Travel insurance for Indian parents visiting USA

It is very important to have travel insurance when you are traveling to the USA. The medical costs are very expensive. This will help to ensure that your parents are protected in case they become ill during the trip. The insurance company will cover the costs of the medical expenses saving your parents thousands of dollars in medical bills.

It is advisable to shop around when you’re looking for the best policy that will meet your needs and within your budget. Remember to read the fine print to ensure that you understand in detail what the policy will cover. Where you do not understand, it is advisable to reach out to agent to clarify.

Should You Buy Travel Insurance While Visiting USA

Remember, as of October 2017, it is not mandatory by USA laws for visitors to have travel insurance. However, It is recommended to have travel insurance when traveling to the USA to protect yourself in case of an emergency. The policy will help to cover the medical bills and save your parents and yourself from worrying about paying bills.

What should the travel policy include?

The travel policy should cover the following:

Emergency transportation: When the parents become ill or be
an accident, the insurance policy will cover the transportation costs to a medical

Luggage loss: The insurance policy will cover
the costs of losing your valuables so that you have no worries.

Medical Cover: The insured subjects become ill or
have an accident, the travel policies will cover the costs of the medical bills

Accidental Death: When, unfortunately, death occurs, the travel policy will cover the costs of bringing the remains back home.

Flight Cancellation or Delays: The policy will cover the costs of flight delays or cancellation. This is to cushion the parents both financially and mentally from unnecessary worries of unbudgeted costs due to circumstances beyond their control.

Emergency Help: Read the fine print or reach out to
your travel agent and find out the emergency contact numbers available in the country
your vacationing.

How do I choose the best travel insurance?

The insurance companies offer a variety of policies at competitive prices. It is advisable to choose a travel policy that meets your needs and affordable without breaking your bank account.

I recommend you shop around from several travel companies both online and offline. Compare prices and choose a policy that meets all your requirements and offer the best deal in the market. Where you have questions, reach out to your travel agent to clarify.

What Criteria
Should I looked at when choosing the Travel

  • Look for plan pricing options-when you’re shopping around for a travel policy. The insurer subjects should look at the pricing options and see whether there are options to choose from. For instance, basic cover to complete coverage will have different price ranges.
  • Check out the Reputation of Insurance agency–What is the reputation of the company? What are formers customers experience? Is the company trustworthy?
  • Read the reviews of the company both online and offline.
  • Look out for ease of getting approved – How long does it take to be approved? What are the requirements in order to get approval?
  • Check out the Network coverage –Find out how big is their network and supported hospitals in the USA.
  • Look out for feedback from actual customers– Find out from former customers what was their experience dealing with the company.

Remember, getting the best travel insurance will be different from each family. This will mainly depend on what the family is looking to be covered and the pricing. It is highly recommended to look for a comprehensive cover especially when the parents are elderly and have pre-existing medical conditions.

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