easy it will be from now on to copy any link and paste it into the group that the user sees fit. And yes, this also applies to companies where groups made up of employees will have an enormous facility and immediacy to share knowledge and content relevant to the performance of their work. Even more in the era of cloud computing, in which the content is hosted in virtual spaces and not in folders and physical files.

WhatsApp Web

# 3 – As a Marketing Tool:

WhatsApp is a great tool for marketing for companies. The appearance of a web version does nothing but maximize the options of the application in this sense because, as we have just commented, content sharing is greatly facilitated. We must also consider that the use of WhatsApp only in mobile version forced to resort to responsive versions of the shared links so that the usability and the image of the company would not be compromised.

# 4 – As an Internal Communication Channel:

WhatsApp Web is a communication channel widely widespread, very low cost and that would represent an effective communication solution for many companies. Employees can make a relevant group and they can discuss it. In addition, it is quite easy using WhatsApp Web as to type on your Computer Keyboard is easier than to type on your smartphone.

# 5 – For Communication with Customers:

Groups with WhatsApp clients in which the people in charge of the projects were present by the clients and all the team that is working in that account. This is very cheap and easy to manage, without the need for prior learning in the use of the platform.


# 6 – As a Communication Channel with Displaced Workers:

WhatsApp along with its new web version becomes the perfect solution at low cost to communicate with workers who are traveling, without paying a very expensive data rate. And without having to constantly depend on the existence of a WiFi connection.

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