Ultimate List: Free and Legal Streaming Apps for Movies and TV Shows

The Internet has become more accessible than ever. Eventually, even our daily entertainment had been affected by the rise of the Internet. Today, we no longer rush in front of the TV just to watch our favorite show. After all, we can watch all the movies we want at the touch of our fingertips.


In this article, we have compiled a list of free and legal streaming sites you can use to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. After all, entertainment does not need to always come at a price. Also, not all free things are illegal. Thus, this list will provide you with both fun and peace of mind.

Gone are the days when we used to block our schedule in order to watch our favorite TV shows. After all, with Youtube and Netflix available today, most of the ones we’re after are already available onsite. Therefore, we could binge-watch several movies whenever and wherever we want.

However, not all have the luxury to subscribe to Netflix and avail Youtube’s paid channels. Since Internet connection is already a monthly burden on top of our bills, subscribing to another might be no longer practical for some. The good thing is: there are various streaming sites available out there which are both free and legal.

Hold your horses.

Before we go directly to the free and legal streaming apps, let us first understand why people prefer streaming sites than the tradition cable for entertainment.


Streaming vs. Cable

Black CRT TV

Due to the rise of streaming sites – paid and free – a large number of households have stopped subscribing to cable services.

Here are some reasons why many have switched from cable to streaming:


1.      Streaming services are way cheaper than cable

Cable bills can run up to $100 per month after the then first-year deal expires.

Apparently, this is one of the marketing tactics of cable companies to get people hooked into their services. Initially, they will offer a seemingly affordable service for a time period. However, after that expires, you will be presented with charges from here and there.

In some cases, cable services are bundled up an Internet connection. Consumers often think that an additional $30 per month is a good deal. However, more often than not, such cable service will not be used.

On the other hand, Netflix subscription is just $14 per month max. Notwithstanding that there are free streaming sites available. After all, the Internet connection is a must nowadays. With cable or without, Internet access is indispensable.  Thus, switching away from cable services only means saving money.


2.      Streaming sites are user-friendly

Unlike cable, the user interface of streaming sites is fairly simple and straightforward.

Using cable service, you do not have much control of the shows. Basically, after turning on the TV, you will have to turn from one channel to another just to find something that will interest you. More often than not, there is none. So, you settle.

On the other hand, with streaming sites, movies and shows are filtered in categories. Thus, if you prefer something light and comedy, you can simply click on comedy under categories. Instantly, you will be presented with all shows and movies labeled under comedy. The same goes with almost all genres: adventure, horror, sci-fi, and animated, among many others.

With his, streaming sites do not only save you a couple of bucks. But also, it provides with you with a better entertainment experience.


3.      Streaming sites are free from commercials

How many times have commercials wasted our time?

Watching a movie or a TV show through cable also means watching several commercials. Apparently, we have no control over these filters. Often times, these repetitive commercials consume more time than the movie that we really want to watch. Still, we have no choice but to endure them.

With streaming sites, entertainment has no more room for interruption.

Thus, these sites have become a great venue for us to binge-watch our favorite shows.


Indeed, streaming sites have become better and more advanced compared to our usual cable services. So, without further ado, here is the list of streaming sites where you can watch movies and TV shows for free.

1.    Sony Crackle

Photo Credits; Google Play


Owned by Sony, this free and legal streaming site offers a wide library of TV shows and movies which you will definitely enjoy.

One thing that you will definitely love about this app is: Sony Crackle does not require you to register and sign up to enjoy its services. Thus, you can rest assured that no random e-mails from Cackle will reach your e-mail inbox.

On the other hand, you may also opt and sign up. By doing this, you will be able to keep track of the movies you have watched, currently watching, and plan to watch in the future.

Although Sony Crackle is an advertisement free app in itself, the movies, however, may have some ads. Nonetheless, if you compared this to TV commercials, Crackle’s ads should be more tolerable.

Despite being a free streaming site, Sony Crackle provides users with a high-quality video and sound experience. This, of course, follows that you have a fast Internet connection. Even without, you can adjust Crackles video quality to fit your needs and preferences.

Also, these streaming platforms provide subtitles in your movies. Thus, whether you want an American or Asian film, you can be guaranteed that you will understand what you are watching.

As mentioned above, this streaming site has a wide library of entertainment. They are categorized per catalog, as follows: drama, action, thriller, comedy, adventure, and so on. Further, you can filter them in order to find the kind of movie that you crave.

If you think Sony Crackle is the free and legal streaming site you are looking for, visit the Sony Crackle site now.


2.    TubiTV

Photo Credits; Google Play

TubiTV is also another online free streaming apps that offer a large selection of both movies and TV shows. These pieces of entertainment are well-categorized into a genre. Thus, choosing what you feel like watching is a piece of cake.

This streaming site boasts its sophisticated dark theme and multiplayer. This is really best if you tend to watch with your devices with lights turned off. With a dark theme, your screen will operate as if like a cinema.

The TubiTV player offers subtitles in all of its videos. Also, it has a quick option to rewind and Fastrack whatever you are watching – similar to Netflix. Also, both its video and audio quality are decent, even more so if you have a fast Internet connection.

TubiTV is optimized across both iOS and Android device.

Unlike other streaming sites, TubiTV seems to adapt to the users’ Internet connection speed. You will rarely experience buffer interruption using this app.

On the other hand, TubiTV has in-app ads. They appear every 15 to 20 minutes. However, this commercial break is still way better than those of cable services.


Is TubiTV the right the free and legal streaming for you? Visit TubiTV now.



3.      Popcornflix

Photo Credits; Google Play

This free online streaming app is one of the best alternatives for Netflix. Basically, it is dedicated to offering users a good selection of both new classic films and TV shows for free. Unlike other streaming apps, Popcornflix has a net and minimalist interface. This will help you navigate around the platform with ease.

The movies and TV shows are divided into categories: drama, horror, fantasy, comedy, and so on. Further, you chose the new arrivals to see the latest films added to Popcornflix’ library. Like TubiTV, Popcornflix also has a dark theme. It makes binge-watching with your lights turned off way easier compared to the standard interface.

Like Sony Crackle, you may opt not to sign up in order to enjoy Popcornflix’ services. However, if you choose to, you may be able to maximize its features. This includes keeping track of what you have previously watched, currently watching, and plan to watch in the future.

Popcornflix is optimized across the device. It has apps dedicated to Android and iOS users.

However, this streaming platform may not be available in all countries. Thus, if you happen to belong to one of these countries with restricted access, you might want to use a VPN to enjoy Popcornflix.

Do you want to know more about Virtual Private Network or VPN? Not only does it allow you to access geo-specific restricted sites, but it also increases your online protection privacy. If you are interested to know more about VPN, you might want to check out our article on 5 Top VPN Providers To Protect Your Online Privacy.

Did you like Popcornflix? If you do, you might want to know more about this streaming site by visiting their Popcornflix’ official website.


4.    Viewster

Photo Credits; Google Play

Viewster is a one-stop site for all your entertainment needs!

It is another free and legal streaming platform that offers you with a vast library of TV shows and entertainment. Its selection is not only limited by the usual genres. It extends to documentaries, news, cartoons, and even clips. Thus, everything you are looking for, for a dose of entertainment, may be found in Viewster.

If you are an anime enthusiast, you will definitely love Viewster. As of the moment, this platform has a growing library of the anime content.

Also, like YouTube, you can leave your thoughts in the comment section on every video. You can further leave a reaction face. This allows the Viewster community to curate the media uploaded on their website. Thus, if you are wondering whether this particular show is good, scroll down to the comments. After all, nothing is more authentic than the thoughts of the viewers themselves.

Viewster is also optimized across the device. Also, it has a streaming quality option. Whether you have a fast or a slow Internet connection, you can adjust Viewster accordingly. With this, you will not be interrupted by any buffers.

Are you excited to use Viewster? If you are, don’t waste a second and visit Viewster’s official website.


5.    Snagfilms

Photo Credits; Google Play

Are you a classic film enthusiast? If you are, Snagfilms might be the goldmine for you. On the other hand, if you prefer the newest films on the market, this streaming platform might disappoint you.

Snagfilms is a free and legal streaming platform that hosts classic films around various genres, such as drama, world history, family, kids, environment, etc.

Like some of the above-mentioned platforms, Snagflims offer a dark theme interface. Also, like Netflix, it offers a trailer for every video. Thus, selecting your preferred classic film becomes way more convenient.

What set Snagfilms apart from other streaming sites is: Snagfilms allow users to download their films for offline viewing. Thus, you can always be confident that you will always have something to watch with or without the Internet.

Like most streaming platforms, Snagfilms is available across the device.

If you are a classic film buff, you will definitely like Snagfilm. Visit Snagfilm website now.


Other Streaming Sites

Here are some other free and legal streaming platforms you might want to check out too.

·        Hotstar

·        Yidio

·        Pluto TV

·        Kodi

·        YouTube


The Conclusion

In this article, we have explained why people are switching from cable to streaming platforms. Some of the primary reasons are: streaming sites are more affordable, it does not have the annoying commercials that interrupt your film watching, and it has an over-all better interface.

Further, we have enumerated a total of 10 streaming sites you can explore, 5 of which we have explained in depth.

Indeed, entertainment can not only be free but also legal.


Your Turn

How about you? Do you know any other free and legal online streaming sites that we should add to this list? If you do, let us know by leaving your suggestions in the comment section below.

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