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Crowd blogging has started around the world and we welcome all aspiring freelance tech writers to contribute to our site. You may signup here for an author account and start contributing your articles for publishing straight away.

The article titles must be very popular at the current moment in the tech sector and must have the potentials to go viral. Hence please choose trending topics to get approved.

You need to conform to the following guidelines

1) You need to include a minimum of one suitable HD image for each article. The image size has to be landscape with a minimum of 960px width and 520px height. You can get it from Google images,, and etc. It has to be high definition image. You can include unlimited images in your article.

This is how you need to filter for the HD image settings in Google images

2) You will be given a WordPress author account at our website so that you can write and post your articles anytime. Since it is a WordPress site and you can write your articles online at anytime and publish it. You must write a short bio on the author account and upload your photo and state your social profile plugins on your author account.

3) Use Heading 2 for paragraph titles.

4) Do not use the featured image inside the article body to avoid duplicate image display.

Once posting your article, please remember to set the following settings on your article

How can you promote your articles?

  1. You may share your articles on your social networks.
  2. You may email your articles to your friends and families.
  3. If you are part of any large Whatsapp group, you may share your articles on it too.
  4. You may also share your article on Facebook pages with high traffic as follows :-

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