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A good health insurance is what you always look for, and if you are located in the United States, there are many insurance companies that you will have at your disposal, but according to your priorities and budget, you will have the opportunity of choosing the most suitable for you.

It is no secret to anyone that the health area is not free in the US, so it is very expensive, and having insurance will always be a peace of mind for both you and your family.

It is recommended that when you have money available, the first thing you buy is a policy so that under any circumstances, you avoid having to spend a large sum of money or worse, be left with a large debt for a good time.

If you have expenses as head of the family, taking money out of your pocket will be a headache for you, and buying any of the policies will make it easier to maintain economic stability in your home.

In the United States, each of the health insurance companies offers different long-term benefits and advantages and if you want to stay protected from disease and have savings, this is an option.

In 2014, the Health Care Law was promulgated, which stipulates that the public can have health insurance regardless of their medical history or income, for this reason, you will have the opportunity to see several options and compare the different existing plans in the health insurance market, and choosing between coverages that include visits to the doctor, preventive hospital health services, and discounts on medications.

In the United States, when you have a health insurance, you will have the possibility of having the best medical protection, regardless of which of the 50 states you are in you will find the most adequate health insurance.

Buy Health insurance

If you are in the United States, you will be exposed to the high costs in the area of ​​health, so you can buy insurance and receive guaranteed protection in exchange for paying monthly premiums, and It doesn’t matter if the money you have available is a lot or a little, here you can find several types of coverage.

Daily insurance companies work hard to meet each of the requests in a personalized way, and their prices vary according to coverage, per person, a minimum price can exceed for a basic plan 200 USD, but that price also It varies according to the city in which you are.

Two of the  major cities in the country that have health insurance companies are Tampa and Orlando, and no matter the state in which you purchased your health insurance, you can use your policy in any of them and in any case of emergency stay protected. If you buy your policy in Florida, and travel to California, you can receive care by entering the emergency room of any hospital there.

In case of an emergency, you should take into account that each health insurance company has its hospital network delimited, so it is advisable that if you require fast care you should go directly to any of these hospitals covered by your health insurance company.  For your convenience, through the web, you can search for necessary information of each health insurance company and know the network of hospitals you can count on.

In the United States, you have the opportunity to purchase health insurance by buying from a private insurance company, through government programs or through the federal market. When you buy your health insurance, if you have children, you can include them and make them dependent until you turn 26 years old.

The date on which you can mostly buy health insurance is from November 1 to December 15 of each year, although you can make your purchase at another time if you get married if you have a baby, or if another change occurs in your life.

Different ways to get Health insurance

When obtaining health insurance regardless of the state in which you are, you will have to pay a monthly premium for the coverage, but this premium will be set by the insurance taking into account some data as important as age, your place of residence, if you have any vice such as cigarettes and if the coverage you are buying is only for you or your family.

It is important that you know clearly that every health insurance in the United States has different types of coverage and so that you can choose the one that best suits you, you will have the option of choosing private insurance, a type of insurance that currently covers millions of Americans and give you the option to change your plan whenever you want according to your needs.

The prices of this type of insurance are usually expensive because they can be over $ 300 or $ 1000 depending on what you offer. If you have normal income, President Donald Trump created “Trumpcare” medical insurance, which works with temporary medical plans with a validity of one year but with a possibility of extension for 36 more months, and its price is usually half of the cost of private insurance, that is, about 100 USD.

Through the government subsidy, the “Obamacare” insurance was created and has been in charge of offering assistance in the area of ​​health to a large number of people since its creation in 2010, and thanks to this great proposal many people in the United States have an insurance policy, and depending on their income, they pay fees that vary between USD 30 and USD 60 per month.

Daily, it becomes essential for the entire population to have a health policy since it is the most effective method when facing any inconvenience with respect to illnesses or accidents. With health insurance, at the time you need it, you can receive all the necessary medical care and medications, and if you need it you will have guaranteed hospitalization, and all these expenses will not have to go out of your pocket.

Having private insurance can guarantee you quick attention at the time you need it, and it is very important to have health insurance in the United States, whether in the state you are in, and if you are interested in buying one, a good option is to first ask for several quotes and compare prices to see which one suits you best.

Through the web, you can see through an insurance quote more information about it. Each of these health insurances gives you the possibility to choose the coverage you want, and according to your income, you can choose a cheap or more expensive plan.

Top 10 Health insurance companies

1- Metlife

With great demand in the United States, this insurance company is one of the most important in the area of ​​life and health insurance, and all its policies are mainly aimed at being hired by companies for their employees or individual or family.

Among its main policies is the one of accidents in which a lump sum is paid according to the type of accident, the cancer policy that through a payment makes a compensation in case the patient is diagnosed with this disease, the insurance of Critical illnesses that act through the making of a payment in case any specific disease is detected and other plans in order to provide well-being.

2- Safeauto

It offers its available individual contracting insurance policies, through medicare plans that can be hired as a supplement, and Medicaid, free insurance that can be processed through an insurer and belongs to the government. It also has independent plans for other government insurance and includes policies for students, dental arrangements, and international insurance.

It also offers insurance for organizations and companies that adjust according to the size of the company, and are for the public sector and retirees.

3- American Family

These types of policies are perfect if you need to use it in a group or as an individual, it is responsible for covering everything related to accidents and diseases, being considered as one of the most affordable insurers. Protection for the use of medical services, and various options for the protection of your family are some of the advantages you will have if you decide to hire this insurer.

There is a policy that acts in a complementary manner to cover expenses that are not endorsed by medicare. If you are retired, through this policy you can enjoy various services, and in order to cover other problems.

This company offers other complementary health insurance that covers dental corrections or other medical needs.

4- UnitedHealthCare

It was founded in 2014 and is positioned among the leading companies in the United States since it has managed to obtain sales of 13.5 billion dollars. Among the policies provided by this company are direct medical care, individual policies and family members who cover preventive medical assistance and expenses for accidents, illnesses, and medications.

It also has complimentary insurance and some go hand in hand with the government insurance of medicare, for the purchase of generic medicines and medical assistance especially for people whose economic situation does not apply for expensive insurance, however, if you have an extensive budget can choose between advanced plans that cover up to routine exams.

5- Aetna

This insurance company is positioned with high sales in this country, and with 5 years in the market has managed to obtain 58 billion dollars. Their plans include group and individual health insurance, major medical expense policies that include government subsidies.

As complementary policies, in this insurer, you can purchase dental insurance, student policies, compensation for non-car accidents, critical illnesses, and covered illnesses.

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6- Human

health insurance

This insurer offers a variety of policies that can be subsidized by the government, and other plans that are divided into Humana Gold Plus, Humana Choice Plan and Humana Gold Choice, basically cover consultations, treatments and personal doctors.

To purchase medical prescriptions, you will also have several plans available, and other complementary plans that include dental and vision care. A company can also have a policy in this company and also include medical expenses and specialized welfare plans.

7- New York Life

Its main insurances are those specialized in patient recovery when it needs special attention and complementary policies that include compensation insurance for hospitalization, home care, and for critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke or heart attack.

There are also several useful policies for the employees of the contracting companies so that they have on hand complementary benefits, such as those of disability group.


This insurance company has several plans available for you to choose the one that best suits you and fits your pocket.

The health insurance is divided into platinum, gold, silver, and bronze and according to its scale it covers different percentages of the final expense for medical assistance, and in addition, it has short-term health insurance, vision, and dental insurance.

9- AAA

health insurance

It covers a variety of policy options and supplements so you get more coverage with long-term care insurance to cover expenses for serious illnesses, medical supplements to cover 80% of expenses, and international travel medical insurance that includes Travel Medical Insurance Patriot, Patriot America Plus, Global Health Insurance and other plans for American citizens abroad.

It also includes other medical insurance policies for students and to protect the family and individual health.

10- Geico

This company’s plans are sold directly by them and are limited in company policies. This company promotes its insurance through the internet, with policies that cover the area of ​​health.

ExactCare Value accident insurance has coverage of up to $15,000 for medical expenses, Exactcare protects up to $25,000 in medical emergencies, and the Exactcare Extra Policy offers up to $50,000 for additional medical benefits.

Also, it has a workers compensation policy, which is basically responsible for providing medical care for a work-related illness or for an injury.

Through the web, you can find, for free, a contributor so that you can quote the policies of different health insurance companies, and so you can choose the benefits that best suit you.

In the United States, both in the main states and in the others, there are options of health insurance companies with great experience in the area, since in the human being one of the most important things is to maintain your health as well as possible, for That buying health insurance is like having a spare heart.

If you are a foreigner, it is not this country that you have health insurance, unless you are a student and you are going to register, but due to the high cost of medical assistance it is important that you acquire it, since if you are injured or sick, and does not have insurance to receive care, this may not be the most appropriate, or you have to pay very high bills.

If you do not want to pay at least $ 1300 for a consultation, it is best to have health insurance.

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