How to Recover Deleted Videos and Photos from Sony Camcorder

Nowadays, people use DSLR camera and camcorder everywhere (like during vacation or at a ceremony) to record the valuable moments in life. Especially many professional photographers and amateurs, they keep massive digital photos and videos in cameras.

Sony, a popular digital camera brands, attracts worldwide users due to its high-definition imaging technology. Sony Camcorder is a representative, which is popular among multiple users.

Files Lost from Sony Camcorder

But sometimes, users may be puzzled by files loss from Sony Camcorder because of various reasons, such as careless deletion, formatting or virus infection. Unlike computer device, there is no place like recycle bin to store the deleted files temporarily. So, you would think the deleted files are deleted thoroughly from the device memory.

Actually, deleted videos and photos are not really deleted completely. They are just invisible but recoverable until they are overwritten by new files. So, you have chance to recover deleted videos and photos from Sony camcorders with a reliable video recovery program.

This post will introduce a free tool to help you solve the issue of Sony Camcorder data loss. Go on reading please.


Best Digital Media Recovery Software for Sony Camcorde

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a professional tool for data recovery not only from computer hard drive, but also from USB flash drive, SD card and memory card of external device. It enables you to restore deleted, as well as lost images and videos from Sony Camcorder perfectly.

Free download and install it on your Widows computer. Then you can follow the step below to learn how to recover deleted videos and photos from Sony Camcorder.

Preparation: You need to connect your camcorder with a healthy computer. Or take out the SD memory card from camera. Then, put it into a card reader and plug it into the computer.

Step 1. Open MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Launch this software to get the main interface. Find you memory of Sony Camcorder in the partitions list.

Step 2. Scan Sony Camcorder SD

You can see four main recovery categories on left column. Here we choose Removable Disk Drive to recover deleted digital files from Sony Camcorder. Select target memory card can click Scan to begin.

Then you can click Scan button at the lower-right, and this best data recovery software will start scanning the Sony Camcorder SD card for all videos/photos on it.

Step 3. Recover Needed Videos and Photos

Wait for a while until the scan process completes, then, you can check the scanning results for your deleted or lost videos or photos. Check the folders listed by file type, or use the quicker method: Find, Filter, Preview, or Show Lost Files, with which you can find needed files faster.

When all needed files are picked out, click Save and appoint a destination folder to store them. Be careful that do not save the recovered files to your Sony Camcorder memory again to avoid data overwritten. You’d better keep them in computer hard drive or other external storage devices.

The free edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery allows you to recover data up to 1GB for free. So, if the total amount of data you need to recover exceeds 1GB, an advanced version is suggested so that you can recover data as much as you want.

Some Video and Photo Formats Sony Camcorder Supported

Some common formats that Sony Camcorders support include MP4: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, XAVC S format: MPEG4-AVC/H.264 and AVCHD format: MPEG4-AVC/H.264.

ARW, a common raw image file format, is uncompressed and large-sized. The file extensions of raw image files are usually .arw, .srf, sr2. When you edit and export them from Sony device, the size will get smaller with formats like GIF, JPG and PNG.


This post mainly introduces an effective way to recover deleted videos and photos from Sony Camcorder with a third-party file recovery program – MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Of course, except for digital camera, it can be used in many other storage devices.

To keep your digital files safe, it is necessary to make backups regularly to other storage locations or using Cloud. Bear in mind that backing up files is much easier than performing data recovery. Hope it will work for you. Thanks for reading.

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