Redmi Note 5A Prime – perhaps the best budget phone around

Xiaomi comes afloat as the world leader in price-performance ratio among all the smartphone makers. There might be some minor Chinese manufacturers offering even greater values looking only hardware performance, but lack of software optimization makes these either slow or limited regarding battery life, camera etc. The fifth generation Xiaomi phones are around and the main idea did not change. These are still very powerful phones for the price tags they carry. The Redmi Note 5A Prime is perhaps one of the best representatives of this manufacturer’s budget line – the Redmi.

Redmi Note 5A Prime – Complete Details


Like most of the newer Xiaomi models, Redmi Note 5A Prime comes in a sturdy metal case. Inside is the Snapdragon 435 octa-core CPU, powerful enough to fulfill most of the everyday tasks in a breeze. Despite not among the fastest mobile CPUs, the 435 is among the leading when it comes to battery economy. The speed is helped with 3GB of RAM, while the storage consists of 32 GB ROM, of which around 28 GB remains for user’s files and cache. For those wanting more room for apps, there’s a pricier version of the phone with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage. All other specs are the same.


Speaking of performance rating, both 4/64 and 3/32 versions of this phone score between 40,000 and 45,000 on AnTuTu benchmark tests. Not a gamer’s dream, but good enough for most productivity apps.

xiaomi redmi note 5a prime unpacking

Xiaomi Redmi Note Prime is distinguished by this fingerprint sensor on the back. The Redmi Note 5A doesn’t feature it.

The 5.5-inch display comes in a resolution of 1280×720 dpi. It is not quite a Retina screen, but pixel density of 267 PPI is fairly enough for most tasks and smooth streaming of most video content. The benefit is even better battery economy, and some users on GSM Arena claim it can last for three days of average use.

Interface and camera

The body has a rather small width of 7.7 inches, meaning you will need a no-slip case. It will prevent falling off the palms and even if it happens, it would partly absorb the shock. The rear is aluminum, and the camera is positioned on the corner. You need to be careful not to touch your fingers while taking photos. Image quality is not perfect. Daily photos with existing software will give good photo considering the price you pay. Night ones are not impressive, but still look better than on most phones of that price from other brands.

redmi note 4x camera sample

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Prime camera shot. Courtesy of httpss://

Redmi Note 5A Prime has a fingerprint sensor on its back. Besides it, there are standard Android buttons on the phone edges. On the front, there are illuminated soft buttons, same as on previous Mi Redmi models.


This phone has Android 7.0 Nougat operating system with the latest MIUI interface (currently 9.0 and the 9.5 update is around the corner). The MIUI 9 firmware supports many novelty features, such as split screen, gesture shortcuts, and else.

Xiaomi phones usually come with as little bloat as possible. This contributes to improved speed compared to phones of the same specs from other makers. Moreover, Redmi Note 5A Prime has several firmware apps: MIUI Forum, Mi Music, and the factory browser, as well as some useful apps found across many phones like the WPS Office suite, FM radio, and Mi Drop file sharing protocol that does not require data bearing connection. Mi Drop uses Wi-Fi for thunder fast transfer between two phones completely anonymously and advert-free.

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