Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in the USA

Today, it is known to everybody that each and every person is surrounded by hundreds of diseases. Now, it not certainly just about what you eat or drink even people’s health is affected due to bad air quality. Similarly, with millions of people demanding better medical care for their respective illness. The medical expenses are rising and it’s becoming hard to handle for most of the Americans. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take Health insurance for covering the medical expenses of the family. Here, we are listing out the Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in the USA. These companies or insurer fits the criteria of being affordable and yet covers the most possible expenses under the different plans created to meet the needs of the customers.

Top 5 Health Insurance Companies

1. Blue Cross/ Blue Shield

This insurer provides the health insurance service which is a combination of the 37 local companies. All 37 companies work independently and operate in different states to cover the majority of the US population. The company offers different plans for on the basis of the area i.e. urban or rural and have about 20 plans. The health insurance premium varies but competitive to other companies which makes it this company top of the list.

2. Kaiser Foundation Group

The company operates in 9 US states but highly rated when it comes to customer satisfaction. KFG achieved the A+ rating from J.D. Power and Standard & Poor. However, there is one huge drawback which this company health insurance i.e. that company will only pay when you got treated yourself by Kaiser verified doctor. As a matter of fact, they are relatively low and becomes hard to find when it comes to the holiday season.

3. Humana

The company available in 22 states and offers a low cost premium. It also covers the vision, dental and home health care. The company service offered in south and Midwest states of the USA.

4. Aetna

It can be taken as another relative low-cost option for health insurance seekers. It offers different plans for US and international countries. Additionally, the company offers services in the area where Humana is not present.

5. Cigna

When it comes to large insurers, Cigna offers health insurance plans for the employer needs and at the individual marketplace. Though, the plans have a higher cost of premium but provide maximum coverage and additional benefits.

Category-wise Top health insurance companies in the USA

Selecting a health insurance plan for the family is a confusing process. We are highlighting the Top 8 health insurance companies which are top in their particular criteria. These selections are made on the basis of their financial strength, claim service, policy offerings, customer service ratings and coverage benefits.

S.No Category (Best For) Health Insurance Company
1. Health Savings Plan (HSA) Kaiser Permanente
2. Large Provider Network BlueCross/ BlueShield
3. Online Care UnitedHealthCare
4. Employer-Based Plans Aetna
5. Telehealth Care Cigna
6. HMO Plans Health Care Service Corporation
7. Wellness Care Molina Healthcare
8. Eastern States Residents Highmark

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