Notable Free PDF Editors Beyond Adobe Acrobat

Portable Document Format, or PDF, is one of the world’s most important and popular file formats available. However, many users find difficulty in using it – both in editing and converting PDF files. The great thing is: we have different PDF editors available in the market for free to help us with this daring task.


In this article, we will show you other free PDF editor software you can use aside from Adobe Acrobat. Indeed, Adobe Acrobat is currently the leading PDF editor. However, many users still find using this Adobe software difficult. Notwithstanding that Adobe Acrobat offers very limited features for free users.

However, before we head to the other notable alternatives for your PDF editing works, let us first tackle the importance and benefits of using PDF files.

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Benefits of using PDF

In the early 1990s, Portable Document Format, or PDF was developed as a solution to the filesharing problem during that time. Apparently, there was a need for documents to maintain fixed formatting despite being shared around.

Presently, PDF continues to serve us with the same purpose.

Using Microsoft Word or Google Docs in file-sharing tends to open the files themselves to format change and unwarranted file editing. For instance, if you share a .doc file to a friend and he opens the same using Google Docs, the file formatting will alter. Such is not the case with PDF files.

Here are some benefits of using PDF files:


1.      The PDF format is maintained

As mentioned above, the primary problem with file sharing using other document files aside from PDF is the tendency of the format to be changed. This poses difficulty and confusion among users. On the other hand, with PDF format, you can be confident that files will exactly be formatted as you did. No matter how many times you shared PDF files around, their formatting will never change.

This feature of PDF files is particularly perfect if these files are intended to be printed.


2.      The PDF format is available everywhere

Since Portable Document Format or PDF became the solution for document sharing activities, many users have adapted the use of such format.

As a matter of fact, this file format is available and widely used worldwide. Thus, you can rest assured that whenever you are sending PDF files to anyone will not confusion. After all, most users, if not everyone, are familiar with PDF. Thus, PDF is a safe format for file sharing.


3.      PDF compresses large files

You can save your files to a variety of file formats out there. However, not all of those may suit your needs and preferences. For instance, the TIFF file format provides a lot of benefits as it saves your files in the best quality possible. But such might not be the best for you especially if you limited storage.

On the other hand, PDF offers an advantage in compressing high-density files into smaller ones. Thus, PDF files are ideal if you have small size storage. After all, imagine sending gigabytes of TIFF files over e-mail, not only will it take time, but your e-mail provider will not let you.

PDF compresses files effectively for easier file sharing.


4.      PDF files can be protected with a password

In certain cases, files are not for everyone’s eyes.

If you have files that are meant to be confidential, you can be confident with PDF password feature. With this, only those with the password you set may access such files.

Indeed, PDF provides your files with another layer of protection. It can keep your privacy protected from the unwanted nosiness in the digital world.


5.      PDF is optimized cross-device

Another reason why PDF is a popular file format is that it is available on any operating system. Therefore, whether you are using Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or even Linux, you can be assured that your PDF files will always be accessible.

Indeed, such inclusiveness makes PDF the leading file format for file sharing and file storing.


Indeed, technology keeps on evolving. However, with all these benefits, you can be confident that PDF is going to stay with us for a long time.  Thus, you can be confident that all your filed saved in PDF format will be accessible after many decades.


Pros & Cons of Adobe Acrobat

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Adobe Acrobat is currently the leading PDF editor. It is loaded with features to effectively maximize your PDF experience. However, many users still find Adobe Acrobat difficult to user. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using Adobe Acrobat.



  • Adobe Acrobat allows users to create PDF documents
  • It quickly changes PDF document through embedding videos, inserting an image, creating links, deleting and adding pages, and so on.
  • It exports PDF files into other formats such as MS Word, PowerPoint, excels, among other formats.
  • It has a password feature to protect your documents from prying eyes.
  • Adobe Acrobat sends files and tracks access, views, and downloads.
  • It stores and compares different versions for changes and updates.
  • It creates forms and fillable forms.



  • Navigating through Adobe Acrobat may be difficult
  • The free version or reader version contains limited useful tools
  • Adobe Acrobat features are available only in its Pro version
  • It is not user-friendly – the learning curve is needed


Thus, if you are like most people who find Adobe Acrobat difficult to use, celebrate as there are other PDF editors which can do the job for you.

So, without further ado, here are Notable Free PDF Editors Beyond Adobe Acrobat you can use to maximize your PDF experience.


Free PDF Editors

1.      ApowerPDF

ApowerPDF is a powerful PDF editor that you can access either in your desktop or browser. It has a great selection of editing tools in order to help you customize your PDF as needed. Like Adobe Acrobat, this PDF editor also allows you to create PDF from scratch.

Basically, what sets ApowerPDF apart from other editors is that you can use it through a browser.

ApowerPDF’s desktop version is a premium tool that requires a paid subscription. On the other hand, its browser version is free to use. To avail this, all you need to do is to download ApowerPDF’s browser add on.

From here on, you can start creating and editing your PDF files for free. Unlike other editors, your finished product won’t have any ApowerPDF  watermark.

Indeed, ApowerPDF is a great PDF editor that is available right in your browser.


If you think this is the right PDF editor for you, download ApowerPDF here now.


2.      PDF-XChange Editor

This PDF editor has all the features that you look for an editor. If you want to type, delete, or reformat texts in a PDF, PDF-XChange Editor does it all for you. However, more than this, PDF-XChange Editor boasts of its optical character recognition (OCR) feature.

Basically, OCR allows you to recognize text in pictures or scanned documents. Ultimately, this will transform the texts into editable ones. So for instance, if you have a scanned document, through PDF-XChange Editor, you can instantly make them editable.

Indeed, this software is a lifesaver. You will no longer have to retype scanned documents from scratch. In the end, the time you saved from PDF-XChange Editor will translate to more productivity.

Also, this PDF editor allows users to split and extract pages. In other words, it allows you to separate particular pages from a hundred paged PDF. This is really helpful if you only need an extract from a PDF book.

Further, PDF-XChange Editor premium version allows you to use shapes and textbox for better formatting.


If these features are what you are looking for, then PDF-XChange Editor might be the best editor for you. Download PDF-XChange Editor here now.


3.      Sejda

Sejda is an all in one PDF editor. It provides necessary tools for PDF editing while offering another layer of security for your files. Basically, unlike other PDF editors out there, Sejda deletes your files from all of its serves after five hours. Thus, you can be confident that the files you work with Sejda will be secured and untraceable.

This PDF editor allows you to add and edit texts, images, and links, among many others. Also, it enables you to digitally sign documents and even add annotations. With its “whiteout” feature, you can essentially delete part of your PDF document.

However,  unlike PDF-XChange Editor, Sejda does not have an optical character recognition (OCR) feature. In other words, you won’t be able to edit texts from scanned documents.

Also, there is a limit with using Sejda for free. Apparently, for every hour, you can only work with not over 200 pages or 50 MB of data. Further, you can only work on 3 PDF files at a time. Nonetheless, you can unlock all of its advanced features through becoming a paid subscriber.

Thus, if you tend to use PDF editor casually, this should not be a problem for you. After all, this PDF editor really has great selection and editing tools.


If you think Sejda is the perfect PDF editor for you, download Sejda here now.


4.      PDFescape

PDFescape is another awesome PDF editing tool. Basically, the editor has two versions: a premium desktop software and a free web app. Through downloading its desktop software, PDFescape allows you to experience its premium features for a trial. Nonetheless, the free web app version is pretty efficient already.

Basically. PDFescape allows you to edit your PDF files through creating new text boxes and adding simple geometric shapes. This is extra especially if you feel like customizing your PDF document.

Also, PDFescape lets you import pictures from your computer library into your PDF file.

What sets this editor apart from the others mentioned above is: PDFescape allows you to create text fields and fillable forms. This is quite a great feature for a free PDF editor.

Indeed, PDFescape is an amazing PDF editor for editing PDF files and creating forms.

If you think PDFescape is what you are looking for, you can download PDFescape here no.


5.      Ableworld

Unlike other PDF editors out there, Ableworld is a bit outdated. Apparently, it hasn’t been updated since 2015. Nonetheless, it still allows you to get the job done.

Basically, this software is a word processor but is suitable to work too as a PDF editor. It allows you full-text editing of your PDF file.

Since it is absolutely for free, all of its features are already readily available for use.

This should be sufficient enough if you need to constantly do text editing in your PDF file.


Is Ableworld the PDF editor you are looking for? If you think this is it, download Ableworld here now.


Other PDF Editors

You haven’t found what you are looking for yet? Fret not. We included more PDF editors in this list for your perusal.

Here are PDF Editors you might want to check out.



A great Windows 10 PDF editor which boasts a lot of amazing features: annotating, editing, and converting PDFs into different formats.

Nitro Pro

Another awesome Windows 10 PDF editor which further allows you to create and merge PDF files. Also, it has a feature which allows collaboration with several users.

Foxit Phantom PDF

Aside from providing you with the common PDF editor features, Foxit Phantom PDF is further equipped with character recognition (OCR) feature. In other words, it allows you to effectively edit text from scanned documents.


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The Conclusion

In this article, we have provided with the benefits of using PDF files. Also, we had a quick view of the pros and cons of using Adobe Acrobat as your PDF editor. Subsequently, we have enumerated and discussed several PDF editors you can choose from.

Indeed, PDF has become today’s most preferred document format. With the above-mentioned PDF editors, you can definitely maximize your PDF editing experience.


Your Turn

How about you? Do you know any other PDF editor we should add to this list? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

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