Top 7 Amazing Google Mobile Apps You Should Be Using Right Now

The mobile application industry is now accelerating its pace and leaving analogs behind. And ever since, Google is taking the lead.

Mobile Apps have become a staple part of our daily lives. Their integration into our everyday life has become perfectly natural.

We are woken up by an alarm app. Our day-to-day schedule is managed and dictated by a calendar app. The information and people we engage with are curated by social media and browser apps. Ultimately, the selection of restaurants, access to our financial accounts, and even the delivery of our groceries, are all being handled by mobile apps!

Indeed, these applications have transformed our way of life for the better. However, among the millions of apps available in the Apple Store and Google Play, how do we know which ones are beneficial to us?

Well, we trust the frontrunner, we are confident with Google. After all, Google already has developed more than enough apps for us to utilize; and they still continue to innovate new ones for the services we will need before we actually do.

Read on to see the top 10 Google Mobile Apps you should have in order to make your life reach another level of experience.

Google got it all for you.

Introducing Google Apps

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Did you know that Google has more than 100 apps available on the Apple App Store and Play store? Among the insanely innovative mobile applications they created are those which have become vital in our day-to-day life.

Google is no longer the search engine we know before. It transcends Google Search and has now become the leading Internet service provider which caters all our technological needs.

Founded in 1998, Google LLC is now a multinational technology company which provides various Internet-related services, such as search engine, online advertising platforms, and development of mobile apps, among many others.

Today, most Internet-users, if not all, are actively utilizing Google apps. After all, these apps are perfectly crafter for education, business, and personal use.

1.    Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is the leading browser available in mobile devices. It provides you with a fast, easy to navigate, and secure browsing experience.

Chrome is very versatile – it works perfectly on almost anything. It is compatible with all the versions of Windows (7, 8,  8.1, and 10), MacOS (OS X 10.10, and the later updates) and other operating systems, such as Linux, OpenSUSE, Debian, and Ubuntu. Furthermore, it is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices.


Google Chrome uses a minimalist interface for its users.  Unlike other browsers, it does not swamp you with features you do not really need.

With only the “omnibar” or the search bar visible on its homepage, you will not be distracted from what you need to do.

Cross-device Integration

Another amazing feature of the Chrome browser is its cross-device connectivity. Basically, once your activity is sync to your Google account, your accounts, bookmarks, and history, among others, will automatically sync on your other devices.

Google Chrome ensures continuity wherever you are and whatever you do.

Massive library of Extensions

There is no other competing browser which offers third-party extensions as much as Google. Thus, almost all the extensions you want are available whenever you want to have advanced features on your browser, such as built-in notes, proofreader, additional bookmark bars, and so on.

Why Do You Need This?

Google offers you the best browser possible. It is simple to use yet capable of handling advanced function. Also, with its versatility and connectivity, you can be confident that all your activities and searches are integrated on all your devices.


2.    Google Drive

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Everybody is switching to cloud storage and leaving flash drives behind. Among the frontrunners of this cloud storage services, Google Drive is the most trusted.

Similar to most Google Apps, Google Drive offers a user-friendly interface which provides various in-app and third-party services. Also, this cloud storage also provides great sharing options matched up with fast file transfer speed.

Integration and Collaboration

Google Drive it the perfect online storage for collaboration.

Equipped with Google Office Suite – Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, among others, Drive allows other users (whose permission to access the files) to collaborate with your work.

On storage platform itself, you can instantly view photos and play videos without even downloading them. Further, all the Google Apps discussed in this article can also be integrated on Google Drive.

Indeed, Google Drive is a one-stop cloud storage for all your needs.

Massive Library Third-Party Apps

Due to Google and its applications’ popularity, thousands of third-party developers have integrated their software to Google Drive. Thus, you can do more functions with Google Drive alone.

After all, most of these third-party apps offer the usage of their apps for free.

Cost Flexibility

Google Drive offers a cost option and flexibility for different user experience and functionality. It starts with a free subscription plan for 15 GB up to monthly plan as follows:

  • $1.99 per month – 100 GB Storage
  • $2.99 per month – 200 GB Storage
  • $9.99 per month – 2 TB Storage
  • $99.99 per month – 10 TB Storage
  • $199.99 per month – 20 TB Storage

Of course, these rates are much discounted if you plan to purchase them for a 1-year plan.

Why Do You Need This?

Never lose your files with Google Drive.

Stored perfectly on the cloud and coupled with its back-up option, you can be confident that your precious files and documents will always be one-click away.

Also, integrated with both in-apps and third-party apps, Google Drive can become your one-stop storage system for all your needs.

3.    Gmail

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Gmail is a multi-functional, secure, and user-friendly email service. It goes without saying that Gmail is already the standard e-mail service today. After all, it is already seldom to see users using a different e-mail extension other than ***  Even big corporations trust Google as their primary e-mail platform.

In-App Translator

Gmail has a built-in language translator which makes it possible for you to communicate with anyone in the world. This paved the way for smooth and natural e-mail interconnectivity worldwide.

Indeed, Gmail has transcended the language barrier.

Smart Compose

Recently, Gmail also added another feature which helps users to compose e-email faster – Smart Compose.

Using artificial intelligence, Gmail attempts to provide you with the words you are about to use even before you do so. Thus, by entering the few starting words, Gmail already knows how your sentence will go.


Gmail also effectively filters out spam messages leaving your e-mail organized and clutter-free. Also, it detects and blocks other phishing schemes and activities even before it comes into your inbox.

With Gmail, you can be confident that only wanted e-mails reach you.

Why Do You Need This?

Well, it goes without saying. You should trust your e-mail messages to the most reliable e-mail service provider – Gmail.

4.    Google Office Suite

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Today’s technological advancement made the world even more portable and convenient.

With Google’s Office Suite, you can work on your paper, presentation, and reports anytime and anywhere – across devices.

Primarily, this Office Suite includes: Google Docs (word processing platform) ; Google Slides (presentation) and Google Sheet (spreadsheet).


Google’s Office Suite can be easily accessed through a browser or via an app. Conveniently, you do not always need to be connected to the Internet in order to update your files, as they can also be available for offline editing.


Also, with this Office Suite, you can share your files with your friends, co-workers, or family members for collaboration. By simply providing them a link or sending them an invite, they can also have access to your files. Thus, even remotely, teamwork is made possible.

Instant Save

Most importantly, with these apps, you can be rest assured that no file nor document will ever crash before your eyes ever again.

With Google’s Office Suite, the moment you open a work file, they are already saved. So will the other updates you will do.

Why Do You Need This?

Google’s Office Suite allows you to access and edit your files using any device – desktop, tablet, or smartphone – with or without the internet connection. Further, easily shared for collaboration, Google Docs enables your teammates to edit and update your documents. With this, you can be confident that files are updated to its latest version.

5.    Google Keep

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Google Keep is a simple digital notebook. Basically, it stores your notes.

However, unlike its competitors, Google Keep is well-integrated to other Google apps, such a Google Drive. This is essential since you will want all your files organized and accessible in a single safe storage, and that includes your notes.

Integrated and Free

As mentioned, Google Keep is integrated to your Google Drive. Thus, you can create almost an unlimited number of notes without paying anything for upgrades. This is made possible since Google Keep uses the storage space of your Drive.


Also, like other Google apps, Google Keep can also be accessed using any device.  Hence, a note taken down using a desktop can easily be accessed and updated by your mobile device.

Indeed, Google Keep offers note-taking continuity at its finest.

Why Do You Need This?

We do not have time for the pen-and-paper system nowadays.

We spend most of our time in front of the computer, tablet, and mobile device. Therefore, nothing is better than having your notes accessible in those gadgets.

After all, notes are meant to be handy-dandy.

6.    Google Maps

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Google Maps provides us with smart turn-by-turn navigation for all the places we want to go to. Also, it offers directions for various modes of transportation, such as driving, biking, walking, and other public transportation.

This navigation platform is integrated with various Google services, making every journey faster and safer.

Google Street View

With the integration of Google Street View to Google Maps, commuters can find their destination with ease. Also, it can show you the exact location where you plan to go even before you get on your way.

Built-in Google Search

More than navigation, Google Maps also provides business information around the map. This feature is very useful whenever you plan on eating out during a long drive.

Showing you the businesses along the way may even ease your errands time.

Offline Mode

Unlike other navigation apps, Google Maps can also be utilized even if you are not connected to the Internet. To do this, simply download the map of your target area.

Why Do You Need This?

No one wants getting lost. If you want the most efficient and time-saving navigation app, Google Maps is the best pick for you. Integrated with other Google functions, you can be confident that you will arrive at your destination satisfied.

7.    Google Authenticator

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Security is one of the major concerns in today’s digital world.

Google Authenticator is a multifactor app which provides an additional layer of security for your accounts. Basically, it enables users to protect their accounts using the two-factor authentication (2FA) security generated by the Google Authenticator.

With this, you can now secure an unlimited number of your social, financial, trading accounts without for free.

Why Do You Need This?

As part of you the digital community, you surely have several accounts you do not want to be accessed just by anyone. The hackers are always on the move and the only way to keep your accounts safe is to add another layer of protection. Google Authenticator is the solution to maintain full protection to your accounts.

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Among the more than 100+ Google Apps available on the Apple App Store and Play Store, there are only 7 Google Apps you should be using right now.

These are:

  1. Google Drive
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Gmail
  4. Google Office Suite
  5. Google Keep
  6. Google Maps
  7. Google Authenticator

Integrate your life through these apps and witness how your day-to-day live transforms and becomes tech optimized.

Your Turn

How about you? Do you have any additional Google Apps on this list? Why do you think we should also start using them too? Leave your thoughts on the

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