Fitness Bands: Pick the perfect one for your workout

We present you the Fitness Bands

Daily exercise can be easy with the Fitness Bands. The exercise always has a favorable influence on the health of the people who practice it, from the physical state to the mental . Exercising is not necessarily a specific sport discipline, it simply refers to the fact that everyone should have a routine that allows them to stay in optimal conditions to be able to perform any type of activities and have the best possible state of integral health.

However, despite all the advantages of practicing exercise, a large part of the population still resists or somehow avoids starting a physical routine, most of the time they give excuses like “I don’t have time”, “I have a lot of work” or “I don’t need” to avoid doing so.

The truth is that they choose other priorities to finally avoid exercising, but as usual over time they begin to present health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, muscle and lumbar pain, joint pain, among many others.

All these situations finally have an outcome with the same recommendations, start a daily exercise routine, either on your own, just walking or jogging outdoors or in a gym with specialized routines, cardiovascular exercises under the direction of a coach.

Fitness Band: The best tool for everyone

For many, it can be a shock therapy, since if they have never exercised in their lives, it may be necessary to create a routine to stay healthy and fit. For that reason, and for many others, it is that tools have been created so that all people have a daily exercise routine and begin to keep fit, such as cell phone applications that remind them of people who should drink water, They count how many steps they walk daily, they measure blood pressure, they recommend healthy eating routines and they measure food calories, among many others.

Even so, most of the times when people go to exercise they don’t carry their cell phones, as they can be a distraction. Instead, there are other devices, such as fitness wristbands, which are worn on the wrist and have all those applications, and many more, in one place.

The Fitness Band is a tool that revolutionized the world of sports and exercise. With its advanced technology, each of these bands can record the number of steps that a person performs daily, measure the number of calories eliminated with each exercise routine performed, and even indicate if the exercise is being performed properly.

What you should have from your Fitness Bands?

These magnificent bands have various functions that encourage people to exercise, they have systems to program alarms that warn when you have been idle for a long time, among many other amazing functions. Many of these fitness Bands are waterproof and battery usually it is very high performance, usually lasts for a week, and some last even a year.

Now, many of the people who want to start a healthy life and get one of these Fitness Bands to be able to perform their exercise routine daily do not know which brand of band to choose, which is the most recommended, they have no reference prices, or they do not know what models fit your needs.

Fitness Bands Features

In the market you can find Fitness Bands with many features:

  • Water-resistant design
  • GPS
  • Pulse control
  • Accelerometer
  • Barometer
  • Optical heart rate monitor
  • Distance measurement
  • Control of cycles and sleep quality
  • Personal trainer
  • 9-axis sensor, for use on the wrist or ankle
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Activity tracking
  • Statistics for the year
  • Minutes of intensity
  • Reminders to stay active
  • Food consumption and daily calories
  • Customized goals and objectives
  • Touch screen
  • Batteries with the autonomy of 1 year, 8 months, 6 months, 2 weeks, 1 week, 5 days, 3, days, 2 days.

There are many functions that can be found in Fitness Bands, for this reason, it is advisable to analyze different models available in the market to choose the one that best suits your personal needs.

Each person can choose their ideal Fitness Bands; today we offer the most complete information about the 10 best Fitness Bands on the market, for this, it is important that you take into account the most outstanding features to buy one of the most popular Fitness Bands:

  • The size; choosing a good size ensures you can carry it more comfortably
  • Registration of important data; such as heart rate, number of steps, calories eliminated, for this you must be clear about the type of exercises to be performed, so it is easier to choose the Fitness Bracelet that best suits your needs.
  • The battery life is one of the most important functions since no person wants the Fitness Bracelet to run out of battery in the middle of the exercise routine.
  • Water resistance, especially for those who practice water exercises, or those who jog outdoors and run the risk of rain while doing so.
  • The intelligent functions, necessary to receive important notifications and that reach your cell phone.
  • Activity monitor applications, these will make your exercise experience much better.
  • The price may vary depending on the bracelet to be purchased, depending on the brand, functions, and country.

Top 10 Fitness Bands

On the internet, a very varied number of Fitness Bands are available that can be chosen, with many prices and brands, and today we can mention the most outstanding of 2019:

1. Garmin Vívosmart HR +


This Fitness Band offers water resistance up to 50 meters deep and unique functionalities. It has GPS applications and a pulse control, accelerometer, barometric altimeter, with a battery that lasts up to 5 days. It fits perfectly to the wrist for its ergonomic and functional design.

With this band, you can perform complete swimming routines without any problem or difficulty. In spite of everything, being one of the best is also one of the most expensive.

2. Withings Go Fitness Band

smartband different colors

It has a functional and simple design, with a maximum weight of 9 grams, a touch screen and a battery with a duration of up to 8 months.

It tracks the number of steps taken, regardless of whether it is running or walking, records the number of calories burned while exercising, measures the distance traveled and controls the sleep cycles with the alarm it incorporates. However, the bracelet does not indicate the time and does not have retro lighting.

3. Moov Now

black smartband

This bracelet is presented with a curious but fully functional design, a battery that lasts up to 6 months, and straps that allow it to be used on the wrist or ankle.

It is resistant to water and dust and serves to monitor the exercises from the perspective of sports such as running, cycling, swimming, and boxing.

It has a 9-axis sensor that captures any type of movement performed by the person who is using it; has a personal trainer application by voice and a level of detail in statistics that is unprecedented.

4. Fitbit Charge 3

Fitness Bands Fitbit Charge 3

With an interesting, dynamic and functional design, this advanced health and physical activity bracelet are ideal for anyone who exercises or plays a sport.

It is perfect for running and swimming, as it can be submerged to a depth of 50 meters thanks to its waterproof design, monitors the heart rate throughout the day and the battery offers a 7-day battery life.

5. Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

The very original design and a larger touch screen, in addition to its compatibility with Android and iOS.

It is water-resistant to 50 meters deep, has a heart rate monitor and a built-in GPS that records the route, distance, and speed in real-time, applications for the automatic detection of physical activity that is being performed and has a battery with a yield of up to three days.

6. Garmin Vivofit 4

Fitness Bands Garmin Vivofit 4

For those who prefer a color LCD screen, it is waterproof to a depth of 5 ATM, shows the time of day on the screen with backlighting and the battery lasts up to one year.

It shows the steps taken, the distance traveled, the minutes of intensity, issues reminders to keep the person active, calorie consumption indicator, personalized goals, among other things. Some disadvantages are that it has no built-in GPS and is not compatible with Smartphones.

7. Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge HR

It offers a very friendly extension and better online options than other wristbands, with an OLED screen to see the time and date. It does not have a waterproof design, so be careful not to expose it to rain or water sports.

Monitor all-day statistics, such as heart rate, steps, and distance traveled, calories burned and consumed active minutes, sleep hours and sleep quality.

8. Huawei Band 3 Pro

Fitness Band Huawei Band 3 Pro

It is a Fitness Band with a battery that lasts for 2 weeks and super functional design, waterproof to about 5 ATM deep.

Among its features, the most prominent is that it performs continuous monitoring of the heart rate, VO2 Max, integrated GPS, tracks quality and duration of sleep and its activity measures are reasonably good.

9. Garmin Vivosport

Garmin Vivosport

The exterior design may not be very attractive, but its functionality is.

It has a color touch screen, a 7-day battery, water resistance, integrated GPS, heart rate and frequency monitor, physical activity tracking and is compatible with Android and iOS, which means cell phone notifications You can see through it.

10. Garmin Phoenix 3 Fitness Band

Fitness Bands Garmin Phoenix 3

Garmin Phoenix has spectacular design that has a color LCD screen and a battery with a maximum duration of 20 hours.

This Fitness Band is perfect for outdoor exercises, such as jogging or cycling, since with its integrated GPS with GLONASS people who use it know where they are located at all times, you can control and record up to 13 different physical activities without any problem.

This is just a summary of what these bands are able to provide while practicing your exercise routine, most of them have many integrated applications and specialized in improving the experience of the person exercising.

The important thing is that you can choose the most convenient for your exercise style, for this you must be very aware of your real needs, and of course your budget.

Now, exercising can be converted from a good experience to a wonderful experience thanks to this wonderful tool, because these bracelets have allowed many people to achieve the quality of life they deserve, but this also depends on the choice of the right bracelet to time to buy

From housewives, executives, instructors from different disciplines, athletes of all categories, users of all ages can wear a fitness bracelet to start making records of their exercise routine.


Managing statistics of your exercises is very important, all this information is very valuable to record your progress and set new goals, this tool serves as a support for your new projections and constantly evaluate your performance in a technical way, and best of all, there are them for all tastes, needs and budgets.

This way of monitoring your activity intelligently, with the most modern devices of the moment, guarantees that you can have greater motivation and improve your performance while you are exercising your body and our buying guide offers you the most complete information for you can choose the perfect fFitness Bands that accompanies you everywhere while exercising.

Control your physical activity in the best way, without letting out any detailed information, wear the best of the technology on your wrist to measure each movement while dedicating yourself to intense effort, this is one of the best recommendations to get support during your training And now you can get it with the best features at a really fair price.

Only you decide how much you want to spend on the new measuring bands that will be your perfect ally when exercising to stay as healthy as you want. This accessory is very easy to use by people who get it for the first time, most have very practical and easy to configure software, others can take it everywhere, combine it perfectly with their style due to the great variety that exists in the market.

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