Top 10 Must-have Apps for your Android Smartphone

With the Android smartphone, Google provides the users with their play store, which consists of millions of applications catering under various categories such as gaming, essentials, productivity etc. Although looking for a suitable application is still a big issue due to various issues such as compatibility, features and of course the advertisement which makes the free-version of the application impossible to use due to their multiple pop-ups onto the screen. We selected the Top 10 Must-have Apps for your android smartphone, which assists you in meeting your daily requirements for providing entertainment between travel to help in relaxing your minds.

1. SwiftKey Keyboard

It is the most powerful typing tool available on the Google Play store which is developed by Microsoft. The keyboard gets well integrated with the Android OS and different customized mobile OS like MIUI from Xaiomi or Color OS from Oppo Mobiles. This Keyboard application is equipped with the AI predication auto texting features which adapt to the learning pattern and style of the user on a daily basis. It supported more than 300+ languages and provides 100+ keyboard colourful themes with the features of placing customized images as the background of the keyboard.

Additionally, the mobile user can even change the size and layout of the keyboard. The interface provided into the application is gives user the freedom to type by swiping or by tapping in traditional ways. The upper bar of the keyboard provides the user with certain predication which is based on past typing record of the user. Further, the emoji keyboard which are adaptive and divided under three categories i.e. Emoji, Sticker and GIFs which lets the user make their conversation fun and creative. The application is downloaded more than 100+ million times as its completely free to use with no advertisement making it #1 application under the keyboard android application.

2. Netflix

In order to convert your android smartphone into the complete entertainment package. The Netflix provides you more than 10,000+ hours of updated content with their hundreds of new releases every month. The Netflix application comes with first month free service and billing month begins after it varies in each country. Netflix provides three plans to the users i.e. Non HD (Basic Plan), HD (HD Plan) and 4k ultra HD plan including the simultaneously streaming service ranging from 1 device in basic plan to the maximum in the 4k Ultra HD plan.

The Netflix can be enjoyed by the user on mobile phone through Google play android application, on smart TV which possess this application as in-built app and directly by the internet browser on It lets the user instantly watch their favourite TV episodes or the movie titles and even adapt to the user watching preferences. By which, it suggests the user best suitable titles based on the past watching history genres.  This application comes under the Editors’ choice with over 500 million+ downloads and reviews rating of 4.5 given by more than 5+ million users.

3. Headspace

Health & fitness gaining utmost momentum with the integration of the smart devices technology. In this particular category, the Headspace provides a mediation and sleeping guide to its user with its variety of techniques and sounds. It basically a personal guide to its user to achieve stress-free life, to remain happy and focus at work as well. The app provides the basic course and their various sleep casts for free based on different themes. While on certain amount, the annual package of the Headspace application caters the mobile user with different categories such as Stress & anxiety, Physical health, Work and Productivity and Meditation essentials.

Additionally, in the sleep section of the application, Sleepcasts deals in the storytelling concept with smooth voice and soothing background music, Sleep Music, wind down and Soundscapes which includes the sounds of the loveliest places of the world i.e. bird chirping, waterfall, Amazon forest raining and even high mountains sounds. Apart from this, the Headspace provides SOS emergency sessions to its users to fight back to the anger and anxiety or meltdown moments. It also designed for the young meditators which eventually helps them in being calm, focused and sleep peacefully and wake up early in the morning. With over 10+ million downloads, the application is Editors’ choice with 4.5 review ratings from its users.

4. Zomato

This application is based on the food delivery and restaurant finder concept to order online from your smart devices. The Zomato services available in more than 20+ major countries such as USA, the UK, India, Canada and many more to cater their customers on the basis of food preferences. It guides the user from the whole menu of the restaurant, café, bars and Pubs with their big discounts. The user can utilize the complete application without any additional charges.

Although, there is an option of purchasing the Gold membership which provides the user with additional discounts on the dine-out for the restaurants which are members of the Zomato programme. It lets the user select the restaurants on the basis of user ratings which aims on providing the best food service to the users.  Additionally, providing with the pictures of the food and short videos which lets the user make best decision when it comes to ordering food. With over 50+ million downloads, the Zomato application has achieved the Editors’ choice tag with 4.3 rating as well.

5. VLC for Android

When it comes to play your favourite multimedia file on your smartphone. VLC for Android can be the best app in the whole Google play store which gives user the freedom to play any kind of media format file. It supports all the media formats such as MKV, MP4, MOV, FLAC and many more. It facilities video streaming with automatic downloading features for the subtitle and allows user to adjust brightness, volume or aspect ratio to enjoy the media. When it comes to audio features, it gives an equalizer and filters to assist even the audiophile user.

Apart from playing the local videos and audio files on the mobile storage, it provides the features of network streaming and all these features comes for free with zero advertisement. With user permission, it can scan whole smartphone storage to build the media library accessible directly from the application. VLC for android has more than 100+ million downloads with user review ratings of 4.4 and achieving the tag of Editors’ choice in the Video Players & Editors category on the Google Play store.


This particular mobile application is must for the mobile users to assists them in scanning the document which earlier used to take time as well a full scanner. CamScanner is able to provide scanner like quality using mobile camera only. It mentioned in the 50 Best Apps by Time Magazine in 2013 and appreciated by other reputed technology based reviewers. CamScanner includes the features of optimizing Scan Quality, Quickly Digitalize the physical document, In-built OCR or extract text from Images and Sync & share across the various platform like on social media applications, Email based Mobile apps and even the mobile user can store on the local storage as PDF or JPEG.

The application is installed on more than 300+Million with user base ranging to 200 countries. The Application also provide premium versions which gives user the additional features like ID mode Scan, Book mode scan, Batch Processing and E-signature. With premium version the mobile user gets the application ads free on the subscription of $4.99/month or $49.99/ yearly. The CamScanner comes under the Editors’ choice tag with user rating of 4.6, rated by more than 1.5+ million users.

7. EverNote

When it comes to remain organized and up-to-date to the daily schedule, one always needs a small pocket-sized notebook to write upon at any point of time. Evernote manages to replace that pocked –sized notebook smartly with providing extra features which lets user to write notes, organize their calendar and keep journals. The application extends the ability of user to take notes in the multimedia format which can be an image, short video or an audio note which user can write while walking on street. Additionally, the user can add sketches, text over the camera images by writing on it.

Evernote is much more than just an organizer; it sync’s anywhere across devices smoothly. It let you share your idea across different platforms and user can utilize its potential by using it for everyday life, business and in education to take important class notes. The application comes in two versions, one is free with basic features and other one is premium version which user can opt by paying $7.99 monthly or $69.99 annually. The premium is built to provide more depth to the features including under the free basic version like upto 10 GB of upload/month, unlimited devices access and many more. Evernote is one of the Editors’ choice Application with over 100+ million downloads and rated 4.5 by the users.

8. Spotify

A little ‘ME’ time always well connects with music which keeps you calm and happy. Spotify fills that spot brilliantly by maintaining the library of more than million songs. It is hard to keep each and every song on your mobile storage and even it affects the space which it limited. With Spotify user can access to any song, at any point of time in high quality. Spotify lets the user search for songs, create playlist and cater user on the basis of their moods.

It is supported across the platform from mobile, desktop, tablet or even TV Chromecast. The basic free version of this mobile application let you access to the whole song library but with advertisement with no download feature to listen in an offline mode. While the premium versions let the user enjoy with no ads in between the songs playtime and download any song to listen offline. With over 500+ million downloads, Spotify has 4.6 user rating on the google play store.

9. Amazon Applications- including online store, prime videos & music

Being an online retailer giant, Amazon provides range of application to the user, from their shopping application named as Amazon online shopping online to their video streaming application as prime videos. All the application of the Amazon is connected with single subscription based plan which various from country to country but remain affordable as it provides premium features on three platforms simultaneously.

The Amazon apps has millions of downloads with ratings ranging from 4.0 to 4.5 which makes its bundle application package as must- have in the smartphone. The prime videos are online streaming video streaming service similar to the Netflix while prime music works similar to the Spotify providing premium music library.

10. Facebook Application Package- including WhatsApp, Instagram & messenger

Yes, Whatsapp Messenger belongs to the Facebook and Instagram as well. These applications are must-have as it will provide the user to have social media interaction on their mobile devices. All the Facebook application are near to the more than billions download with rating over 4.5 on the google play store.

The Facebook is complete social media networking website, while the WhatsApp is peer-to-peer messenger service which provides chat, voice and video call features to the user. On the other hand, the Instagram is photo sharing application which is popular among the celebrities and sports personalities.

Although, the above stated mobile application provides the mobile user complete and rich experience in using their mobile phone but there are still many other categories which needs to explored. Generally depending upon the individual likes and dislikes especially Gaming which is immensely popular above android user for PUBG-real time live adventure game. With hundreds of application addition every week, there will be more advance mobile apps in line which will cater the android user in more effective and efficient way in future.

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