Top 20 Best Life Insurance Companies in the USA

While purchasing a life insurance policy, most of the people look for better coverage, policy cost and additional benefits. Although, it is not wrong to look into this way but the life Insurance company is itself one of the crucial aspects which one should determine while purchasing the policy. Yes! The best life insurance company should have good financial stability, highly rated by rating agencies, better claim payout ratio and good customer service. These things will collectively ensure the financial safety of an individual. Here, we listing out the Top 20 best life insurance companies in the USA on the basis of rating & reviews by reputed financial institutions.

Top 20 best life insurance companies in the USA

Selection Criteria:  Customer Satisfaction & Financial Stability  

In order to list out the Top 20 best Life Insurance Companies in the USA, we took the reputed third party financial institutions group. These groups select the life insurance company related to customer service and financial strength. Out of many groups, the most common insurance ratings groups are J.D. Power, BBB and A.M. Best.

  1. J.D. Power: It selects the life insurance company on the basis of customer satisfaction on the scale of 1-1000
  2. BBB: It stands for better Business Bureau which gives grades on the basis of customer satisfaction from A+ to F. It uses their own formula which includes 17 factors related to the life insurance company.
  3. A.M. Best: This group rates the life insurance company of the USA on the basis of financial health. In their grading system, A++ and A+ are superior while A is for the best.

Top 20 Best Life Insurance Companies in the USA

Life Insurance Companies J.D. POWER RATING, 2018 BBB RATING A.M. BEST RATING
AIG 741 A- A
AXA Financial                       755 A+ A
Banner Life 750 A+ A+
776 A+ A++
759 A+ A+
778 A+ A+
MassMutual 781 A A++
(via Brighthouse)
793 B- A+
Life (Securian)
739 A+ A+
Mutual of
792 A+ A+
Nationwide 810 A+ A+
New York
791 A+ A++
812 A+ A++
783 A+ A+
Primerica 743 A+ A+
773 A+ A+
Protective 791 A+ A+
Prudential 784 A A+
SBLI 762 A+ A-
State Farm 825 A- A++


Hence, on the basis of the listed criteria which are customer satisfaction & financial stability. You can look the top 20 best life insurance companies in the USA. However, it is well- known that most of the big organization providing life insurance facilities are financially secure. Therefore, the big insurance companies easily gets A.M. best rating. In terms of BBB ratings and J.D. Power, the customer satisfaction is recorded which can be negative or positive that doesn’t mean a company is not good in general.

In order to simplify the process, one can select Northwestern Mutual or the New York Life which scores the possible highest in three criteria. Although, we still advise you to read all the documents properly before investing in the life insurance financial products. As, the prices and coverage vary from state to state and individual factors such as age, financial stability and health conditions at the time of application.

Hello reader, if you think we miss any crucial aspect or Life Insurance Company in the USA which should be in the Top 20 list. Kindly mentioned it in the comment box. Also, if you are a college student with low income and want health insurance in the USA. Check out this post on it. Click here

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