Short term medical insurance for travel abroad

Your bags are ready, the passport is in your hand and excitement is at its peak. You have done thorough planning of the journey and you can’t wait to reach your destination. Whether it is your holiday trip or a business trip you have done enough planning for the journey. But what you haven’t planned for is your illness or accident. In both cases, you will have to bear huge medical bills. These bills can be overwhelming. So if you have made all arrangements for a hassle-free journey why not prepare for unforeseen illness?

Why do you need short term medical insurance for travel abroad?


Most of the health insurance plans don’t have medical coverage outside US borders. So if you are traveling abroad you are going to need a plan that covers your accidental illness. You don’t want to pay heavy bills for severe food poisoning or an injury from a great fall. There are short term medical insurance plans available from a period of 5 days up to 12 months. In some cases, these policies can be extended up to 3 years.

What is the difference between trip insurance and short term medical insurance?

Typical trip insurance covers costs of flight cancellations, trip cancellation, lost luggage, and flight delays. However, a short term medical travel insurance covers the costs of medical expenses. The major benefit of medical insurance is that it offers emergency medical evacuations and transfer of insured to a safe medical facility with maximum health care. This cover provides extra benefits for you and your family in case of serious accidents. Travel medical insurance also covers trip interruptions.

What is covered in medical insurance for travel abroad?

Medical insurance for travel abroad provides emergency medical treatment as well as travel benefits. Following coverage is provided in international travel medical insurance plan.

  • Medical evacuation is the biggest benefit of this cover. If in case of an emergency you are taken to the nearest hospital and it has inadequate health care to treat you properly. Then this plan will cover the cost of transporting you to the facility best suited for your treatment.
  • You are provided Repatriation of Remains benefit in this cover. In case of death, the charges of transporting the body to your area of residence will be covered.
  • It also includes travel benefits such as trip interruptions, lost luggage, and trip delays.
  • You will receive benefits for expenses occurred due to unforeseen circumstance such as political evacuation, natural disaster or acts of terrorism.
  • It provides reimbursement of unexpected medical and dental expenses due to accident or injury.


The travel medical plan is primarily focused on medical and evacuation coverage. This plan is cheaper since it is based on age, trip length and coverage amount instead of the total cost of the trip. You have planned hard for your international trip and you deserve to sit back and relax on the trip. So have yourself a travel medical insurance plan and enjoy your peace of mind.

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