The Best Qualities of a Good Administrative Assistant

The administrative assistant has always been of great importance in companies , organizations among others. This position was developed by the need for support for large positions in companies or organizations, without knowing it for a long time this activity has been carried out, a clear example of this is found in the organization that had the different tribes, there was a boss but he had one or more other people who accompanied him and supported his decisions. For more information you can check at Zoe Talent Solutions

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What are the tasks of the administrative assistant?


The administrative assistant is one of the most important positions in a business organization because in this position various functions are developed and these in turn are very important for a company, organization among others, to function in an organized way, since this position It is so important in a business organization that it is of the utmost importance that the person who is going to work in this area has extensive knowledge in the topics related to it, as in the area of ​​computer science, since every day is more advanced and is using more technology in the business field.

Being an administrative assistant has great opportunities since in any company or similar requires this position. For many people working in this position is rewarding, and their salary is comfortable.

The administrative assistant can work in one role or in several. The person who exercises this position must have a pleasant and positive attitude since it is the first image of a company or organization.

An administrative assistant can work in many areas, such as human resources, accounting, marketing, sales, in complete projects, providing concrete ideas to this, in financial departments to facilitate payments, collections, among others. The administrative assistant must have patience, social skills and must be someone very orderly who planned their activities well, who has excellent spelling, broad vocabulary, managed from the public, a willingness to work in groups and the most important that is very responsible , since many important activities fall on this position.

The necessary skills that an administrative assistant requires great communication and organization skills .Its main functions are related to office work, such as:

  • Documents reception.
  • Answer phone calls.
  • Attending visits.
  • Document files.
  • Elementary calculations
  • Inform about everything related to the department on which it depends.
  • Be up to date on the processing of files.
  • Have updated the agenda, both telephone and addresses.
  • You must have extensive knowledge in institutional and business protocol.

One of the advantages of  studying for administrative assistant  is that this profession can be carried out in both public and private centers, and the main functions will be diverse tasks such as receiving documentation, telephone attention, faxing, customer service, among others.

Anyone who has motivation can access these tasks, and they will be easier if you have the help of professionals, an updated syllabus and updated teaching material that complements your studies.


Intellectual qualities

Knowledge of the mission and objectives of the company with which it collaborate Recruitment and permanent professional update General culture read articles, newspapers and national magazines, as well as other countries to stay up to date in training or listen to the news Concentration in activities that are carried out, to avoid mistakes

  • Be receptive
  • Communicate effectively
  • Have tact to handle certain conflicts
  • Ability to observe the body language of your interlocutors
  • Initiative
  • Ability to determine the value of your priorities in the organization of activities
  • Common sense
  • Ability to transmit and follow instructions
  • Proper use of language
  • Skills of an administrative assistant

Because the tasks of administrative assistants are quite varied, companies look for in these quite specific qualities, which allow them to efficiently develop all the activities entrusted to them.

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