Smart Glasses, the new window to see the world

As we know, nowadays, we live in a society that advances at an accelerated pace, at the pace of technology. Let´s try to remember how was the technology 10 years ago, in 2007. Was launched the first iPhone, and we did not know what was it and how to use it. But at that time, we used the e-mail service “Messenger” to chat about living, do you remember? and other basic services that today are obsolete. The technology ever has looked the form of include itself on our lives, and he has achieved it, since day by day we make use of it, and little by little the uses are more than useful to offer us, making us almost dependent on it. But, now it offers to us the Smart Glasses, ¿What is that?

The first smart glasses

It was recently, in Jun 2012 when launched the Google Glasses, they were the first smart glasses in the market. They were not so luxury, but they were very expensive, they did the basic jobs that a smartphone could do, look maps, messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook, contacts, send and receive calls, also they had wi-fi and Bluetooth connection, with them we could hear music through a bone technology, involving a kind of horn at the end of the frame. We could take photos with their excellent camera and record videos. The most innovator that they had, was that with them we controlled all with the voice, yeah. But, for do all this thing, they need to be connected through Bluetooth connection with our smartphone device, and required wi-fi connection too.

After a while, other companies like HTC with their “Vive”, Epson with their “Moverio”, Microsoft with their “Holo Lens”, and more independent companies, competing against Google in the consumer marketing. The 15th, January of 2015 Google said that they stop their production of the Google Glasses, because this “prototype” needs an upgrade, and developing more.

Smart Glasses, the best wearables technology

it is true that currently does exist other wearables technologies like smart bands, smartwatches, and more, that yes, they do things a lot, but them just work efficiently when we connect them with a smartphone, in other words, they are almost always a complement to our smartphone, but, the smart glasses have evolved since their launch, becoming more independent of smartphones, thus developing more functions such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

What is the VR?: it is a technology that creates an entire environment, a dimension, that is, a reality (literally), where everything is different, and the user immerses himself completely in that reality, can be simulated, actions, words, that create environments in which before they could only imagine. The most famous of these glasses are the Sony VR, that with the PlayStation 4(PS4) makes a good gameplay experience

What is the AR?: this technology, creates shapes, figures, characters, objects and other things using our surroundings, that is, creates illusions in our environment, just imagine going down the street and at the same time fighting against zombies that eat brains!!!.

In general, the smart glasses has come, and has come to make our lives most easy, and who knows, if soon we won’t need more of our smartphones and we only use smart glasses?

It is a fact that one day augmented reality will become mainstream and that their design will evolve. They will look just like ordinary eyeglasses and they will have multiple uses that every consumer would want. For now, there are a few main reasons why smart glasses are not seen everywhere. Firstly, they are too expensive so not everyone can afford them. Secondly, for the next few years at least, smart glasses will have sensors, batteries, and cameras that are visible and not that fashionable. This means that people can’t use them as common prescription glasses. As soon as these changes, the popularization of smart glasses for daily use will be inevitable.

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