Which skills every virtual assistant needs to have?

You are considering to start your freelance career as a virtual assistant but you don’t know how to start? First of all, you need to ask yourself which skills do you have? Many people have multiple skills and don’t know which of them to point out. It is easy to find a job when you make a good presentation of yourself and your skills.

According to some reports, virtuals assistant jobs will be very popular in the future. This is the fastest growing job on the most popular freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiver, and People per Hour. More about these freelance platforms you will find out in this article. The salary of a virtual assistant varies from $500 to $1,000 a month. The most experienced virtual assistants can earn even more than that.

What does a virtual assistant do? A virtual assistant collaborates with employers in the field of marketing, administration, and organization. When it comes to these fields, it is expected that a virtual assistant knows how to organize meetings, answer calls and emails. Therefore, it is very important to have basic technical skills.

In this article, we are going to show you which skills every virtual assistant needs to have. If you would like to hear the experiences of other virtual assistants, you can find a local Facebook group and a community.

Here are the most important virtual assistant skills:

1. The English language knowledge

If you want to start your freelance career as a virtual assistant, you need to speak and write the English language properly. Since a virtual assistant job includes writing reports and emails, this is considered as a crucial skill. Without the English language skills, you won’t make any success in this field.

2. MS Office skills

As a virtual assistant, you are going to create Word documents, put data in Excel sheets and make PowerPoint presentations. These skills are not hard to learn and most of the people know how to operate in these programs. For those who are not sure about how to use these programs, there are a lot of books and tutorials on the internet. Try to learn the following programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher.

4. Internet Research skills

Your employer may require from you to do an internet research. Many people would agree that is an easy task. Usually, you need to find some data which are hard to find. For this task, you need to know how to use Google Search to find credible information in a short period of time. You don’t want to spend a whole day to find an information.

5. WordPress skills

Wordpress is the most popular CMS (Content Management Service). Almost every website uses this platform for publishing content and articles. No one will expect that you should know how to make websites, but you should know how to write and publish an article. A good article needs to be well formatted with pictures and galleries. If you have SEO skills, it would be considered as a big plus in this field.

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