Productivity Hacks: Get Things Done With Just 5 Apps

Is technology making you do more or less?

Are you tired of downloading different apps to help you stay productive but proving them meaningless in the end? So we are. In this article, we have compiled the only 5 apps you need to do more in life. With these integrated with each other, you can be confident that your daily schedule will be organized and workable.

Whether you are a college student, a freelancer, or a corporate CEO, you definitely have looked for the perfect solution to improve your productivity using technology. Yet, to no avail.

Perhaps, you also have read a multitude of self-help books guaranteeing you with efficiency through effective time-management. Yet, it remains easier said and done.

In today’s age of modern technology, gadgets serve as a double-edged sword. For most people, they serve as a distraction; while a source of productivity hacks for the others. After all, the power of technology can be utilized to boost your performance once you have discovered the perfects apps according to your needs and lifestyle.

Productivity through Technology

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Being productive is the natural state of human beings.

Since the beginning, we are in pursuit of getting things done. The sense of accomplishment experienced after creating a project or finishing a task provides meaning to our lives. Thus, we feel depressed every time we become unproductive – wasting hours watching TV and aimlessly scrolling down through social media.

After all, we all have limited time. This realization brings forth a sense of urgency which drives people to accomplish goals.

In today’s age of modern technology, there are hundreds and thousands of apps created just to help you manage your time and do more. Yet, not all of them are worthwhile.

Without further ado, let me tell you the only 5 apps you need to stay on top and get things done.

1.    Google Calendar

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What is it?

Beyond getting things done, productivity also means focusing better and saving time. To do this, we start with Google Calendar.

Most of the times, you do not need to look too far to know the right apps for you. In most cases, even before you asked for these apps, Google has already invented them.

Google Calendar is an amazing online calendar integrated all throughout the Google Apps. With this, you can smoothly oversee your schedule as well as the shared schedule of your friends, co-workers, and family members. Also, Google Calendar allows you to set-up quick reminders, send exclusive invitations, and track those who responded to these invitations (RSVPs).

Easy to Share

One of the best features of Google Calendar is its shareability.

Personally, I have multiple calendars in Google Calendar. They are accordingly shared to my friends, family, and co-workers. With these, I can easily track meetings, events, occasions, and whatever reminders they have for me. Seeing which of them overlap, I can adjust my schedule beforehand and cancel some of them, if necessary.

Google Calendar is secured and reliable. It can only be viewed and updated by those whose access is granted.

Why Do You Need This?

We have many roles in our lives – a friend, a classmate, a colleague, a family member, a part of a network.

Only with Google Calendar can we consolidate these many personas. Thus, this app is perfect for you if you need a one-stop calendar to handle all your responsibilities. With Google Calendar, you can be confident that you will not miss the most important events in your life.

Download Google Calendar here:

2.    Evernote

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What Is it?

Meanwhile, along with the rapid development of technology, the pen-and-paper note-taking approach has taken a step back. This gave way for note-taking applications to gain popularity and become today’s everyday notebook.

Evernote is one of the leading note-taking app available cross-devices: desktop computers, iPad/tablet, and mobile (iOS/Android) devices. It is perfectly designed to create notes that can incorporate different forms of media, such as text, images, videos, voice recordings, and PDFs. Indeed, Evernote has brought note-taking on a different level.

Like traditional notes, you can also have different notebooks tagged for different purposes with Evernote. Thus, it makes you stay organized while having the power to take note of literally just anything.

Cloud-based Storage

The primary advantage of Evernote compared to the tradition pen-and-paper system is its cloud-based storage.

For the most part, I have relied upon many of my class and professional notes to Evernote. Knowing that everything is safely stored in my account, I no longer worry that they might be lost over time. My device may break after years of usage, but my notes in Evernote will not.

Also, since I can access Evernote across devices, I have become more efficient with having my writings wherever I am. Basically, I use my laptop in most of my notetakings and then use my mobile device in retrieving them wherever I am.

With a little subscription fee, the limits of what I can do has been broken.

Why Do You Need This?

Evernote is perfect for you if you need to organize a lot of thoughts into several notebooks. By adding tags and different media to your notes, Evernote can transform your traditional notebooks into a searchable and personal digital library.

Also, you do not need to be connected to the Internet to make use of your files in Evernote. Available offline, you can access all your resources anytime and anywhere.

Download the Evernote App here.

3.    Google Docs

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What Is It?

Do you have a habit of obsessively pressing CTRL+S (save button) every time you have written a word in your document? Perhaps, you have experienced a whole unsaved document crashed before your eyes. Despite the Google searches, you have failed to retrieve it and ended up spending days repeating the same work all over again.

This is a nightmare only Google Docs can save us from.

Google Docs is a web-based word platform for creating, editing, and sharing documents. Since the files are automatically saved in the cloud storage, you will no longer need to press the save button.

Since Google Docs can be accessed using any device, you can continue writing your paper using whatever device you prefer. With this, you no longer need to transfer your document every time you switch from your desktop to your smartphone.

Collaboration Made Easier

One of the best features of Google Docs is its capability to be shared with others for instant collaboration.

Unlike the standard word processors, Google Docs allows several people to contribute simultaneously in a single document. Thus, whether you are a student or a professional, every assignment which requires team efforts can be accomplished in significantly lesser time.

Further, Google Docs has a real-time chat feature which allows group discussion to facilitate the collaboration.

Now, you no longer need to wait for a group member to finish his part before starting with yours. With Google Docs, you can accomplish a team task in a short span of time.

Why Do You Need This?

Google Docs is the ideal online word processing platform for productivity. It already has ready-made templates to prevent you from working every document from scratch.

With this app, you can access and edit your files using any device – desktop, tablet, or smartphone – with or without the internet connection. Further, easily shared for collaboration, Google Docs enables your teammates to edit and update your documents.

Beyond these, with Google Docs, you can be confident that all your files will be saved accordingly. Rest assured that every time you open your file, the latest version will always pop-up.

Google Docs ensure continuity no matter what.

Download Google Docs here:

4.    Grammarly

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What Is It?

Before Grammarly, I spend nearly as much time proofreading as writing itself. After all, the quality of writing is proportional to the number of edits a writer did.

Apparently, I already lost count on how often I have sent e-mails with embarrassing typos despite being confident with my writing skills. Well, spelling and grammar accidents happen, but it can be avoided with a reliable checker like Grammarly.

Grammarly is an online grammar checking and proofreading tool which helps writers correct writing errors. Primarily, it searches out the errors for the following: grammar and punctuation, spelling, plagiarism, and your overall writing style.

Spend less time improving your papers with Grammarly.

Available Everywhere

Grammarly is not only reliable but also versatile. It works wherever you are.

First, it has a Microsoft Office add-in where your document is simultaneously edited while you write. Thus, your potential spelling and grammar mistakes are instantly lessened.

Grammarly also has a Chrome plugin, among other browsers, which allows each word and phrase you write corrected. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media posts. With this plugin, you can e-mail anyone without stressing over your language use.

Lastly, Grammarly is also optimized as an app for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. With such inclusivity, you can maximize your Grammarly account across your devices.

Why Do You Need This?

Grammarly leaves you worry-free from your grammatical mistakes. This offers you an opportunity to focus more on the most important thing – quality.

Indeed, grammar and spelling are only secondary to content. However, poor language skills tell a lot about the quality of the writer – his attention to details, education, and dedication.

Whether you are a college student or a professional, striving for a near-perfect write-ups should be the standard. To do this, you need all the help you can get.

Grammarly is an advanced and full-featured grammar checker which is akin to having an English teacher behind your back. Since this app offers only suggestions, you remain to have the freedom whether to adapt them or not. After all, proofreaders should not dictate how your writing style should be.

In the end, having Grammarly cuts down the time we use for checking our documents. The added time in our hands can be translated to getting more things done.

5.    Trello

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Over time, you might have already accumulated numerous project ideas which have the potential to become big. You have talked about them with your friends. You have created a working team. However, years have passed and not a single one of them has materialized. Worse, you have seen others execute the same idea and has now made it to the top.

Do not repeat the same mistake, use the Trello app to manage your projects for you.

Personally, I use Trello, a project management app, to keep track of the progress of my personal projects, team projects, and freelance works.

Trello offers a lightweight, flexible, and accessible management platform to keep our daily tasks organized. It has a user-friendly interface which allows the users to navigate the boards with ease.

Get things done with Trello.

Project Boards

Trello is similar to the whiteboard management style used in large corporations before. On the board are columns which act as a divider for the cards. The columns categorize projects by its description, attachments, and progress; while the cards represent the tasks.

Trello allows you to delegate tasks through assigning people to cards. These can also be moved from columns to another to indicate their current progress.

With these features, there is no limit on how you can utilize Trello to cater you project management needs.

Why Do You Need This?

Trello is a great app to track progress. After all, witnessing your plans visually provides you with a clear vision on how to make them a reality.

Access Trello here.


Technology should make you do more.

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Yet, you do not need a bunch of apps in order to increase your productivity. As the rule goes, it is always quality over quantity.

In reality, all you really need are:

  • Google Calendar
  • Evernote
  • Google Docs
  • Grammarly
  • Trello

Indeed, these five apps are productivity hacks!


How about you? Do you have other productivity tips you want to share? Tell us now in the comment section below.

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