Mosquito repellent app

Are you tired of that annoying sound or that chopping? Year to year the mosquitoes come to our houses when the rains start, and they begin to chopping us, causing discomfort, discomfort in our place, bringing diseases (depending on the type of mosquito). Not to mention that annoying sound produced by the buzzing of their wings!!!!

But, on the last years, companies like Asus have been developing and upgrading an app that allows us to repel the mosquitoes around us, this technology does this, using some ultrasonic frequencies that cannot be an ear for us, but repel the female mosquitoes, yeah, only female mosquitoes.

They explain that just can repel the female mosquitoes. Because, the ultrasonic frequencies sound like the buzzing wings of the male mosquitoes, causing them to fly far away. A curios date, the female mosquitoes are generally chopping.

As we know, mosquitoes transmit some diseases, such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, zika virus, dengue, west of the Nile and more diseases that can cause epidemics around us, and in extreme cases causing death in some people. Although there are currently some products that repel and even destroy these dangerous insects, it is always good to have extra protection

These apps are available on any smartphone platform (Android, IOs, Windows …)

 This wonder is true?

Exist controversies a lot about this theme, scientific like Dr. Roger Gold form A&M University of Texas (EEUU). This doctor says that this app does not work. He affirms that he has done an investigation from the last 20 years, experimenting with different frequencies and class of mosquitoes. Dr. Gold and his team got the way to take the mosquitoes and leave them with different sonic devices. Concluding him, that this is fake.“During all this time didn’t have positives result “, says Dr. Gold.

Dr. Gold says that these devices are ineffective, since “the insects do not hear the sound that comes from the device, or if they listen to it, they get used to it”.

This is not the first experiment done with these devices. Several investigations have focused on this topic, reaching similar conclusions. The entomologist Juan Rueda shares these conclusions. “It does not persecute them or kill them in an effective proportion”

The defense of the business sector

Radar can, one of the leading companies in the sector, has flatly denied these accusations. And they have defended the existence of numerous scientific studies, national and foreign, which support its more than 20 years of activity.

“Regarding the study mentioned above, we must highlight other studies that reject it, for example, a 2009 study. against the previous thesis on the little or no hearing ability of women, proposes the use of acoustic interference for the control of plagues. (‘Harmonic Convergence in the Love Songs of Dengue Vector Mosquito’, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)”

These apps usually offer low frequencies (yu can choose frequencies like 8kHz, 10kHz, 12kHz, 14kHz, 15kHz and some more up to 21 and 22kHz). This way you can try out different options and see what works the best for you.

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