The top 5 NES classic games of 2019

The NES Classic Edition has been very successful and the official emulator is pre-packed with 30 more of these classics. These amazing games on the console are worth playing even after many years. Check out our top 5 NES classics.

Super Mario Bros. 3

I doubt there is any video game character that is more popular or iconic as the Nintendo Mario: for over 30 years, the slightly chubby plumber has been the face of Nintendo. The Mario series has been the best-selling video game franchise of all time. The Mario series is so versatile that the creators have fixed it in almost any game genre imaginable; from RPGs, sports games, board games and lots more. The Super Mario 3 on the NES platform solidified Nintendo’s place as a power player in the game industry due to some of its clever designs and amazing graphics.

The Legend of Zelda

Nintendo has been in the gaming industry for a very long time, and some of their products have stood the test of time. Most notable of these games are the Mario and Legend of Zelda franchise. Mario might be the face of Nintendo but the Legend of Zelda is the flagship game of the franchise. The game has been able to continue being popular due it interesting quirks: a very huge world for gamers to explore, the unique puzzles and monsters that are found in the dungeons and tons of weapons for RPG lovers. The fascinating part is that even after many years, it is still a favorite in 2019.

Mega Man 2

The second installment of the Capcom game character rarely happened. The first game of the franchise sold very poorly and the development team almost gave up. It is a good thing that they did not because Mega Man 2 is one of the biggest games of all time and remains at the peak of NES classics played this year. Mega Man 2 gives the players the ability to play in a different stage and round it off with a battle with the boss. There are other incentives such as giving the players a lot of levels to complete, energy capsules and making it more colorful than the original.


This one of the oldest and most popular of the NES classics. The games start with the player been dropped on a strange planet and leaves them to their whims. There are no directions, the game has not objectives other than you defeating pirate leader adeptly called Mother Brain. The game is dark, dense and an explorer’s delight.

Final Fantasy

One of the most anticipated games every year is the Final Fantasy RPG franchise. The first installment of this games revolutionized RPG games by introducing random battles and overworld map. The game is known for its amazing list of characters and various parties. More than a dozen CGI movies and newer video games have been created in its image. Its versatility and amazing story are what make it even more popular among the players of all ages in 2019.


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