PUBG Mobile VS Fortnite – Which one is the best Battle Royale Game ?

Battle Royale games have recently created an amazing hype amongst the gamers and the internet world. It is a gaming genre that has recently become more popular amongst the smartphone gaming community. It’s a game mode that features a relatively large amount of players battling in an open world map. Its last man standing multiplayer format has given birth and rise to games like Fortnite and PUBG. Some big gaming background companies also entered this genre in 2018 like Black Ops 4’s Blackout and Tencent’s free to play Ring of Elysium.Still, the Best Battle Royale game for mobile is from PUBG or Fortnite due to their immense popularity.

Experts say that battle royale games will lose momentum in 2019 but It isn’t seeming to be like that, moreover the Free-to-Play Apex Legends emerged suddenly into this scene in February 2019.A Battle Royal games continue to attract a large number of gaming freaks it ensures that more games and game modes will spring up throughout the year. While the best of the games in this genre still continue to roll out new features, maps, weapons and events on a regular basis it doesn’t seems that more new battle royal games would come into the picture as the old one’s already paved their way as far as possible. In this article, we are going to explore the possibility of the battle royale concept based games and compare the two most popular games of 2019 which are PUBG from Tencent’s while Fortnite from the EPIC games.

Battle Royale is a multiplayer online game genre that involves an arena with different maps where 100 players either solo or team play against each other in a closed circled area. The so called circle shrinks from time to time which increases the game intensity and the last man standing wins the game. There are so many Battle Royale Games in the playground right now but two of the oldest are PUBG mobile and Fortnite which have gained much more popularity than others. So, in this article we will talk about the two main heroes of this genre i.e. PUBG mobile and Fortnite.

Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds – PUBG


After the initial success of the PUBG PC version, Tencent Games launched PUBG mobile on 9th February 2018 on both Android and iOS Platform. It instantly became a hit and became one of the most trending games in the smartphone gaming world due to its realistic graphics and amazing gameplay. Since then it is one of the most downloaded games on both Android and iOS platforms. Being the best games of 2018 on the Google Play Store, the PUBG game received best reviews from the top gaming critics including IGN which mentioned this game as the ‘Absolutely Remarkable’ and Vice as addictive gaming experience. The Features of the game includes the 100-player mode which based on last man standing concept, the multiple high graphics 3D dimensional maps which assists the player with gaming ground. The audio channels provided in the game is of 7.1 with 3D sound effects. The mobile player can also voice chat in real time while playing in a group.

The mobile user gets the option of two different modes which are first-person shooting and third person perspective and provided with large number of vehicles and weapons too. Further, the developer of the game integrated the whole platform with best and powerful mechanism, which ensures that it remains fair play for all the participants across the world.



Fortnite is an online multiplayer Battle Royale Game that was launched by Epic Games on 21st July 2017 on platforms such as PlayStation 4, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.  While PUBG gives you opportunity to experience realistic gameplay, Fortnite on the other hand allows you to build bases by making walls, stairs, platforms and pyramids, get yourself on a high ground on an enemy, protect you from enemy fire, and build structures. Addtionally, the Fortnite is not available on the Google Play store and can be play for free from the EPIC games website. The Fortnite comes in three versions which are free version- the battle Royale, the standard version which is of $19.99 and the deluxe version which is $29.99. The main difference is the additional power packs, weapons and vehicles upgradation which provides more in-depth gaming experience to the mobile user.

Similarities between PUBG and Fortnite

While both the games have very different approach in terms of overall graphics and gameplay, they also share some common features. Let’s see some of these features.

1. Battle Royale

Both of these titles are of the same gaming genre i.e. Online Multiplayer Battle Royale. They both have 100 players in a small open world style map with lots of cool weapons. These 100 players battle in a team or solo mode against each other with the winner being the last player or team alive. The word “Battle Royale” came from the 2000 Japanese Film Battle Royal, which was based on the same Last Man Standing theme.

2. Shrinking “Safe Area”

Both the games start with an enclosed safe area which gradually keeps shrinking from time to time. The players need to stay inside the safe area otherwise their health decreases substantially. Early game you can survive being in it for a long time, later in the game it does like 5-10% of your health. This ultimately increases the game intensity and interaction between the players.

3. Number of Players

While the two games have different modes of playing both shares a common feature i.e. number of players are 100 in both of these titles. While PUBG have mini map mode which contain 25 players, Fortnite introduced 50 VS 50 player mode in its one of the updates.

4. Last Man Standing

Both PUBG and Fortnite have same concept of Last Man Standing wins the game. It would be helpful to kill others, but the main goal of both the games is to survive. 100 players drop on an island with bare hands and rummage for whatever weapons they can pick up and utilize those weapons to kill whosoever comes across them.

5. Emotes

Both of these games shares a common entertaining feature that is emotes. Whether it’s the amazing dance moves or a simple flying kiss, emotes do always entertain the player and keeps the player interested in the game. In PUBG emotes were introduced in its 7th update and in Fortnite they were a part of it since its beginning. Wave, Thank you,  Nod Head etc. are some of the interesting  emotes in both the titles.


1. Chicken Dinner VS Victory Royale

When 100 players battle against each other the last man standing wins a title. It’s Chicken Dinner in PUBG. Similarly, the same concept of last man standing followed in the Fortnite and player rewarded with the recognition of Victory Royale in Fortnite.

2. Minimum Requirements

While PUBG can be played even on Low End Smartphones, Fortnite requires at least Snapdragon 8 series chipset and at least 3 GB of RAM due to its high end graphics. But Fortnite developers says that they are developing the game to be played on Low End Smartphones too. Moreover, one more version of PUBG mobile is also available named PUBG mobile lite which can be played on 1 GB ram smartphones.

3. Size Matters

While PUBG have a download size of 1.98 GB for Android and 2.45 for iOS, Fortnite on the other hand have a massive downloadable size of 3.5 GB. This makes PUBG mobile more accessible to the users as it is also available on both Playstore and Apple store, where Fortnite still isn’t available on any of the stores and can be only downloaded on its official website.

4.  Gameplay

PUBG holds a realistic gameplay whereas Fortnite is more graphic intense which looks good but gives more sort of cartoonish look. Fortnite graphics doesn’t mimic the real life whereas PUBG does that. But, Fortnite has some advanced gameplay features such as players can collect wood, metal and bricks, use them to build different buildings and towers which further can be used as to shield themselves from the enemy firings. Platforms can be created in Fortnite using the collected materials and advantage of High Level Grounds can be used in it. While PUBG doesn’t have this kind of feature, rather it has real gun fights which in my opinion is the real reason for its addiction amongst the users.

5. Graphics

PUBG has realistic looking graphics whereas Fortnite has cartoonish feel to it. Where graphics can be customized on PUBG according to our needs, Fortnite lags in this feature and needs more powerful device to run it smoothly. PUBG has also introduced its lite version where graphics are scaled down too much to make the game playable on even on Entry- Level smartphones holding 1GB of ram.

6. Vehicles

PUBG along with Battle Royale genre features has some Open World game features such as Vehicles. Yes, vehicles such as car, jeep, bike, boat etc. can be used to go from one place to another within the game while Fortnite doesn’t have any vehicles and players has to run or walk to roam around in the game. This makes PUBG more playable and interesting over Fortnite.

7. Planes VS Bus

In PUBG players are assembled in a Plane and they drop on the map using normal parachutes while in Fortnite players are assembled in a flying bus which is beyond one’s imagination and drop on the map using advanced looking rocket launcher fitted foldable parachutes which looks cooler when in action.

8. Real VS Bots

What makes PUBG more addictive in my opinion is the reason of having Bots in the game. Yes, PUBG has 80 real players and 20 Bots in a match on an average. This makes even a new player to be able to interact with the game while Fortnite holds no Bots and has all 100 real players which makes it a level up against the playability.

9. Gameplay starting time

PUBG starts real fast as compared to Fortnite as it has much lower graphics and the game is more optimized for the smartphones. Fortnite is not that much optimized for smartphones until now and due to its higher graphics, processing needs time to start the game.

10. Controls

PUBG has easy controls as compared to Fortnite and moreover its controls and be customized on a large scale according to one’s needs. This has discovered new playing styles in PUBG such as 4- Finger Claw and 5 – Finger Claw. Additionally, the PUBG comes with multiple hardware add-ons in the market which can be fitted on the mobile set and provide extra dimension to the gaming experience than the Fortnite.

Both PUBG and Fortnite are amazing Battle Royale games but where PUBG has mass appeal due to its customizable graphics and availability, Fortnite is developed for real hardcore gamers who wants to show real Battle Royale skills on the move. PUBG is more optimized for smartphones whereas Fortnite still needs to be optimized much more so that it can be played on smartphones easily as it has a lot of features than PUBG. PUBG gives you that real life action feel whereas Fortnite is more cartoonish and graphically attractive. Thus, PUBG is more accessible to the user and more friendly on the android device with average configuration whereas Fortnite needs the mobile device high-end graphic supported hardware which mainly comes with high-prices smartphone. This certainly makes the PUBG better than Fortnite under the battle Royale Category of mobile gaming and this makes its a best battle royale game for mobile.

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