Sonar Could Help Devs Build a Better Website

Microsoft’s Sonar is Ready to Scrutinize Your Website for Security and Performance

The powerful team of Microsoft’s Edge browser has launched the latest open-source tool Sonar. With its help, you can inspect your website as well as some other websites if you’re conscious of the performance in addition to security issues.


About Sonar

Microsoft has launched the project named Sonar. It is a kind of linting tool combined with a site scanner.

The aim of Sonar is to help the developers construct faster, more secure, and better websites. It is available as a web service (hosted by Microsoft) and like a command-line tool.

It is for the individuals, who are interested to go deeper and want to combine it with their individual rules and workflows.

Microsoft has given this project to the JS Foundation in the initial part of this year. Therefore, you have to just plug in the URL of your website and it’s good to go.

Why is Sonar Different?

The Sonar team declares that the approach in analyzing websites is somewhat different as compared to other tools. The primary difference is that it doesn’t operate a static assessment on the code.

Sonar literally executes a container’s code and it is able to operate parallelly. The respective team also amalgamated existing tools, such as aXe Core, SSL Labs, AMP validator, Cloudinary, and

The team also mentioned that its goal is to give the users the best of the experience instead of just specifying the developers about the inaccuracy.

It is also essential to be aware of the cause of an issue so that developers can decide if it is actually concerned with their work or not.

The requirements of every website might be significantly different. For an instance, the experience of an online shopping and an intranet will have lots of different requirements.  Hence, sonar has to be easy-to-use, expand, and configure.


Work Structure of Sonar

First, you have to enter the URL of your project. After that, it will search through it for interoperability, accessibility, security, performance, as well as progressive web app-related problems.

After scanning, it will enlist the errors that have been searched. It will do the utmost effort to describe what is happening wrong, highlight the errant code pieces and thereby, offer possible solutions.

You can easily go through the scan outcomes for the dedicated site. It is absolutely ready-to-use now and it will get additional features soon.

Some of the upcoming features are visual studio code plug-in, assistance for more rules in order to test the accessibility, performance, and security, and options for customizing rules in the web app.

It is helpful to fix the problems on site coding that is developed for providing support for multiple versions of Internet Explorer.


As per Snyk, Sonar inspects the existence of JavaScript libraries with familiar vulnerabilities.

After that, it produces report associated with the issues on Snyk that helps in giving the solution for the vulnerability. Snyk declares that developers will have to inspect the server-side code for the same bugs.

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