How to be the next Elon Musk according to Elon Musk

 Interviewer: So, one of the I think, most common questions I hear young people, ambitious young people ask is I want to be the next Elon Musk how do I do that?

The next Elon Musk will work on very different things then than you did but what have you done or what did you do when you were younger that you think sort of set you up to have a big impact?

Elon: Well I think this one should say that I do not expect to be involved in all these things so the five things that I thought about the time in in college quite a long time ago, 25 years ago, you know being you know, making life multiplanetary selling the transition to sustainable energy the internet broadly speaking and then genetics and AI. I think I didn’t expect to be involved in all of those things. I actually at the time in college, I sort of thought helping with electrification a bit of cars which was how we start out and that’s a, that’s actually what I worked on as an intern, was advanced ultra capacitors with to see there would be a breakthrough relative to batteries for energy storage and cars and then when I came out to go to Stanford. That’s what I was going to be doing my grad studies. It was working on the best at energy storage technologies for electric cars and I put that on hold to start an Internet company in 95 because that does seem to be like a time for particular technologies when they’re at a steep point in the inflection code and I didn’t want to you know, do PhD at Stanford and watch it all happen and then and I wasn’t entirely certain that the technology I’d be working on would actually succeed. I can get, you can get a you know, doctrine or many things that ultimately are not. Do not have a practical bearing on the world and I wanted to you know, just I really was just trying to be useful. That’s the optimization. It’s like what are, what can I do that would actually be useful.

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