Travel insurance for seniors(over 65)with Pre-existing Medical Condition

When you are a senior over 65 years old and want to travel. It is important to get travel insurance. It will help to ease your mind I case of any medical emergency during the trip. If you have a pre-existing medical condition it is advisable to inform the insurance. This will help you to get the right cover and safeguard your life.

Why are premium rates for senior very high?

The insurance companies charge senior very high premium rates because of medical conditions and advance in age. It is advisable to compare quotes from several insurances and choose the one that meets your needs.

Why should I buy travel insurance when my trip is months away?

It is a fact that you have a medical condition and any moment the situation could worsen. The travel insurance will step in to cover for your medical condition even though you have
not yet travel for vacation or canceled the trip. It is advisable to buy the
travel insurance policy immediately you book your vacation even if its months

Why should I give full disclosure on my medical condition?

If you lie you will lose your policy. Inform your insurance company about your medical condition history. This is to ensure they have all the right information so they can give the
correct insurance policies that meet your specific needs. Remember if you give
wrong information, the insurance company has a right to refuse to cover you or
they might even accuse you of fraud.

What should the travel insurance include?

This is a policy designed specifically for senior members in society. The cover offers protection during their holiday trip. It is can be confusing when looking for the right policy in
the market. This should not stop you from shopping around. It is advisable to
get the right information from the insurance agent especially where you need clarification.

The travel policy should include the following:

Look for a policy that covers your preexisting medical condition. This will help you during an emergency when your condition worsens. However, in some cases, some insurer
subject might be forced to give a waiver to get the travel insurance.

Flight cancellation-When the trip is delayed or canceled. It can leave the senior in a very difficult situation both financially and medically. The travel insurance step in to
cushion the insurer subject as part of the policy coverage.

Loss of luggage-The insurer subject might have some valuable belongings like medication, jewelry etc. The insurance company will step in to cover the loss.

Accidental death-this cover protects the insurer subject in a situation he or she passed away. The insurance company will step in and cover the costs of bringing the body back

Emergency help-Find out whether your insurance has contacts to call for free where you will be traveling for vacation in case you need to call during an emergency.

Medical cover– the senior insurer subject might develop some medical conditions. The policy should contain comprehensive medical coverage including transportation. This will be useful in an emergency case when the senior will need medical treatment and transportation.

Bottom Line

The insurance premium rate of seniors is very high. It is advisable to shop around for several coverage policies. It’s crucial to look for a policy package that suitable to your needs
and does not strain your budget when it comes to payment. It is very important
to get a medical check-up to access your health before you travel and remember
to purchase a travel insurance policy.

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