Top 5 Funny and Interesting ICO’s You Won’t Believe Exist In The Market

Cryptocurrencies have been around for a decade in the market, however, they have gained enormous popularity only in recent time. There are several digital currencies available in the market, but Bitcoin has attained the unprecedented appreciation from crypto traders. Besides, Bitcoin, Ethereum is also immensely popular among the people. The value of Ethereum has increased tremendously since it was first introduced. You might be surprised to know that besides these serious currencies, there are some funny and interesting ICO’s on the market that are slowly getting a move on.

Top 5 Funny and Interesting ICO’s You Won't Believe Exist In The Market

The humongous success of the bitcoin and other coins have inspired people to come up with alternative cryptocurrency. Some of them have succeeded while others have failed miserably.

Here is the list of 5 funny and interesting ICO’s that are present in the market:-

1. PotCoin

It is a unique and interesting coin that facilitates users to buy and sell legalized marijuana using a digital coin. Potcoins are basically the digital coins that encourage cannabis enthusiasts to interact, purchase, and sell marijuana online. The interesting thing about this coin is that it has been gaining immense popularity among the people. The market share of this coin has reached $17,906,818 and till now there are 218,379,826 Potcoins active in the market.


2. Useless Ethereum Token

The developers of this coin claimed it to be the world’s most safe coin which is being developed to dig at ICO. The funny part is that website has clearly mentioned that you are going to trade useless coins, even though people are showing interest in purchasing this coin. During the launch, the coin was traded at $40 and now the price of UET is $ $0.011021.

Useless Ethereum Token

3. Trump Coin

Another ICO’s making to the list of funny and interesting ICO’s is the Trump Coin. The name is enough to contemplate that why this ICO is interesting and funny at the same time. The coin was developed to support Trump’s vision to make America Great Again. It is certainly one of the most bizarre coins that have gained popularity among the American president Donald Trump. The market share of this coin has reached  $0.050301 and till now there are 6,545,531 TRUMP coins active in the market.

Trump Coin

4. DogeCoin

DogeCoin is considered to be the “Joke Currency” which is inspired by a famous internet funny meme Doge. Due to its popularity, this coin has already sponsored NASCAR and also sent Jamaican bobsled team to Olympic. Dogecoin was successful enough to develop its own online community and reached a capitalization of $1 billion as of December 2017.

funny and interesting ICO's - Dogecoin

5. Sex Coin

Sex Coin is one of the most bizarre and funny cryptocurrencies currently available in the market. The team behind this coin has said that they wanted to develop a distinguished and special coin for the porn industry. With the help of this coin, people can purchase and sell the sex products.

Sex Coin

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So these are some of the funny and interesting ICO’s available in the market. However, investing your time and money in these coins entirely depends upon you.

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