The top 5 free PlayStation games of October 2019

The month of September is almost over and as October approaches, PlayStation has released a new batch of games for its PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita games subscribers. These new batches of games include some very new games and even some old games in a new skin that you never had a chance to play in its first installation.

Heavy Rain

The first on the list is Heavy Rain. The game makes the players experience a very exciting psychological thriller filled with various unexpected twists and turns. The games span four days where you hunt a murderer on the loose called the Origami Killer – named after the card left at the murder scenes. There are four characters in the game with their mission and motives in an attempt to stop the killer before he strikes again. Available for PS4 subscribers.


The second on the list is a very intense fighting game, Absolver. The game is an action game that is focused on martial arts and the characters are very customizable. Players can build their combos of strikes, feints and develop their unique fighting styles while exploring a very unique world. It is also available for PS4 subscribers.

Rayman 3 HD

This is the third installment of the Rayman series. The story tells of how Rayman stops an evil black lum known as Andre from taking the world captive with his army of sack-looking “Hoodlum” soldiers. This new installation utilizes long-ranged punches instead of the throwing of Energy spheres that the previous versions are known for. Rayman also now has five temporary power-ups; a special “Laser Washing Powder”, ability to fire mini-tornadoes instead of punching, metal fist which increases his strength and lots more. Available for PS3 subscribers.

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess

The Nightmare Princess is an evolved version of Deception IV: Blood Ties. It includes brand new functions and gameplay, a new heroine – Velguirie, the Nightmare Princess. The game also includes a quest mode with over 180 traps, the most for any other game in the series. Velguirie also has a new ability –“Kick Technique Action!” The player can cause damage to an enemy by stomping when they are on the ground or kicking them against traps. The game is available for both PlayStation 3 and 4 users.

Space Overlords

This is an action game created by 12 Hit Combo! S.A.S and it is packed with so many exciting levels and amazing graphics. An evil Kesedihan has imprisoned 4 brothers known as the Overlords while he has gradually destroyed the cosmos. After escaping prison, the player must play as one of the four brothers and collectively you all must rise and purge the evil Kesedihan that destroyed and contaminated the planet you and your brothers had once ruled over. You and your brothers must fight to restore your lost honor, get back your planet from its evil ruler and bring vengeance to all those that betrayed you and put you in prison. It is available for PlayStation Vista subscribers, so everyone who is on their list can play.


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