Qualcomm and Oppo announces new features for Bluetooth headphones

Qualcomm and Oppo just released their new Bluetooth headphones that come with amazing features. In the wireless headphone market, the most preferred headphones are the Bluetooth in-ear headphones. These banded wireless headphones are not as expensive as their counterparts along with their reasonably long battery life.

Qualcomm features

The new Qualcomm earphones are the QCC3026 and have several cool features like Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth Low Energy and a Dual-mode Bluetooth. The headphones also have a playback (aptX) and also a voice assistant support. According to Qualcomm, the new headphones consumes 50% less power than the one in an older headset because of the new chipset.

The Qualcomm QCC3026 has a Bluetooth Audio System-no-Chip (SoC) that is flash-programmable which would make wireless headphones to better than the previous generation of older flash devices.

The SoC makes it easier for manufacturers of the wireless headsets to be able to better develop wireless headsets that would stabilize performance in other to help producers be able to easily commercialize it.

Other dedicated parts offer the new chips a great noise cancellation and also augments hearing that would make listening with the device much better with no loss of listening time. The headphone chip in the QC is much faster than the ones in previous chips, allowing improved step sensors that amplify digital processing that would provide better sound quality.

The chipset would find its way to its first device – the OPPO O-Free Wireless earphones. Phone maker Oppo offers the new wireless headphones with its new Find X smartphone. Whether other premium phones would follow Oppo’s lead or not is still a question mark.

Voice Assistant

According to the general manager, senior vice president, voice & music, Qualcomm Technologies, the new chip will have an ‘always-on-voice’ feature where the user can easily initiate a conversation with Alexa’s or Google’s cloud assistant without pushing any buttons. All the user has to say is ‘Alexa’ or ‘Ok Google’. The O-Free earbuds support touch gestures – you can perform any gesture by simply tapping on either part of the earbuds. The Gear IconX has this feature but it twice the price of the O-Free earbuds.

Voice Translation

On a lot of wireless earbuds, voice translation is not truly available. Oppo has not how this would work or how many languages would be supported. This new feature of translating live speech can be very useful as it is only Google Pixel Buds that provide live voice translation via Google Translate. It is going to be one of its advantages on the market

This new wireless earbud would be announced along with the Oppo Find X smartphone and would be released in India on July 12. With the amazing price and new features, the headphones can rival the Gear IconX from Samsung and the Apple AirPods. We have to wait for the headphones to come out officially to find out how they sound. It is said that their performances will be high quality, but for now, we don’t have a way of finding that out before testing them.

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