Is Ukraine is Best for MBBS?

The main attraction and benefit of studying MBBS in abroad are low and affordable fees. Compared with private universities in India, tuition fees are 70% cheaper. It is the main reason for the large flow of international students to Ukraine. Similarly, no donations can be admitted to Ukrainian universities. You can apply for a seat directly without any admission test.

The language of instruction in Ukraine’s top universities is English, so the language will not be a barrier for international students who wish to receive education in Ukraine. Before selecting the university to study MBBS you must check whether the university is recognized by the NMC (National Medical Commission).

The duration of the MBBS program in Ukraine is 6 years including the internship program? MBBS in Ukraine eligibility for Indian students must have at least 50% of a secured score in biology, physics, and chemistry and must be 17 years plus on December 31 before admission taking. First three years the theory sections will be conducted with some practical experience and for the next 3 years, they have the practical sections in different hospitals in Ukraine. So it will help you to improve the knowledge level and get experience from different hospitals.

The Ukrainian University has youth hostel facilities. Indian students will get food from the mess in India, and other ethnic groups will get food from their mess. If they want to cook their own meals, there are facilities here. Most hotels are near the university, so it takes about 5 or 10 minutes to walk. There are many Indian student advisors in Ukraine. So if you need any help, they will help you.

The cost of living in Ukraine is relatively low. We can buy groceries and other things, such as clothes and other fixed items, at cheap prices. In addition, students who take government transportation such as buses and trains will receive a university travel pass. Therefore, it only costs 50% of the actual travel price. For international travel, students will also receive discounts. It will be 30% lower than the normal price.

Sumy State Medical University

Sumy State University is included in the top 3% of the QS World University Rankings and is also ranked by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It enjoys a good reputation all over the world. Therefore, for Indian students, this is the best destination for MBBS. It is an official university, founded in 1948 and accredited by NMC (National Medical Commission). This is the first higher education institution in Ukraine and passed the independent external audit of QS Company in 2014. They received the highest score (5 stars) in categories such as teaching, participation, visiting, and online learning. Due to the advanced library management system, the title of the annual library was accepted by Sumy University in the All-Ukraine competition. They provide 3.1 million hard copy and soft copy projects.

Dormitory facilities are provided. If you want to cook for yourself, there are many options. Admission is based on a first-come, first-served method. Therefore, the admission process to the dormitory is quite competitive. They have three dormitory facilities that can accommodate more than 1,500 students.

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