Gadgets to go on vacation: Know the Top 10

Going on vacation is one of the best gadgets is the most rewarding experiences, after spending so much time immersed in the daily routine, work stress, family responsibilities and everything that surrounds us daily and we usually accumulate until the body begins to adra signs of we need to disconnect from the day and renew our energies in a different environment.

The choice of holiday location is conditioned by your tastes, preferences, style of going, need for relaxation and of course; of your budget. But today there are many alternatives to get the time and space for an excellent holiday either alone, with the couple or in the company of the family.

Rest, enjoy and relax is the first purpose at the time you decide to go on vacation, but in general you must also be aware that leaving your home can also be exposed in certain ways to certain needs, since it does not have some amenities or services to which you are accustomed.

Your home is the comfort area that you will not keep with you while you go for a walk or vacation trip.

Take with you the best gadgets

However this does not have to be a limitation, you may want to consider some elements that you want to take with you wherever you travel to facilitate the experience.

The choice of these gadgets will also depend on your tastes , if you prefer to go to quiet places and away from the city, if you prefer the mountain, the excursions, the beach, the all-inclusive hotels so you do not fear leaving in any moment, the tours, in short; It will depend on you to know how to choose which are the best gadgets that can accompany you during your vacation trip.

From the best gadgets to ensure your survival if you are an adventurous hiker, who likes extreme tourism, even the most sophisticated technological accessories to guarantee your communications at any time such as a portable rechargeable battery with sunlight.

Make a gadgets list

It is impressive with how much security and tranquility we can get away from home with the guarantee that we will be able to carry everything we need to maintain an excellent lifestyle anywhere.

The list of things that everyone wants to take their trips is unbelievable, starting with the suitcase of clothes, appliances electronic phones, tablet, portable consoles, but the technology has put at our disposal a host of gadgets among which it will be very difficult to choose which of all you prefer to carry.

Gadgets Advantages

There are times when you know that you will not have a source of electricity in sight, especially if you choose outdoor options, but your electronic devices can be the inexhaustible source to document your entire journey and the scenes that can be more memorable during your travel experience.

You can improve your stay and all the enjoyment opportunities if you choose to take with you the best 10 gadgets to register moment by moment how you have decided to rest and enjoy your vacation period and everything you think you will not have it anywhere and you want to be sure to carry it with you.

First, we want to cover the needs we have detected in most travelers from beginning to end, so we have decided to group the most necessary and prominent gadgets to provide a complete selection to our audience.

10 Gadgets to go on vacation

1.- Master lock 4400 EURD – Bluetooth lock

A black padlock Gadgets

It does not matter if you do not choose to carry the most expensive suitcase, with built-in security systems, you can choose the suitcase that you like and place this wonderful Bluetooth lock that you can control with even an App from your cell phone, so you never lose the combination of your padlock and nothing inside his suitcase.

If you are going to carry expensive electronic equipment you must take care of them and protect them at all times, even when they are not in use.

When moving electronic equipment risks being a victim of theft at any time, then it never hurts to take action. and this is an excellent option.

2.- RAVPower 16W Solar Panel Charger

RAVPower 16W Solar Panel Charger Gadgets

With this gadget you no longer have to worry about running out of battery on your smartphone.

This external battery is portable and is always charged thanks to sunlight, so even when you spend all day on the beach or in the park, on the mountain, you can take your photos, record videos or listen to music.

It has 2 USB ports and is perfect for lovers of hiking and field trips. It only requires having bright days.

3.-GoPro HERO7 Black, Silver and White Cameras

three cameras Gadgets

Undoubtedly the best video camera that you can take to all your trips if you want the best quality audio and images, they are cameras for all your adventures; you can find the market in its different models:

  • Silver: ideal for users who prefer performance and value practicality but with excellent level.
  • Black: Perfect for adventurers and to capture the best video with the best action camera available in the market.
  •  White: Designed for users who want to experience the best price for the first time.

Choose which of these models you want to document your best moments during your vacation to make them unforgettable.

4.- Anti-lost device Tile Mate

Anti-lost device

It is very common that in the face of the need to control so many objects, some of them remain forgotten, hidden or lost somewhere in the room, sometimes we revolutionized everything because we cannot find the cell phone and it has always been there, under a book, or a towel. In short this device can be our best ally to not have to waste time and easily locate all our devices.

Find your phone, making it ring when it is close and still can not see it, just press the Tile button twice on your Tile Mate and your phone will ring, even if you have set it silently.

Locate all your objects by activating the community locator and other members with the application and the Tile search engine can help you when you need it.

This device has a high performance battery with a one year warranty, which you can easily replace when necessary.

5.- Watch Casio G-Shock GW-M5610-1ER

Gadget a clock

Many travelers do not like to go out without their watch, especially when it comes to athletes, hikers, who constantly want to record their performance on walks, their cardiac function and travel time, among others.

This clock is perfect for synchronizing the time by radio, stopwatch, timers, 5 alarms and automatic calendar.

It is charged by solar energy, is designed in a resistant and flexible synthetic resin material, resists water immersion up to 200 meters and has functions of universal time, alarm, alarm clock and 12/24 time setting with time of any country.

This watch is an indestructible classic; you do not have to worry about bumps or falls.

6.- UE Roll 2 portable speaker

Gadget UE Roll 2 portable speaker

For those who cannot live without listening to music at any time this speaker is ideal, this tiny but powerful equipment, you can take it everywhere and even submerge it in the water, it is very light; it only has a weight of 330 grams and dimensions of 13.5 x 13.5 x 4 cm.

Perfect speaker with a wireless range of 30 meters and compatible with 2 mobile devices. With this equipment you can listen to music for up to 30 minutes under a depth of one meter under water.

Its 360-degree sound technology is immersive, the battery life is impressive for this small team, with a duration of up to nine hours can take you anywhere and to all your trips. This speaker supports everything and you can even run with it, long distances and you will not stop listening to all the music you like.

  1. Coolest Cooler gadgets

Coolest Cooler

Take the best drinks even when you are in the middle of nowhere, this luxury cooler will keep your drinks at the ideal temperature, go wherever you go, either in a day in the forest, or that you prefer to go to a camp or the beach, the Coolest Cooler is a genius that not only prevents your drinks from getting hot, but also is the perfect summer equipment that has a series of accessories that provide an authentic and sophisticated experience even in the most remote and remote places where you choose to be.

Enjoy from a beer, to a cocktail or a refreshing fruit smoothie, because the Coolest Cooler has it all, from a built-in Bluetooth speaker to listen to music at all times, to a cutting board and an integrated blender, simply nothing traditional this portable technological improvement that offers you all these benefits. This equipment has a rechargeable battery of 20 volts and also a USB phone charger.

8.- Poweradd Pilot X7 20000mAh Power Bank

one Power Bank

To never have to stay halfway, with the best image without being able to photograph it, this large capacity ateria will allow you to recharge all your devices while you are away from your home and away from any source of electric light to connect your chargers.

You can load even two devices at the same time and have a charge indicator with led lights so you can monitor the entire load cycle of your equipment.

Its capacity is formidable, it can charge an iPhone7 7 times, the efficiency of this equipment is guaranteed in its entirety, it also has a flashlight and outputs of 3.1 A. Its weight is 360 grams and measures only 15.2x8x2 cm. Simply magnificent.

9.DJI Mavic Pro Dron quadrocopters

DJI Mavic Pro Dron quadrocopters

Today there are no excuses to record the best moments of your trip, like other devices to make the transmission of your experiences in the landscapes you choose, you will find this marvelous drone with the best modern technology, ideal to take a trip to everywhere because of its small dimensions.

This equipment offers 4K vision system and 27 flight minutes, a new transmission system, 5 vision sensors, 4K stabilized camera, with which you can record high definition 4K 30 fps videos.

It has a flight range that detects obstacles up to fifteen meters away, its stabilizer works in all circumstances, even when it is at high flight speed, operates at a maximum transmission distance with WIFI networks 80 meters away or 50 meters high.

The operation of the remote control is at a distance of 4 kilometers. The handling of this drone is very simple, seeing it reach the atura is a spectacular experience, it is really the best quality / price ratio that you will find in the drone market for travelers.

10. Passport bag Bluesmart S2

Gadget Passport bag Bluesmart S2

If you thought there were no solutions for people who tend to easily lose their personal documents or are very forgetful, well, you’re wrong. If you ever lost your passport, your credit cards or any other important document that has left you in your head , it’s time to avoid having that unpleasant experience of panic again.

With the Bluesmart S2 Passport Bag you can have your important documents always at hand, organized and controlled.

This bag has an electronic device that you can connect to your mobile phone to locate them at any time. Your mobile phone can indicate through this application where the bag is, you can also activate the alarm system that will remind you where the bag is located from time to time. It is a perfect tool for careless people.


Now if you can boast of your vacations, after enjoying the most with any of these gadgets as allies that make your life easier.

Your vacation experience is becoming more practical and simple with this small and valuable gadgets that fill the lives of users with satisfaction.

There is nothing better than having at your fingertips the perfect tool to do what you want as you wish, even when you decide to leave your comfort zone, where you always have all the elements that make your life easier.

You always deserve the best; treat yourself to the perfect vacation without forgetting the gadget travel that can make a big difference while you are away from home.

Discover with this guide which are the gadgets that you want to accompany you and take the best decision, although nothing better than to decide for the majority.


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