Top 5 Android Keyboard Apps to Improve your Typing Experience

You don’t have to settle down to the pre-installed keyboard in your Android device. As a matter of fact, there are a plethora of keyboard apps you can choose from. After all, not all keyboard apps are created the same – some can provide you with better experience than what you have right now.

In this article, we have selected the top 5 Android keyboard apps which you can choose from in order to improve your typing experience. Whether you are after a more functional keyboard or something more simplistic, we definitely have those in this list. After all, we have carefully selected those which can cater to your needs.

Who told you keyboard typing in your Android device cannot be fun and exciting?

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Making Your Keyboard Your Own

It is not a secret: if you are an Android user, you definitely relied on the pre-installed keyboard app on your device. Don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, the majority of Android users do not even bother to explore the option of changing their keyboard apps. After all, is there really need to change such default keyboard when it does the job?

Well, there is more to a keyboard that just simply typing.

There are numerous Android keyboard apps in Google Play which can provide you with fun themes, advanced swiping features, and other customizable layout options. With these, you can change the color of your keyboard, set shortcuts for those words which you normally use, and even change the layout to increase your convenience.

Indeed, with these apps, you can make your keyboard your own.


Risk of Third-Party Apps

Many Android-users have refrained from using third-party apps due to the risk it may bring to users. If you are not equipped with a reliable antivirus, your device may be at risk of being inflicted with keyloggers and other malware such as bots and worm.

However, such risk is the same for all other third-party apps you are using. Also, keyboard apps have evolved through user reviewers making it more efficient and reliable.

In the end, you do not need to worry about this risk. After all, we have selected the best Android keyboard apps which can provide you with both convenience and security. Thus, the enumerated keyboard apps below can be trusted to become the perfect alternative to your pre-installed keyboard.

So, without further ado, let us head on to Techcoffees’ top 5 Android keyboard apps to improve your typing experience.


1.    SwiftKey: Convenience and Functionality

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This keyboard app is currently the leading alternative to the default keyboard of your Android device. Ever since SwiftKey has been acquired by Microsoft in 2016, it has improved drastically which led to increased popularity.

What makes SwiftKey amazing is that this app uses artificial intelligence (AI) in order to familiarize the words that you normally use in your everyday typing. Eventually, this app can predict the next words you are about to type. Thus, your typing can instantly become convenient and quicker.

Further, SwiftKey has an amazing emoji keyboard which you can utilize if you are fond of using emoticons, emojis, and GIFs, among other fun features. With its customization options, you can also choose from a hundred selection of themes! Oh, and if you want, you can even create a personalized theme for your won.

In the end, SwiftKey can provide you with convenience and functionality. With its abundant features, your typing experience can become even better than before.


Why You Should Use This?

If you are after an Android keyboard app which can provide convenience and functionality, then you might want to have SwiftKey as your default keyboard app.

With its artificial intelligence, your typing experience will be more efficient. Thus, if you tend to send the same messages to multiple people every day and typing almost the same ones seem to take a lot of your time, SwiftKey can definitely make your life easier. Over time, it can predict what you are about to type even before you do.

Also,  with this app, you can customize your keyboard to almost anything you want! You may search its library of themes or even create a new one.

Indeed, SwiftKey is one of the best Android keyboard apps to replace the old one you have.

If you think this is the right app for you, download SwiftKey now.


2.    Fleksy: an Amazing GIF Keyboard

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This Android keyboard app is known to provide Android user with the fastest typing experience. As a matter of fact, compared to another third-party keyboard out there, Fleksy has a world record for having more than twice the speed of the other generic typing apps.

Basically, Fleksy uses an advanced generation of autocorrect and gesture control which can help your typing activity more accurate and convenient. Thus, using this will make your everyday typing with less error.

Aside from its top-notch speed, Fleksy is also popular for being highly customizable. You can choose from more than 50 different amazing themes and various customizable keyboard sizes.

Personally, I prefer my keyboard to have larger font size while having a minimalist theme. In this way, I get to focus on what is more important: to type the words I need to relay to another. The great thing, I can achieve this preference using Fleksy.

Moreover, this Android keyboard app carries more than 800 Emojis, GIFs, and other fun features which can help me convey your emotions even better. Indeed, Fleksy brings your keyboard experience to another level of fun and excitement.

Aside from the keyboard interface, you can even customize the keyboard shortcuts in order to make your repetitive tasks simpler. Also, Flesky supports more than 40 different languages which makes it even more convenient for those who use more than 1 language.

What makes this Android even better than the others it that complies with strict privacy policy. Therefore, you can become confident none of your personal data is being collected and stored without your consent.

Overall, if you are after speed and customizability, Flesky might be the preferred keyboard for your Android device.


Why You Should Use This?

If you are after a keyboard app which can provide you with a fast typing experience coupled with customizability functions, then Flesky might be one of your best picks.

Among all the other Android keyboard apps you can download from Google Play, Flesky stands to be the fastest keyboard. Further, it has all the features you normally look for a great keyboard app: themes, keyboard layout, and other fun features.

More than that, Flesky is also a secure third-party keyboard app since your information is not being stored without your permission.

Thus, if you want a fast, functional, and secure keyboard app to replace your usual default, then you might want to try Fleksy.

Download Flesky here now.


3.    Gboard

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If you are a Google app enthusiast, then you might want to integrate your keyboard with them using Gboard.

Gboard includes all the features you like about the Google Keyboard app. It has gesture typing, voice typing, and other features which makes you typing experience fast and reliable.

The recent update of this Android keyboard app includes an integrated Google search engine which can make your information hunt easier. Also, it suggests your commonly used GIFs, Emojis, and stickers as you type your messages. Its other features include the following: personal image as keyboard wallpaper, voice dictation, words and phrases prediction, and hand-drawn emoji recognition.

However, unlike other keyboard apps out there. Gboard does not allow too much customization in its feature. Nonetheless, it provides a neat and minimalist design which can alter through its dark theme option.

Further, it supports more than 100 different languages.

Overall, if you are looking for a highly functional yet minimalist keyboard app, then Gboard might be the best pick for you.


Why You Should Use This?

We recommend Gboard for those Android users who rely on most of their activities using Google Apps. After all, if you are fully integrated with Google services, it would be convenient to link even your keyboard into it.

Further, Gboard offers a minimalist keyboard layout. This feature is perfect if you do not you’re your keyboard to be overcrowded with icons here and there.

Thus, if you want a neat yet feature-packed keyboard app that is integrated with Google, Gboard is the best option for you.

Get Gboard here now.


4.    Go Keyboard

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This Android keyboard app offers another minimalist design. Go Keyboard can aid you in making your typing activity faster and more convenient.

Like the other keyboard apps available out there, Go Keyboard is loaded with features, It has a huge library of themes, Emojis, GIFs, and fonts, among others. Further, it offers a swipe-to-unlock lock screen and charge mode features which can make your typing experience reach another level of convenience.

Another unique feature of this app is its integrated dictionary. Basically, whenever you can encounter a word that seems to be unfamiliar, Go Keyboard can provide you with its meaning instantly. Notwithstanding that this keyboard app also supports most of the commonly used languages.

Thus, with this keyboard app, you no longer have to open a new tab just to understand whatever your friends are talking about.

Indeed, if you are looking for a handy yet fully functional keyboard for your daily typing activity, you might want to checkout Go Keyboard.

If you want this keyboard app, download Go Keyboard here.


Why You Should Use This?

Go Keyboard is highly recommended if you are after a keyboard which can provide you with all your customization needs coupled with easy access dictionary.

Its dictionary feature will allow you to decode difficult words. This will make communication easier as you will no longer need to open a dictionary app to do so.

Also, Go Keyboard app is highly recommended to those who want to customize their keyboard fonts.

With this keyboard app’s GIF and Emojis feature, your typing experience will definitely become even better.


5.    Touchpal Keyboard

Photo credits: TouchPal

This Android keyboard app is one of the most widely used apps out there. Currently, there are more than 500 million users worldwide who have been using Touchpal Keyboard for years.

One of the primary reasons why users prefer Touchpal is that its features are available for free. Also, it has been tried and tested for many years now.

Like other keyboard apps, Touchpal is packed with features such as voice recognition, one-touch writing, and stickers, among many others.

However, since this keyboard app is available for free, it displays advertisements. Nonetheless, its placement is relatively small and thus reasonable.

If you think this is the best keyboard app for you too, download Touchpal Keyboard here.


Why You Should Use This?

If you are after a keyboard app which offers functionality for free, you should never go wrong with Touchpal Keyboard. After all, this app’s effectiveness has been tested for years. Thus, Touchpal Keyboard is most users favorite.

This keyboard offers features, such as voice recognition and one-touch writing which will make your typing experience even more convenient. Imagine how easy it is to send a message through only dictating the words.

Indeed, for a trusted Keyboard app, you should get Touchpal Keyboard.



In this article, we have enumerated the top 5 Android keyboard apps to improve your typing experience, as follows:

  • SwiftKey
  • Fleksy
  • Gboard
  • Go Keyboard
  • Touchpal Keyboard

These keyboards are packed with different features for your different typing needs. Also, they offer a wide option for keyboard customization. Thus, with these keyboard app, you get to have the keyboard you always longed for.

Your Turn

How about you? Dou you know any other keyboard apps for Android device that we should add to this list? If you do, share them to us by leaving a comment below.


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