How to publish a website online without buying a domain?

If you are wondering how to publish a website online for free, you are at the right place. Many people get confused after they make the first site. They spent a lot of their time watching tutorials and reading books. Building the first website can be hard for several reasons. There are people who are not fully skilled to do this. Check this article to find out how to become a web developer. On the other hand, when people learn the basics, they need to find the courage to make their first website.

After many attempts, you are there, you finally did it! You have made the first website! Congratulations! But, people in these situations realize they need to do one more thing. They need to publish their website. Without this, nobody would see it. You desperately want to show your first project to other people, to get a feedback. You want to get critics about it to be able to make adequate improvements.

How to publish a website? Is that hard? It is not hard, but it can cost you the money. Almost every web hosting company chargers its services. Many people would like to publish their website online even if it’s not finished. That is a first alpha version of your website and you would rather publish it for free. After your project is upgraded and finalized, you would buy a domain. Sounds like a good plan. Luckily there is a possibility to do this.

Github is not meant for hosting websites but it is meant for showing projects to the world. If you have some projects (applications, websites), you can upload them there. Through this platform, you can show your projects to your future employers. Because of this opportunity, this platform is very important for every web developer.

Here are the steps for publishing your website online without buying a domain:

1. Sign Up to Github account

It is very easy to make this account. If you ever made a Facebook account, then making this account will be easy for you. After you make an account and left all necessary personal information, you are ready to upload your projects.

2. Create a new repository

There is a plus sign in the top right corner of the site. When you click on it, you get the option “new repository“. In the field “Repository name” you enter the name of your website. You can also write a short description of it. After you have entered all the information, click on “create repository“.

3. Upload your files to Github

Under the section “Code” you will find the option “Upload files“. Choosing this option you will get the opportunity to upload all your HTML/CSS/JavaScript files to Github. You can use drag and drop option or you can upload your files regularly. At the end of this process, click “commit changes“. That is it. Your website is published. Find the URL of your site in the options settings. Now you can share the URL of your website on the social media and Linkedin. Everyone can see your project now.

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