Microsoft bought FireFox- true or false?

A few years ago few websites claimed how Microsoft Corp. purchased Mozilla Corp.’s Firefox browser. Furthermore, there were rumors that the ‘’new’’ browser was renamed into Microsoft Firefox 2007 Professional Edition. Still, if you go to the official website and download the web browser the result you will get is Internet Explorer 7 or Redmond, Wash.

Two sites directed to these parodies, both having ‘’msfirefox’’ in their domains. These websites are and and they are both implying that they have the browser mentioned above. Both of the sites have claims how the browser is not a bug and how it can save your system resources. They also have insisted on how the product that they are offering should be taken seriously. They even had IE 7 features with a ‘’cutaway effect’’ which was also dubbed. This feature was disabling rendering of nine-tenths of the opened page and according to them that was a way to ‘’save the resources of your system’’. 

Other features can be found including the ‘’takeover’’ technology of Firefox’s 2007. When you enter the sites we mentioned above, it claims how this technology “protects the Windows Kernel by automatically recognizing all McAfee and Symantec programs as viruses.”
At the time, companies like McAfee and Symantec have commented negatively on Microsoft’s technology named ‘’PatchGuard’’ and implemented for Windows Vista published (note that this is a 64-bit operating system). They claim that this technology blocked them from accessing the kernel. That would have meant that it was practically impossible to create features that would improve the security of the system.

Other inconsistencies can be found on the website. Some of the system requirements that were set for ‘’ Microsoft Firefox 2007’’ were absurd in few aspects. For example, you needed a credit card + Microsoft Office 2007 to obtain the ability to scroll the web pages at all. Also, there was a feature that says how if you “Visit the following sites using MS Firefox 2007, it will cause your computer to shut down unexpectedly”. After that, you could find banned lists that include Apple, iTunes, Google, Yahoo, and so forth. Another absurdity was the following point on the banned list saying how “Any sites with the phrase: Microsoft/windows/explorer/vista/bill sucks.”

Also, as we mentioned, every time that you try to download Microsoft Firefox 2007 Professional Edition which turns out to be bogus, you will download Microsoft’s real browser (Internet Explorer 7). This if you try to download it from, however, if you go to you will end up downloading a 2.0 version of Mozilla’s Firefox for Windows.

Another interesting thing that happened about this case is that the first website ( was active one day and immediately was offline in the evening. On the other hand, wasn’t off, contrarily, it was left active. 

It wasn’t determined who was the owner of these websites, they couldn’t be tracked down at all. The first website’s owner had a cloaked register feature (privacy setting) and the other website’s owner was determined to be a fake. All in all, this so-called ‘’Windows buying FireFox’’ turned out to be a piece of false information. 

In the following paragraph you will find the official statement from the website: 

‘’As a monopoly, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect. We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for technology.

We take on big challenges such as anti-trust lawsuits and pride ourselves on seeing them through successfully. We hold ourselves accountable to all our customers, shareholders, partners, and employees by honoring our commitments, providing results, and striving for the highest quality.

We are leading innovators of the next generation of the web browser software.’’

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