Windows Defender: How to disable and what protections you lose if you do

If you are using your computer and for some reason, you want to disable Windows Defender completely, surely you can do it, but first, you must be well aware of how it works and what the consequences are if you decide to take this action.

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What is Windows Defender?

The Windows Defender is a security suite, a Windows antivirus that is added in an integrated way when downloading the Windows 10 package. It is also a very useful antivirus; it offers protection at different levels, from protection to access your computer, also protection against files that seem to represent a risk, going through parental controls and even firewalls.

Windows Defender is as efficient as most of the antivirus you could install, it is a good safeguard against different threats and one of the main advantages is that it is free because it comes incorporated with your Windows installation.

This is a great attraction, especially when many users had to pay for a license with another antivirus. In this industry, licenses for this and other software are sold at very high prices, with Windows you can avoid disbursing part of your budget.

On the other hand, you should know that Windows specializes in protecting the files that they create, the virus database is updated daily, Microsoft is a true teacher in this, it is a great competition against another commercial antivirus for which to pay and also offer a lot of annoying publicity.

With Windows Defender antivirus your computer is protected from almost all the dangers that frequently affect systems, provides protection against malware and spyware, as well as viruses. For this, Windows is responsible for monitoring and collecting all the information of security events of all Windows computers and thus knows all the risks found in each part of the world and the possibilities of expansion towards the rest.

With this security system, you don’t have to worry about malicious software that can enter your computer, Windows Defender is able to detect and prevent you from malicious downloads, or enter insecure or dangerous websites. Your computer will always prevent attacks during login.

Like another antivirus, Windows Defender offers you the option of configuring protection systems separately, some of the security functions can be conveniently activated and deactivated.

Windows Defender Advantages

Windows Defender provides your computer and file equipment:

  • Real-time protection that completely analyzes your computer to detect possible malware and prevent it from installing or running on your computer.
  • Protection against alterations; This function makes it impossible for other people to modify the security settings of your device.
  • Cloud-based protection; It allows you to exchange data with Microsoft servers and learn about the possible types of threats you can find to protect yourself against them.
  • Control access to folders; It is a system that protects your files and folders from the hard disk against unauthorized changes. It is a type of real-time protection, which allows you to recover OneDrive backups and helps you against ransomware, it is really very efficient in this function.
  • Automatic sample submission; Windows 10 sends samples of suspicious files from your computer to analyze them and, if there is a threat, protect your computer thanks to this detection. These reports protect users from potential risks that could irreversibly affect their computer.

Windows Defender is considered a very useful antivirus, but in some cases, it can also give some alerts when detecting secure files as a threat, for this reason, it never hurts to know how to deactivate it even if temporarily to be able to use your files quietly.

But if you still want to disable the protection of Windows Defender for different reasons, either because you prefer another antivirus or because you have experienced a bad feeling with this Windows antivirus, you should know what the risks your computer faces and how you can do it. It happened very safely.

The truth is that you can disable some of these functions separately and conveniently since the configuration is done in a modular way, it depends on you whether you can be protected or not with Windows antivirus.

How to disable Windows Defender?

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To disable Windows defender and its functions follow these steps step by step:

-The first thing you should do is to enter through the application, then you must press the shield button that you will see in the bar on the left side or directly press the “Antivirus Protection” option against threats from the main menu.

-Manage the settings; Once you are in the “Anti-virus protection against threats” section, you can request a computer scan and evaluate with the antivirus. Then you must go to the “Antivirus and threat protection settings” icon and press the “Manage settings” button to enter the “Settings” option.

-Deactivate the protections you want, when all the protections we have mentioned above appear in a list, simply press the “deactivate” option and Windows 10 will ask you for administrator permissions to execute them. If you want to restore them, from this same window you can activate them again.

-Enter the option “Cut fires and network protection” from the main screen, from there you can block incoming connections that can be suspicious and insecure for your device when you want to connect to public or private networks. Click on each of the options when you want to activate or deactivate them.

-Finally, you can manage Windows actions when you find infected files and applications, from the “Application control and navigation” option, you can configure whether to receive warnings, block or do nothing. Also when you find them in the Windows store, each of the three options can be deactivated separately.

What else should you know?

Before making any decision, you should know that any antivirus on the market causes a high consumption of resources, either megabytes or battery. However, Windows Defender integrates seamlessly with all systems without diminishing the performance of your computer.

Something very important that you should also know is that when you choose to have more than one antivirus program to protect your processor, it is sure that they will not work efficiently, or complement each other, so that they can perform their functions to the fullest, it is necessary to disable the functions of some or remove it completely.

If you want to disable Windows Defender functions, you should know that your computer is then in a very vulnerable situation, to avoid it in the simplest way, a solution is to install another antivirus, by performing this action Windows is able to recognize that the user has installed a third-party solution and it will be deactivated automatically.

However, it is not possible to remove Windows Defender permanently nor is it possible to completely uninstall your engine, at least not easily. The only way is to uninstall the Windows program completely, which we are sure you will not want to do.

The purpose of having a good antivirus or your preferred one is to increase the levels of protection for your computer in general and for your files.

Currently the use of antivirus is an indispensable complement, some can be installed on their own, downloading them from the Internet in their free mode that does not last for a long time, usually these are offered under the test mode for a month, and What’s more, nothing is lost with trying, of course from safe sources.

You can also buy the license, this is the safest, easiest way to install and configure, so you can be sure that your computer and files are being monitored continuously and you can do it whenever you want also manually.

Antivirus works automatically, but you can also request a complete or partial manual review (of each of the units separately) when deemed necessary.

Each time you insert a device, either an external storage device or be invited to download a file of unknown origin, it is advisable to activate the antivirus scanner and thus ensure that you are not introducing any damage to your computer.

Antivirus does not represent extra protection, it means having the perfect shield to protect your computer from damage that can seriously affect your budget or in the worst case they could completely give you some component of system storage, losing your files permanently. Nobody wants to go through this situation, therefore we can assure you that having a good antivirus is not a luxury, it is a necessity and a privilege.

We offer tools to deactivate your Windows built-in antivirus in an informed and responsible way so that you are not surprised by the functions that will stop working, you can certainly do it but you will also need to activate an antivirus and protection program of your choice.

Reasons Why Windows Defender Is The Best Antivirus In The World


Every day new threats or viruses come out that compromise the operation and useful life of your computer, so many companies are dedicated to selling different antivirus to prevent computers from suffering irreversible damage due to threats.

Having an antivirus that protects computers is essential. The best antivirus before known is Windows Defender, which is able to protect computers from the following threats:

-Malware (Malicious programs): It can be any threat or virus that affects the computer by containing content that causes irreversible damage to it. In computing, this type of virus causes damage to the software by irreversibly deleting data from the computer. Among the best-known types of malware are:

– Adware (advertising software): this is a program that is considered harmful to computers because it offers unwanted or misleading advertising that usually comes from websites. This type of virus or threats is eliminated by the best Windows program since Windows defender isolates this type of notifications preventing it from causing damage to the computer and also avoids the fatigue caused by this type of notifications.

– Phishing (phishing): this phishing is very dangerous because it puts personal data on computers at risk by fraudulently entering and stealing important confidential data. Windows defender acts immediately and protects the computer by not letting this type of threat put at risk the confidentiality of large corporations and the personal data of any person.

– Crapware: this is a type of malware threat acts as unwanted applications that are installed by other programs without prior notice. In this type of threat, Windows defender acts easily blocking this type of malware through a manual configuration at the initiative of each person.

– Ransomware (Data Rescue): this type of threat is one of the most dangerous since they hijack data from computers. This program is harmful because it restricts access to certain files of the infected operating system and asks for a ransom in exchange for removing this restriction. In this type of threat, Windows defender acts as the best antivirus in the world completely blocking these threats.


These are just one of the many threats that exist around computers. For all these threats Windows defender has become the best antivirus in the world because it protects 100% the computers from any threat that are found.

Finally, Windows Defender is a free security solution because it is integrated into the same operating system so it is not necessary to invest additional money in antivirus. In recent years this system has made several modifications to be today the best in the world by protecting the computer from all types of viruses.


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