Learn about the travel insurance for Canadian seniors with pre- existing medical conditions

It is obvious to have some kind of pre-existing medical conditions for senior citizens. Additionally, travelling to new places or out of the country brings extra risks to the health of an individual. That’s why it becomes necessary to have travel insurance before planning for a trip to certain destination. One should be aware of certain things before purchasing travel insurance for Canadian seniors with pre-existing medical conditions. Each travel insurance service providers list of their exclusions, definitions of medical conditions related to the senior citizen and stable period.

Learn about the travel insurance for Canadian senior with pre-existing medical conditions

Travel insurance aims to protect an individual from incurring the high amount of medical expenses due to unplanned, sudden or uncertain circumstances. This can be unexpected illness due to an external environment or accidental injury. However, the existing medical illness is reasonably expected which leads the insurer to not cover the same in any Canadian Travel Insurance policy. While some companies offer to cover the pre-existing medical conditions which certain exclusion. Here, we listing out the top two travel insurance services which offer similar products and their exclusions.

  1. TuGo

TuGo offers pre-existing conditions to a person with different age groups.

TuGo for Canadian Senior with pre-existing conditions

Age ( on Application Date) Trip Length Stable Period ( except minor ailment)
59 years or under 35 days or less 7 days
35 days or more 90 days
60 to 74 years Any length 180 days
75 to 89 years Any length 365 days
  1. RSA

RSA offers the travel insurance with pre-medical conditions to an individual with Age 54 or under and should have a stable period 180 days. However, its exclusions mentioned three major points which are –

  1. Any sickness or medical conditions which is not stable prior to the departure date.
  2. Unstable Heart Conditions
  3. Your lung Conditions
  4. Lung treatment with home oxygen or oral medications.

  For RSA, the minor aliment stands for medical conditions which do not require the physician prescribed medication for more than 15 days. Additionally, there has been no new treatment or change of treatment, symptoms and diagnosis or routine visits.

Further, there are additional service providers of the travel insurance for the Canadian senior with the pre-existing medical conditions. Like the GMS which follows the similar structure of policy exclusion to the RSA and kept the stable period to the 180 days. Next, Allianz which requires a stable period of 180 days and divides the trip length to 36 days or any longer. While the Manulife divided their whole policy structure into three rate categories such as Rate Categories A+ and A (Stable period of three months), Rate Category B (six months) and last one is C (12 months).


Hence, it can be concluded that there is good travel insurance for Canadian seniors with pre-existing medical conditions. In which, the TuGo and RSA have a detailed plan while others like GSA, Allianz and Manulife goes for a broader approach. One should be well-aware with the exclusion and covered details of the policy while purchasing particular insurance products. It will eventually help them in the claiming process and let them enjoy their trip with a free mind.

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