IoT Pumping Solutions for Mining

It is said that IoT (known as the Internet of Things) is as strong as its weakest link. It can be compared with the bicycle chains or the chains used to take out the vehicle stacked in the ditch. Producing results (or not producing them) depends on how one can process the value’s chain and its links. If the link has a breakdown it means that there won’t be any results, if, however, each chain link is strong enough, and the results will be satisfying.

If we take maintenance routes as an example, the first thing we’d notice that they are predictable. This means that you have let’s say a vibration technician that has to visit each pump, look into the sensor, take the data from the sensor, connect the sensor to the pump again, takes the data to the office to analyze it, and finally, if there are some issues, this technician has to write a report explaining the results and possible outcomes. This is the common procedure and it helps in avoiding machine loss and system malfunctions.

This way of work takes time, and it is not surprising that urgent work is delayed from time to time. The keystone of this kind of work is to have an indicator that will allow you to predict if the machine is properly running and for how long it will be that way. Delayed maintenance work frequently means that the report wasn’t accurate or that there were difficulties with understanding it. Furthermore, it is not uncommon that these reports have vague information, or that they are written incomprehensively. The maintenance staff has a lot of issues with these kinds of events.

Also, it often happens that repairs are not treated as priority or it is done but it hasn’t been completed. In these situations, the result is pump failure. As you can see, monitoring that was supposed to make accurate predictions wasn’t valuable in the end. And if we get back to our chain metaphor, we can conclude that the weakest chain links, in this case, are the people collecting data and making predictions.

IoT helped to strengthen and to define links that will do the ‘’valuable’’ work and make accurate data analyses. The foundation of this process is in decades of industrial maintenance experience. Having software performing tasks not only saved large amounts of time for the industry, but it also helped it deliver the initial chain value. Nowadays, a route-based monitoring system or IoT is a common system used for mining. Another important feature is that it helps with safety issues in extreme environments as well as with machine efficiency. Machines used for mining have increased risk of malfunctioning since the conditions in which they are operating are harsh. That is why it is necessary to have reliable data that can help with preventing the system’s failure.

Having a well-balanced and certain system makes the job easier for people and machines too. Interconnected pumps become efficient and economically more suitable. Finally, it is undeniable that increased usage of smart pumps and multileveled IoT application in many segments helped various industries, thus strengthened its position on the market. 

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