What Makes a Real-time data saving App: “Datally” so special

A few days back, the search giant firm Google introduced a real-time data saving Datally App. This app is very useful in counting the data usage on a real-time basis for Android smartphone users. In fact, the app can help you understand and control the data usage and protect the unwanted expenses on the mobile data. The app allows the phone users to track their mobile data count successfully on a real-time basis. Moreover, using this app, one can also get notifications and recommendations on data saving and nearby wireless networks.

This real-time data saving Datally app is now available on Google play store throughout the World.

Datally app

However, you need at least Android 5.0 Lollipop version running on your smartphone. This is an initiative by next billion division of Google to make the internet service more accessible for every next person in various countries.

Today, when every leading mobile data usage service provider is coming up with new mobile data usage offers, the most common problem that many of us, as customers encounter, is not being able to track the usage of mobile data. Most of us have found that Mobile data is too expensive. Not only this, even after recharging the data usage plan, we fail to figure out the actual data usage. Thus, “Datally” is the real-time data saving app that helps you to track the usage of data and control it. It will also help in managing the flow of data and thus help in saving it.

Introduced by Google, the company is testing the same in the Philippines to get the results on trial. As per the data reports, it can help us save up to 30% of data, as revealed in the trial. The app has already hit over 500,000 users, according to the information provided by Google.

Datally app

This particular real-time data saving App ‘Datally’ can help the customer to gain best benefits like:

  1. See the data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis as per the recommendations personalized by the customer.
  2. Block any app for the background data usage and see the usage on a real-time basis.

NOTE: However, to use a blocked app again, you would require turning off the Data saver mode. You may have to return to the app management section. After that, you have to permit the blocked apps to use mobile data again. This entire procedure at times may become a bit annoying.

  1. Track the data being used by other apps stored on the phone. It operates as a speedometer sort of device in the form of App.
  2. Detect the nearby Wi-Fi hotspots that could help in saving data usage.

The main idea behind the theory of Datally app came when Google found people switching their phones to airplane mode to save the data usage. The study also showed that many mobile users turn to normal mode only after getting the notifications. Datally app not only allows you to save more of mobile data but does much more as mentioned above.

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