The Smart Palm Trees of Dubai – Free WiFi & 7 Other Amazing Functions

Dubai is preparing to host the World Expo 2020 and, to this end, public service facilities, such as Smart Palm Trees are increasing considerably.

Can you imagine an artificial palm of six meters high that gives shade, WiFi and that, with the help of the Sun, charges the batteries of mobile devices?

Well, now they exist in Dubai. These palm trees have seats for people to rest while recharging their equipment. Dubai has created a small rest station that they named Smart Palm. There are already two copies of these in the city of Dubai, and each has eight points to connect smartphones, tablets, and laptops with a recharge speed 2.5 times faster than a common plug.


Various Functions of Smart Palm Trees of Dubai:

Smart Palm consists of a project of green stations that offers 7 main functions:

  • Free WIFI when the user is in the vicinity of the station.
  • IT has security and emergency features. Each unit is equipped with a 360 degree infrared CCTV camera.
  • It has access to an emergency button.
  • Solar panels specially designed to be completely autonomous.
  • Digital screen with information app of the city’s attractions and useful apps.
  • Point of relaxation, rest and charging station of devices 2.5 times faster than a regular station.
  • Its LED emits light during the night.
  • It is also designed with a “Selfie Camera”. That allows users to take self-portrait photos.


Unique Design:

The solar panels, specially designed to be placed on top of the ‘leaves of the palm tree’. Also, feed the green LEDs that emit light at nightfall, create a great glow during the night. It functions that helps to find the points of charge when they are needed most.

The stations made in the United Arab Emirates are six meters high in the shape of a palm tree. It also has fast-charging mobile phone stations and displays that show information about the attractions of Dubai. The first smart palm tree was installed at gate six of Zabeel Park. And there are plans to fix more than 50 of them in other parks, beaches and other places throughout the year.


Smart Palm Tree:

Each smart palm tree runs entirely on solar energy and offers high-speed Wi-Fi up to a range of 53 meters. That supports up to 50 users at a time. It also has several phones and charging tablet points that offer two and a half times faster in the charging speed of a regular plug.

What’s more, two screens in each palm offer information about the weather, local news, a navigation application, general Dubai information, and even a Selfie camera. The Smart Palm will also sprout at Dubai Creek Park, Al Mamzar Park, and Al Barsha Pond Park.

The CEO of the Municipality of Dubai Hussain Lootah noted that “under the guidance of our leaders, Dubai has developed an international reputation as a place for technology and innovation.” Through the smart palm tree, the public will be able to profit derived from direct and free access to the internet while providing valuable public information covering a wide range of topics, including weather forecasts and guidance guides.

Isn’t that amazing??

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