Learn about the 53 Acquisitions made by Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer

Yahoo once considered being an internet giant in early 2000. The company becomes a sinking ship under the leadership of CEO Marissa Mayer. Under her tenure, she was on acquisition binge with Yahoo and grabbed about 53 companies worth $2.3 billion or closer to number $2.8 billion. She was appointed as CEO in 2012. Her acquisition strategies made her the last CEO of this company. Mostly the companies focused on the talent and technology to expand the company’s businesses. Here, we looking at those 53 companies status which is once touted as great acquisitions deal by the CEO Marissa Mayer. In the article, you will be able to learn about the 53 acquisitions made by Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer.

Learn about the 53 Acquisition made by Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer

  1. Stamped: October 2012

This application is more of social recommendations and already shut down all its processes. The company blog further states that the whole team moved to work on Yahoo’s mobile department. The team also know Mayer from Google Inc. and remained in touch with her after the acquisition process by Yahoo.

  1. OnTheAir: December 2012

As the name suggests, this app also in the air now i.e. invisible or shut down. Similar to Stamped, this a video chat-based platform and the whole team was shifted to the Yahoo Mobile department.

  1. it: January 2013

Initially, it was regarded as a substitute for Pinterest but doesn’t work long and is currently shut down. The website is currently out of reach while earlier it redirects to Yahoo’s tech vertical. The team members also reported joining Yahoo’s different department based on their expertise.

  1. Alike: February 2013

The app was created to provide the user with location-based recommendations. However, currently, the mobile and web version of the Alike was discontinued. The team is reported to join Yahoo’s mobile department.

  1. Jybe : March 2013

The app’s co-founder Arnab Bhattacharjee that the app will recommend the user of the Yahoo products itself. However, the service related to this app gets shut down. Meanwhile, the Jybe’s team joined the Yahoo as they were working with the company initially.

  1. Summly : March 2013

This app got the attention of the world as this news reading application was designed by the teenager Nick D’ Aloisio. He also remained its founder till the app got shut-down post-production due to unknown reason. Although, the kid Nick worked with the company till October 2015 and helped the Yahoo Company in building Yahoo News Digest app.

  1. Astrid: May 2013

The app suggested to be shut down in their initial blog post and finally buried in August 2013. The team of this productivity app joined Yahoo’s Mobile division whereas the founder ‘Tim Su’ still working in the company.

  1. GoPollGo: May 2013

The polling service-based application with the integration of real-time tracking also shut down. The team joined the Yahoo mobile division.

  1. Milewise : May 2013

Similar to the GoPollGo, the app had been shut down and the team joined the company’s mobile division.

  1. Rondee: June 2013

The conference calling service Provider Company stopped the registration process after the acquiring process. Additionally, stopped giving access to the user’s old data from August 2013. The team joined the yahoo’s small business unit.

  1. Qwiki: July 2013

Qwiki was a video creation app and continued to operate over a year after the acquisition of Yahoo. Then, it was suddenly shut down in November 2014 by Yahoo adding that it will create some new digital media experience for Yahoo user in future.

  1. Xobni: July 2013

An Email Service company which was shut down on July 2014. Yahoo mentioned that it integrated most of the Xobni features into the Yahoo Mail. The team of Xobni joined Yahoo, California.

  1. Ztelic: July 2013

The social data analysis company acquired by Yahoo and shut down immediately. Afterwards, The Company founder and his team members joined Yahoo.

  1. RockMelt: August 2013

As per Yahoo, the company wants to use the tech of RockMelt, a web browser for News and sharing social content. Later, the co-founders joined the Yahoo Company.

  1. IQ Engines: August 2013

An image recognition startup which was shut down to work with Flickr. The co-founders of the company are working with Yahoo.

  1. LookFlow: October 2013

Similar to IQ Engines, the Lookflow helps in Image recognition aspects and Yahoo brought them together to integrate the tech into Flickr. Later, The deep learning system of Flickr provides auto-tagging features to the users.

  1. Bread : October 2013

Bread was built to provide the link or advertising shortening company. It was acquired by Yahoo in October 2013 and closed just after a month in November 2013. The bread’s team joined Yahoo’s tech team.

  1. Ptch: December 2013

The Ptch, a mobile video startup was acquired to be merged with Qwiki but due to poor negotiation. Yahoo bought them separately and the whole concept fell apart. It was shut down in January 2014.

  1. Evntlive : December 2013

      As the name suggests, the company aims to provide the live streaming of the online content but shut down soon after the acquisition. The team was supposed to join Yahoo video team but didn’t joint it officially.

  1. Quick.IO : December 2013

It was a media sharing application and labelled as the FedEx of media files but shut down. The team joined Yahoo’s video department.

  1. Skyphrase : December 2013

Similar to Siri, this company worked on the tech-related to natural language processing. After the shutdown, the team joined Yahoo labs.

  1. PeerCDN : December 2013

It’s a peer-to-peer content delivery system on lower bandwidth. Yahoo officially confirmed the shutdown and the team joined the video department of Yahoo.

  1. Sparq : January 2014

The company was based on mobile marketing and shut down by Yahoo just after the acquisition. While the founder went to work with Yahoo’s Mobile monetization team.

  1. Cloud Party: January 2014

The company provides a virtual game experience on the browser. The Yahoo acquired it and shut down its services to merge it with their program.

  1. Incredible Labs: January 2014

The company tech builds a personal assistant app ‘Donna’ which shut down afterwards. The employees of the company are working with Yahoo.

  1. Distill : February 2014

With the aim to make the technical recruitment easier for the companies. Although, the Yahoo confirmed that the company acquired for their previous work i.e. TapJoy. The company cease in March 2014.

  1. Vizify: March 2014

The application took data from social media newsfeed and turned the same into appealing visuals. The team itself shut down its service and joined Yahoo’s ‘media product organization.

  1. Blink: May 2014

The messaging app which includes the feature of self-destructing messages. The company mentioned the shut down through blog post and team join Yahoo’s smart communication products division.

  1. ClarityRay: August 2014

The company was working on the ad blocking technology throughout the app and browser interface. The team with Yahoo started working on advertisement fraud detection. As the deal of acquisition closed, the company cease to operate and team joined the Yahoo.

  1. Zofari: August 2014

The app work on the recommendation concept and isn’t available on the Google Play Store or iOS app store. The whole team started working on Yahoo’s search division.

  1. Luminate: September 2014

Luminate is all about adsense concept but on the images. The operations of Luminate completely shut down in October 2014. One of the team members reports joining Yahoo.

  1. Bookpad: September 2014

Similar to the Google Docs, the Bookpad lets the users to combine their documents within the application. The app discontinued in October and the team joined the Yahoo mail service.

  1. MessageMe : October 2014

Earlier pursed by Snapchat, but Yahoo won the race but shut down its operation on 3rd October. Yahoo confirmed that the team and tech will be used in their company mobile & communication products.

  1. Loki Studios: May 2013

The mobile gaming studio with the first app was Geomon. The app able to locates the player location. Later on, with the acquisition the team stops working on Loki Studio and joined the Yahoo mobile team.

  1. Ghostbird Software: June 2013

The company joined the Yahoo team to work on the Flickr with their own mobile photography app. The additional application related to Ghostbird Software like PhotoForge2 and KitCam stops receiving updates. Later on, the application was removed from the Apple App Store.

  1. Bignoggins Productions: July 2013

The company used to create fantasy sports game but after the acquisition, the technology should be integrated into Yahoo new development. However, in 2015 the company’s founder Jerry Shen fired from Yahoo as he opened a new company.

  1. Hitpost: October 2013

The hitpost was known for creating sports mobile apps. After the acquisition, Hitpost team joined the Yahoo Sports and shut down their services. The team of seven members joined the Yahoo Sports, California.

  1. Tomfoolery: January 2014

Tomfoolery deals in the mobile app lab’s product. The company shut down after acquisition and the team were also part of Yahoo.

  1. PhotoSocial and Photodrive: June 2014

PhotoSocial and Photodrive created by Jeff Bargmann. The acquisition of by Yahoo aims towards working on Flickr with the tech of this company. However, Yahoo suddenly shut down everything related to the company.

  1. RayV: July 2014

It was an online video streaming startup at a very early stage which aims towards competing with YouTube. The technology of this company combined with Yahoo’s video delivery network whereas, the platform completely shut down.

  1. Cooliris: November 2014

The company was a photo apps maker but upon acquisition shut down by Yahoo. The team of 17 employees joined Yahoo under different divisions.

Companies which are still alive!

While the above-stated companies acquired due to the individual talent and unique product. Some are required for their huge potential. With aims to develop they further to increase their reach to potential customer. Although, Yahoo rebranded or remodel their business structure but they are still alive and that’s their biggest achievement under the ‘Yahoo Umbrella’.

Learn about the 53 Acquisition made by Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer

S.No Company Name Acquired Date Unique Product or Services
42. Lexity July 2013 E-Commerce App
43. Aviate January 2014 Smart Home screen App
44. Flurry July 2014 Mobile Analytics Company
45. BrightRoll November 2014 Video Advertising Platform
46. Media Group One December 2014 Advertising growth services
47. Tumblr May 2013 Social Networking website
48. Polyvore July 2015 social commerce website

Questionable Acquisition by Yahoo

Apart from the above acquisition, there are some which we are unable to catergorize due to the complex nature of the process involved in it. These companies are neither official shutdown nor seems to be operating in the real world.

S.No Company Name Acquired Date Unique Product or Services
49. PlayerScale May 2013 Cross-platform gaming
50. AdMovate July 2013 Mobile Ad tech
51. Wander February 2014 Content Creation Habits
52. Tocata Mobile October 2013 Mobile Commerce Company
53. Leaf SR July 2014 Security Consulting firm


Hence, it concludes that CEO Marissa Mayer was on a binge acquisition strategy. The pattern of acquiring these small companies or startup seems to be a hit-and trial strategy. That even if one of the startup’s works, it will benefit Yahoo in a big way. However, nothing works well for Yahoo and leading it to fall of internet giant. The company started in 1996 with $896 million in value. With its peak valuation in 2000 of $125 Billion, was sold to Verizon in just $4.8 billion in 2016. Apart from 53 acquisition under CEO Marissa Mayer, only Tumblr remained their prized possession which was acquired for about $1.1 billion in 2012.  While, there can be hundreds of reason which leads to the fall of Yahoo, but one remained the prominent one is ‘unfocused in their business strategy’.

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