How Voice Technology Changes Our Lives

Speak so I can see you.

Few things on this planet have the same power as our voice. We can make changes, heal, support, save, and even kill with the help of voice.

But have you ever thought how can the voice impact the technological breakthrough? Voice has all the chances to make our life easier, save our time, and change the way we do common on the first sight things.

Moreover, the voice becomes a part of progress. It slowly, but surely influences such industries as healthcare, retail, banking, and logistics.

Let`s reveal the power of voice in this article.

Voice technology in the healthcare industry

Nowadays a lot of companies use voice to solve long-existing health problems.

For example, imagine that you are a doctor and your patient is a person with speech impairments.

Now imagine the speech recognition algorithm that deciphers the patient’s language. After this, it turns it into a fully understandable one.

Such an approach is amazing. It will change the way people with impairments feel in society and interact with others.

Some companies are already implementing it which can cause a real tipping point in the healthcare industry.

Another well-known problem in healthcare is plenty of documentation and paper routine.

It`s not a secret anymore, that a lot of doctors use speech recognition software to speed documentation.

Instead of typing, they turn to this software, which translates their speech to text. Such an approach saves time that doctors usually spend on filling different documentation.

What about medical applications based on the Amazon Echo program and Alexa software?

Both hospitals and patients will benefit from them. Patients may ask Alexa when to take medicines, what exercises to do and when to visit a doctor.

These are only some examples of voice technology in the healthcare industry. Of course, there are a lot of nuances and aspects, but technology develops at lightning speed. This means that in a few years voice recognition systems will change the way we see medicine.

How voice technology changes the way we drive cars

Voice technology is also changing the way we drive vehicles and get from one point to another.

Let`s review some examples of the voice activation devices that broke into our lives.


Nuance is the part of Dragon Drive Platform – a system that uses AI and language understanding to interpret commands.

Recently, Nuance has introduced AI-powered features. Now, Dragon Drive`s learns the needs of drivers, understands them, and improves the driving experience.

Moreover, it allows drivers to interact with the things located outside the car. For example, when you pass by a hotel, you can ask the assistant about the hotel rating or parking price.

Other features include

  1. Integration with car sensors.

Dragon Drive understands not only the words but also perceives contextual information.

For example, if your windshields are active, the system understands that it`s raining. As a result, it is being programmed to recommend a place with covered parking.

  1. Interaction with the driver and passengers

When someone in the car says that it`s cold, the system automatically adjusts the climate. Great, isn`t it?

Another example is Apple Car Play.

By connecting it to your iPhone, you can ask it to turn on the music, respond to text messages, or navigate to the nearest restaurant.

Such technology brings a lot of benefits to our driving process. It decreases distractions on the road, saves your time, and even boosts your mood.

Shopping experience with voice automating technology

Voice technology has already changed the way we buy. Moreover, it`s not going to stop.

Here are some examples of the benefits voice technology has brought into the retail industry.

Shopping on Amazon using Alexa’s voice control.

After setting up Alexa, the real magic begins. You can ask it to recommend some items based on your past shopping experience, best offers, and discounts.

Alexa also allows you to track your orders by simply asking it “Where is my stuff?”

Voice will also help retailers to understand customers better and improve their buying process.

For example, Chinese software Emotibot allows digital customer service to understand your emotions and buying intent.

So it’s possible that in the future your tone of voice will influence the way a bot communicates and offers you different products

How banks are using voice technology to improve customer interaction

Nowadays, bank customers can manage their transactions with the help of a voice.

More and more US banks are adopting voice technology into their services. It allows them to stay tuned and increase the loyal audience.

For example, the Royal Bank of Canada allowed its customers to pay bills with Sirl voice-based virtual assistant.

“By offering bill payments through Siri and P2P transfers through iMessage, we’re providing more convenient solutions to support our client’s payment needs,” said Sean Amato-Gauci, executive vice-president, Cards, Payments and Banking, RBC. “Our clients are avid users of Interac e-Transfer payments and embraced our launch of money transfers using Siri earlier this year. By giving clients the ability to seamlessly and conveniently bank using voice commands, we’re delivering simple and innovative solutions.”

It works very simply. You just give a voice command and it automatically debits your account.

Such an approach, not only saves time but also gives clients a unique experience and separates the bank from competitors.

Another example is USAA. With the help of Amazon`s Alexa, it allows clients to ask questions about their accounts.

Here is a part of the conversation people have with their voice assistant


“Alexa, how much money do I have?”

“You have a total of $2,618.51 in your two bank accounts.”

“Alexa, how much do I have in my checking account?”

“You have $1,809.97 in your classic checking account.”

“Alexa, can I spend $100 on a new phone?”

 “You typically spend an average of $200 on electronics in a month.  So far this month you’ve spent $50.  This will leave you with a balance of $2,518.51.”

Barclays Bank allows clients to change their passwords using their voice. The technology creates a unique digital profile of the person`s voice after three phone calls with the client.

Such voice recognition allows clients to log-in without the need to type the password and make transactions.

Moreover, the system is secure. It analyzes your voice taking into account over 100 factors. Your voice is unique, so it will not be confused even if you grow old or have a cold.


To wrap it all into a pretty package, voice technology is confidently becoming a part of our life. Of course, it`s all a matter of time, but we already have the results.

Companies that benefit from voice technology will inspire and motivate others. Without a doubt, it gives a great opportunity for brands to grow the audience and offer better services.


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