Thinking of doing some all-wet outdoors activity soon? Rocking your new iPhone7 is probably on the agenda as well… It’s a great phone, I know. You may also need to think about the depth of water that you might be getting into; with this in mind, the appropriate phone casing should suffice.

“But the iPhone7 is water resistant”

Ah, yes it is, but then you need to understand the concept of water resistance. The iphone7 is rated IP67; the IP means “ingress protection” a measuring unit for its level of resistance. The 6 means dustproof while the 7 ultimately means resistance to water penetration under immersion in about a meter of water for 30 minutes.  This is, of course, theoretical, it could be more or less, but do you really want to take that chance?

Depending on the amount of water activity you would be engaging in, you might need to consider a solid iPhone7 phone case that would ensure that your phone can go all the way without taking in a few gulps. Very few phone cases match the exorbitant demands and ratings of the iPhone7. In no particular order, here are some high-end iPhone 7 cases:

  1.    The Pelican Marine Casing

The beauty of the pelican is in its strength; it protects your phone from very nasty drops and also scores an IP68 rating, which means a tolerance of 6.6 feet depth of water for an hour. The camera works fantastically well in HD with a sound volume.

  1. OTBBA Waterproof Case

A great screen guard should play the role of protection to the fullest. This is exactly what this brand brings to the table. With an IP68 rating, this sleek casing can submerge under 10 feet of water and sustain this depth for two hours or more. Its camera and ID touch sensor work perfectly with the casing. This is also one of the most affordable high-quality waterproof cases in the market.

  1. Catalyst case

This is one of the expensive ones with good reason too. It boasts of 33 feet of water depth and can protect your phone from a height drop of 6.6 feet. It also comes with a screen protector which interacts well with the touch sensitivity. It comes in two colors; black or white.

  1. Lifeproof FRE Case

The Safety and efficiency of your phone is sure to improve with the right casing, especially one that not only protects your iPhone from dust, rain, dirt, and snow but can also protect it from a 6.6 water depth for about 3 hours. It easily integrates all iPhone features and comes with a wide variety of color options to choose from.


  1. Dog & Bone Wetsuit Case

Another solid protection aid made of polycarbonate, rubber, and silicone. It provides a secure fit with a 6.6 feet drop tolerance. It doesn’t come with a screen protector, but its rubber edges give you a firm grip and protect the edges. It comes in four major colors.


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