Vero-the social network of the future?

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These days, everything is about social networking. Resharing, reblogging, retweeting, likes, upvotes. It’s undeniable social networks have had a major impact on all our lives. From Myspace, to facebook, to instagram to snapchat. Ever since they caught traction, social networks have been dominating the internet, and these days they’re even seen as essentially mandatory, not only for socializing, but also for employment, like linkedin.

Now, with the recent data breaches on facebook and instagram, who could be blamed for seeking alternatives? And that’s exactly what we’re here for today! A new and extremely creative approach to social networking-Vero.

Vero-what’s that?

Vero has only begun to get up to speed recently, with the slow decline of facebook and instagram, it prides itself on being a “three in one” between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It’s a project by Ayman Hariri, started all the way back in 2015, and recently its been the No.1 download on google play store and the apple play store. With 3 million users, it’s one of the most popular “new” social networks.

How is it different?

On the surface, Vero seems similar to facebook. You can post things, share music and books, share locations etc. However, Vero has some very distinct differences, such as absolutely no ads, adverts, which have been almost mandatory for social networks recently, vero has none. It has no algorithms deciding what you see and don’t see on your feed, you’re given the ultimate control over it. It doesn’t mine any data, nor collect anything about you. Your feed, as opposed to Instagram or Facebook, is set in chronological order.

Vero makes their business model and future plan completely transparent. You can sit down and see exactly what they intend to do. So while other social networks make YOU the product, Vero makes you the customer.

Vero will, though, eventually switch to a subscription model, making customers pay for these luxuries monthly. However, as of current Vero is completely free, and we very much recommend it. This however means Vero will be completely reliant on keeping its users happy, because they could just cancel their subscription. Vero, unlike other social media, doesn’t want you to spend all your time on it. While facebook or Instagram content is made to make you stay on it for as long as possible, Vero tries to keep you conscious of how much you use it for. It even goes as far as including an in-built timer for how long you’ve been on it. There are NO push notifications either, you check Vero whenever you want

It also makes a friend/follower distinction. Friends being people you actually know in real life and followers are those that just follow you for your content. So you can pick what to share between the 4 categories of people Vero lets you have(Friend,Follower,Close friend,Acquaintance).

A flaw of Vero though, is that it’s a mobile-exclusive at the moment, and you can only register in-app.

Though, including all of this, we feel that Vero is definitely a large step forward in the area of social networks, and we’re looking forward to more developments in the future.


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