Search engine optimization (SEO) is an industry standard when it comes to all things internet related. It is that extra piece of ingredient that you need to improve company visibility on the web. Extra caution is taken on SEO development as it can be pretty dicey sometimes. The SEO ecosystem is continuously evolving and taking new shapes and forms. Web crawlers upgrade their capacity to sniff out relevant results for queries. This progressive space makes it necessary to properly understand the inner workings of the Google search engine.

For the sake of companies that put up job listings regularly, Google has decided to do you a solid by releasing a search tool called “Google for jobs.”

What is this “Google for jobs” that you speak of?

The Problem with SEO is that Google continues to add new features and upgrades which in turn overhauls existing SEO priorities so in order to keep your website visible and highly prioritized you would need to also re-strategize every now and then.

Google for jobs was released in 2017 as a search tool that enables you to enhance the visibility of your job listing with method s that provides stronger algorithms that prioritizes your website.

When a job seeker goes online to search for specific jobs which may relate to an opening in your organization, the keywords provided by the Google for jobs search tool creates a filter based on the specificity of the job position, this makes it easy for people to find these job openings and apply. Best of all, you would get the best candidates through this method.

The tool makes it extremely easy for users to filter jobs based on specifics. The only limitation, for now, is that you cannot directly apply to any particular job on this channel, you will only get redirected to platforms where these jobs were originally posted, and if you already have a registered account with these websites you can go ahead and apply using your pre-saved information.

Now the big question, how can organizations use this app to optimize job listings?

How to Optimize Job Listings

There are search conducts automated by Google, used to maximize SEO Keywords. The first step in using this tool is to ensure that website isn’t protected by robots, Meta tags, and other neutralizers, in order to allow Google bots to effectively crawl your website.

The second most important thing is to make sure that you include all the relevant details pertaining to the job. Google for jobs requires specific details in order to boost Job listing; this info includes the following;

  • Company Name
  • Job title
  • Specific job description
  • Location of Job
  • Posting date
  • The expiration date of job post
  • Standard company Logo

This information is necessary to gain priority. You could even level up on your specifications by including additional details like;

  • Expected Salary range
  • Employment type – full time, Contract, part-time, or remote
  • The tracking number for this job position.

Helpful Tips

This may come as a surprise but company reviews also affect your Google ratings. If you have a good number of poor reviews, it can create quite a problem for your visibility.


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