Top 10 medicare supplement insurance companies

Understanding Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement plans are different from health insurance plans. It
is also known as Medigap as it covers the gap left by Medicare. These plans
don’t cover health benefits. They cover the costs for the original medicare.

This includes :

  • Deductibles of medicare
  • Any coinsurance
    that you have taken
  • Hospital costs
    payable after covered days under medicare
  • Skilled nursing
    facility costs.

I have compiled a list of top ten Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies

1.     Manhattan Life

Manhattan Life sells
policies cover the costs that Medicare alone doesn’t cover. The medicare
supplement policies of Manhattan Life cover co-payments, deductible, and

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2.     Continental Life

Continental Life
Insurance company sells comprehensive covers at affordable premium plans. It
covers Parts A and B of original medicare. They have different plans to cover
gaps left by original medicare.

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3.     Humana Inc.

Humana Inc. was founded in
1961. Its headquarter is in Louisville, Kentucky, United stated states. It is
the third largest health insurance company. They offer different plans to cover
gaps under Medicare Supplement Insurance.

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4.     Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare supplement plans cover everything but
part B of original medicare. If you buy their plan, then you have to pay a
monthly premium and part B deductibles.

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5.     Anthem

Anthem offers
different plans for Medicare Insurance Supplement. If you buy their plans they
give you access to fitness programs. They also have some special offers if you
enroll in their plans.

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6.     Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha has
been providing Medicare Supplement Plans for more than 100 years.

The company’s headquarter
is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Their annual revenue is more than 9 Million USD.

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7.     Aetna

Aetna is  based in Hartford, Connecticut, United States.
Aetna medicare supplement plans provide coverage for out-of-the-pocket

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8.     Cigna

Cigna is based in
Bloomfield Connecticut, United States. Cigna claims to offer competitive rates
that too without compromising on coverage. Its medicare supplement policy is
effective anywhere in the United States. They also have additional plans and

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9.     United American

United American was founded in 1947. It is based in McKinney, Texas,
United States. Part A is a required coverage in the company’s Medicare
Supplement plans. Where as part B is optional.

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Fidelity is based
in North Atlanta, Georgia. Bankers Fidelity

the leading seller
due to their client-focused philosophies. They offer different plans for
Medicare supplement insurance.

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